vantrue N2

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: May 23, 2017 2:14 PM

First published: April 6, 2017 (not listed in Google Search page 1 result?)


only supports 32GB microSD?

VTN27B.V17 - still won't take Samsung Pro 64GB. TC card error message. only EVO works?

not very detail changelog

VTN27B.V17 2017/05/03
Fixed some bugs (white/flash screen, stop recording sometimes when loop recording is off, etc.) in the previous firmware version

VTN27B.V16 2017/04.28
Fixed some bugs (white/flash screen, etc.) in the previous firmware version.

VTN27B.V7 2017/03/13
Fixed some bug in the previous firmware version.

save in .MOV format, not .MP4?

1080p mode for front recording mode only, dual mode drops to 1440

cap of the suction cup ($4.99) lock switch can come off and exposed the wiring, hard to find if fall in holes inside car - just defective?

4 buttons on bottom hard to hit. 2 on the side are backlit.

AV out? how to use

manual errors - PDF not pages, one print sheet, typos, grammars, graphics wrong - no HDMI symbol etc.

GPS accessory - a separate suction cup $21.99 -

playback with

datakam player - registrator viewer - Dash Cam GPS Route Viewer 20161101 (openstreetmap map view right side may not refresh) -
cardv player - Dash Cam GPS Player 20170322 (click on leaflet crash)

G-force, vector sample of WFU speed bumps - 0.84g!


VLC PNG screenshots - photoshop mosaic filter resave as JPEG Q8

still from video - daynight - structure

(click for larger version)
daylight - sunny
daylight sunny

rain - cars
rain cars

rain - green
rain green

night - street light
night street light