将夜 Ever Night

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: January 13, 2019 4:25 PM

First published: January 1, 2019


2018 TV

part 1 第一卷 清晨的帝国 & 第二卷 凛冬之湖






60 episodes

捷成华视—偶像剧场 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ACqIQiy1SkjglQQ6bWDRg/videos

playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRBClVey5BqwaL5dQCFbYbUZMVHR6HvBl

some episodes were corrupted, pause(s) in middle, episode 21, 22 re-uploaded, not 18 though, 28m59 paused for 12 seconds.


陈飞宇 饰 宁缺
宋伊人 饰 桑桑
袁冰妍 饰 莫山山
孟子义 饰 叶红鱼
黄一琳 饰 陆晨迦
童瑶 饰 李渔
施诗 饰 夏天
康可人 饰 余帘
荣梓希 饰 木柚
余梦寒 饰 司徒依兰
茜玲娜依 饰 金无彩
汤维文 饰 小草
富扬恩 饰 水珠儿

主题曲 《故长安》 张靓颖
推广曲 《永夜》 谭维维
莫山山人物主题曲 《莫望》 刘美麟
桑桑人物主题曲 《心形宇宙》 冯提莫
插曲 《荒人之歌》 王晰
插曲 《取你的命》 宋松
插曲 《悠悠岁月》 胡夏
插曲 《真心》 庄心妍
插曲 《蝴蝶之夏》 房东的猫

cast changes in part 2? https://twitter.com/yipcw/status/1077904048295215104

将夜 2

(how many chapters will it have?
第三卷 多事之秋, 第四卷 垂幕之年, 第五卷 神来之笔, 第六卷 忽然之间)
莫山山 袁冰妍 > 杨超越
宁缺 飞宇差 > 王鹤棣
夫子 郑少秋 > 方中信
隆庆 孙祖君 > 骆明劼


product placements issue


必胜居 (必胜客 pizza hut) [得胜居 in book]
法兰琳卡 (FRANIC) [陈锦记 in book]

continuity problems

candles, paper on table

hairstyle, clothing changes

wrong locale


repeated same dialogs, even in same sccene

flash back of same back story gets very tiresome since it was used so often

talked about arrows after that part of battle finished, already switched weapon


not clear at all when switching between 朱雀大街 and 朱雀天街

some plotline is missing (escape from evil prince?) and suddenly jump cut to using the big black umbrella as parachute.

"break mirror" flash back has scenes not in main timeline?


milked to death Harry Potter school settings - classmates, exams etc.; teams of seniors like Bleach (anime

targeting young male - 3 bath scenes (even more in the book), 1 (different from book) ambiguous (replaced likely would have been censored rape) assault scene, various "fan service" (anime ファンサービス) , at least 7? female characters like/love (not particular nice, bad boy, peeping toms, no regard of dead comrades, lies, bent on revenge) male lead

pushed servant girl character beyond 金庸's 小昭 (倚天屠龍記) and 雙兒 (鹿鼎记) (some commenter said it is like a 贤妻养成 secret manual)

the three prince characters performances are weak

modern item - eye glasses?


春风亭 street fight scene is awesome

yelling scene of separate/marry scene is funny (except physical hitting with stick part, that went overboard into domestic abuse territory)

fighting the fake bandit is good also

excellent pick and performance of actresses of 宋伊人 饰 桑桑, 袁冰妍 饰 莫山山 (contender as niciest fictional female character), 孟子义 饰 叶红鱼, 康可人 饰 余帘 (even though older than asyounger girl in book) characters.

restrained custom, no excessive colorful, pressed dresses, jewelery

differences from novel

都城长安城 -> just 都城?

叶苏 -> 叶青?

天猫女 -> 猫女



第七十九章 入魔(四)

"... 忽然叶红鱼听到破烂木床摇晃发出的嘎吱嘎吱的声音,她看见了自己童年时像芦柴棒一样瘦弱分开的腿,她回忆起了那些耻辱而愤怒的过去。..."

第八十章 入魔(五)

"... 莲生大师温和看着她娇美的脸颊,怜悯说道:“只可惜你已非处子,道心间那抹阴影让血中多了些燥意,不然完全可以和当年笑笑的纯,媚相提并论。 ...”

replaced with a different less sexual explicit scene in episode 54

dialog changed after that for 第二百五十四章 我们一起修行吧(上)


"... 宁缺开心地笑了起来,说道:“我洗澡的时候又没有被人看光光,贞洁仍在,何在学那些妇人在衙门里玩撞柱的把戏。 ,,,"

in episode 58 to

"... 不是被采花贼夺去贞操的姑娘 ..."


some remind readers of all powerful 花千古 and 金庸's - the prettiest was assaulted path of 小龍女 (神鵰俠侶), not pretty and skin too dark 程灵素 (飛狐外傳),

Novel by 猫腻




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