Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net (Model STAK100)

It sounds interesting,, sound like a $99 NAS + dual GoFlex(Pro) dock, sans drives.

Out of the box, arrrrch. No instruction, quick start guide has one line, tell you to activate it online, you would ask WTF?

Plug into router (not on internet, you want to know what the thing does before go online right?), hit the IP address (have to look up from router), nothing, no local web admin console? no \\ip_addr either, no Samba/CIFS either, huh? You need to activate to see it, great.

Well, well, time to read the fine print, on the box and webpage, it said it uses pogoplug, but said you don't need it for internal network. Why it won't give you a webadmin page like another NAS with default username/password is beyond me (I bet they said for security, easy of use, blah blah, right) so you can use it OOB.

fine, i will bite.

Huh, still need confirm, arrrrrr, i want to use my new toy now.

you can see the activation process going to also

auto redirect to

After all those, you finally got to see your adapter.

It must cooler when you see something (it is all flash? Firefox can't remember you login, password)

HMTL5 transcoding, nice.

still miss the console? turn on ssh and you are root.

It is strange that depends on whehther you go to or, some options/features may be slightly different.

and you can install lighttpd w/PHP and MySQL, SFTP, Ruby on Rails, Rsync, Cron, DDNS, samba etc. etc. on top of the plug platform (Marvell's Sheevaplug - Kirkwood SoC - ARM/SDRAM/NVRAM/2.6 kernel), that's better.

Uploading not too bad for an old T61, 2.17MB/s