Bad Companies

So many companies, stores, made mistakes after mistakes, big waste of time everyday.

Day's Inn (DC)

Housekeeper threw away my toothbrush in bathroom etc. I haven't checked out!

Emailed, left voice mail, fax the manager to complain, zippo. I guess I will never stay there.


not 24-hr customer service? messed up me and my wife first & last name, cannot sign up for online bill pay. no press 0 to get to customer agent since none of the 3 level deep voice menu has that option. (there is one in third level, that doesn't work, just go back to the main menu). non-US customer agents, very funny the way they talk, e.g. insisted you get to talkdirect to person if you call their number, it is the same number I just called.

disposable cellphone is even worse, refused to talk to me since the ZIP code on record is different from what i told them, ahhh, i am sure i know what my zip code is. basically told me to throw it away, they won't need me add min. to it.

Carrier Cost Recovery admin fee, minimal charge even with plan etc. non-sense.


the flyer said free microSD card if buy the phones, then said out of it, come back tomorrow. tomorrow came, only gave me one, now you tell me the second line don't qualify.

only give affliation discount on primary line, not secondary or third service.

Asked the two greeters at the door how much MiFi is, Amazon has it for $0.01. They said they don't remember, BS. Don't even bother show where it is. The one at counter is even wilder, he said becareful about buying from amazon, they sometimes has used the ones, really, is that what they are trained at customer service to tell potential customers?

Got an TXT charge bill $0.20+admin/tax etc. on number didn't even know has TXT capability,evil telecom, heard they purposely don't warn customer or help them block TXT.

Disk Network

when plan change, change you to more expensive one instead of cheaper one.

Super low cost only for new customer (did they watch Ally Bank commercials?)

couldn't even get the jack straight in the wall socket, mine is at an angle.

discontinue paper bill without notice.

Keep advertising about free local channel, you actually have to pay $5 if you want it.


afflicated site and regular site username/password sometimes won't sink

product name wrong sometimes.

cannot get tracking info, ETA from direct sales.


painful to get a RMA from the non-USA customer service agent.


annoying they keep waiting you do 90,000, 100,000 maintenance. If you missed one, they want you to do two at the same time.

ridiculous "administrative" free if you want to buy a new car.


Moved and don't notified. Then hygienist moved and not get notified.

Gas stations

One overcharged on credit card vs. on the pump, too late to find it.

Another stole credit card number, ordered pizza, chinese to-go, flower. credit card company won't do anything except cancel card. have to talk to merchants first. one place told me the guy got caught already.


Called three times to fix broker account entires, still wrong.

Change from CAP to Crown, acct # number changed before they said would, several auto debt failed, at least they paid for (most, missed one! tired of going back and ask again) penalties.

Very expensive international transfer, the receiving intermediate bank charge another fee.

Starting charging $2/month 2010/07 statement with check image, don't remember getting a notice in mail to opt-in (some fineprint in statement?), have to call to stop the "new service". supposedly refund wrong charge and stop new charge, but missed the one posted the day called, have to call again.

Something about using Quicken & Microsoft Money online get one month free after enrollment in 2010, charge afterwards?


Voice Recognition phone menu, can they add a press zero for operator, it just won't understand me accent, very annoying.


Voice Recognition phone menu again, what is wrong with simple press 1 for yes, 2 for no... ... ...


The front cover of my Drobo Pro is wrong, doesn't have transparent holes to show the vertical status LEDs, sales said it was fixed in later rev. but they won't send me a replacement. It is basically defective.

T&S changed to not allow download, sent your nasty email automatically from "security" system if it suspect you download. They really want you to watch everything online, like when?


Cannot add timeline animation back to Dreamweaver, accounting rules - no free feature, that's totally non-sense. (Apple said that too for iPod firmware)

Disney World Marketplace (Orlando, FL)

Didn't put up a sign, but no pets allowed.

Southpoint Mall (Durham, NC)

Didn't put up a sign, but no pets allowed, not even in parking lots. The traffic lady would drive up in golf cart and chase you away.


way overcharge on tune-up. never going back for sure.


Not just test credit card account with $1.00 charge, but second $1,00 and third $4.30 ($3.99 + tax?) before the actual charge, got calls from credit card company fraud department to make sure nothing funny is happening (but they won't intervene if you actually bought something, it no longer count as fraud, have to talk to company directly).

Prices keep going up, $100 for MacBookPro, mini. Finaly Cut Studio Academic ($499->$699->$899)

90-days warranties.


free software count as income tax at list price.


"Nominal" charge for camcorder firmware update.


90-days only on some electronics.


won't ship back your original monitor box if you send it in for repair.

customer service didn't even know there is a firmware upgrade that is all over forums.

Infusion Systems I-CubeX

MIDI sensors - wrong power supply, melted and smoked the adapter. Pressure plate doesn't work, DOA. Refuse to fix them if don't pay support charge (not even 30-days).


Too numerous to list how many didn't get - Netgear NAS $200, OnOne Plug-In Suite $100, Focus FireStore $150, Gigabyte ATI etc. etc.

Food Lion (Mountainview Rd. King, NC)

almost never has an agent at customer service desk, need to wait for cashier to see you and call someone out.

tried to buy two $1 powerball, the customer service lady gave me a one $2 powerplay? ticket instead.

Target (Durham)

whole package of strawberry bad.