WebMail Japanese Input (also known as Squirrel, IMP)

1. In order to send non-English characters in webmail, you have to switch to the appropriate language before you login. (strictly speaking, that is not true, the recipient still get the message, but the text are shown as あ instead, which can be displayed correctly in Mozilla, but not Outlook)

webmail login

2. The main screen is the same as English.

main screen in Japanese main screen in English

3. Compose window is the same, except the encoding of the date delimiters are wrong in our implementation. (they are incorrectly set to EUC instead of ISO-2022-JP, some version of IMP does not have this problem)

compose window in japanese

compose window in english

4. Just type away using your favorite IME.

compose using IME

5. The recipient need to set their display to the correct encoding.

recipient's display in mozilla

You are on your own if you choose (or forced, coerced, lied, tricked into) using Outlook. This is how it supposed to look if it works.

recipient's display in outlook