倚天屠龍記 倚天屠龙记 Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2019

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: April 19, 2019 5:16 PM

First published: February 27, 2019


8th remake - 2019 TV


over 2.5 billion views after week 4?


over 5 billion views in week 7 播放量突破五十亿?


第50集 大结局 during finale, reached 5.6 billion views 网播量已经突破了56亿 https://c.m.163.com/nc/qa/3g-expand/huawei-b200-article.html?docid=ED2DQ2HO05384DMZ …


7.3, 顶 61% 踩

https://v.qq.com/x/cover/ha7r9z89i9d234y.html (region locked - not available in US https://twitter.com/yipcw/status/1101580172430622720 )







Hummm ... it said what ... ?











豆瓣评分 5.0 after week 1 12 VIP episodes (6 for public)

got slightly better after editing out some slow-mo to speed things up? (and 女一 主角 赵敏 陈钰琪 finally appeared)

第50集 大结局 "收官 败笔集结地 吐槽 面目全非 魔改 催泪 哭包 泪点 狗血 狗粮 洗白 渣男" finale, hard earned 豆瓣评分 raise from 5.0 to 5.7 post 陈钰琪 赵敏 祝绪丹 周芷若 dipped slightly down ended 5.6 https://c.m.163.com/nc/qa/3g-expand/huawei-b200-article.html?docid=ED29JGCV0544512P …


2009 邓超 - 4.9 ? it was not that bad other than 劉競 周芷若... ...)
2003 蘇有朋 - 8.2
2001 吳啟華 - 8.3
1994 馬景濤 - 7.8
1986 梁朝偉 - 7.9
1984 劉德凱 - NA?
1978 鄭少秋 - 7.1






陈钰琪 - 赵敏 微博 Yukee https://m.weibo.com/u/5829543885

祝绪丹 - 周芷若 - after turn evil seems ok in preview, during good phrase seems problematic ...微博 weibo #ZhuXudan #BambiZhu https://m.weibo.cn/u/2219969573

许雅婷 - 小昭 - first sad character design photo is strange, emphasis on foreign blood? Kabbyhui https://m.weibo.cn/u/1748699555

曹曦月 - 殷离 微博 https://m.weibo.cn/u/1792673805

孙安可 - 杨不悔 - looks promising

赵樱子/ 赵韩樱子 - 黄衫女子 (2014 神雕侠侣 程英)

陈欣予 - 殷素素 - doesn't not seem like what some said not evil enough, 傻白甜?

邬靖靖 - 纪晓芙

周海媚 - 灭绝师太 - more talk about than leads after 24 years become the teacher (1994 周芷若) some commenters don't like her acting?

杨明娜 - 黛绮丝 - not too worry about her acting (2014 神雕侠侣 黄蓉, 2013 笑傲江湖宁中则)

钟祺 - 朱九真

曾黎 - 王难姑

李依晓 - 阳夫人


曾舜晞 - 张无忌 - does not look promising at all, first appearance after grown up is just ... ...

李东学 - 张翠山 - something is missing, not out of this world enough, excessive anger? the acting ... ...

林雨申 - 杨逍 - got to tilt head less (commenters already think 太会撩)


片头曲 刀剑如梦 周华健 (1994)

片尾曲 何为永恒 胡夏

插曲 此生惟你 周深 - lyric - one kiss? it won't be such a long novel if that's the case :)

插曲 赤子心 李琦 - https://m.weibo.cn/status/HiK8ODwvl?jumpfrom=weibocom

插曲 俩俩相忘 (1994 辛晓琪) 翻唱版 曲肖冰 - 3m38s https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4355249139416339 - 47 seconds in 第20集, 1m20s in 第34集, couple more times in 第35集 第36集 微博 https://m.weibo.cn/p/1005052238593563

background action sequences theme music sounds a bit too western



episode 1

skipping 第01章 天涯思君不可忘 and 第02章 武當山頂松柏長 backstory on 郭襄 峨嵋 九陽神功 張君寶 武當 張三丰 connecting to 神鵰俠侶 the return of condor heroes may be arguable understandable to speed things up.

very excessive use of slow-mo - from first shot that likely pays homage to 臥虎藏龍 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon bamboo trees top flying scenes.

crtiqing ink calligraph on umbrella in the rain on a boat? must be very good coating :)

episode 2

殷素素 said 龙门镖局满门鸡犬不留 before she followed 张翠山 and heard the same thing?

catch almost fell off stage girl?

WTH? what happened to 銀鉤鐵劃, instead of special weapons, just use palm to write words on rock stage (not a cliff?)? even 王重陽 林朝英 黃藥師 郭靖 丘處機 couldn't do it.

kiss by accident when boat tipped, really??

episode 3

catching the falling girl by the waist again? at least no underwater kiss (殷素素 王媛可 saving 张翠山 though) like in 2009 remake

episode 4

baby has big eyes? pun that the adult actor has unusual big eye?

episode 5

纪晓芙 杨逍 expanded story vs the book (at least in older editions?)

got bullied by old lady selling same vegetables and pissed at 纪晓芙 selling way better because she is pretty (and choose not to fight back)?

episode 8

張三丰 toying with the monk doll, is that something to do with 郭襄? is that in the book or fan theory?

didn't young 周芷若 just feed 张无忌, hugging now? expanded story vs the book (at least in older editions?)

episode 13, 14

周芷若 plotline expanded?

was it in the book or added in one of previous version? healing a small white rabbit may be a little overdone 煽情/矫情?

it is hard for 周芷若 (祝绪丹) not to get bullied by evil sister #1 丁敏君 even if she is not the smartest, strongest, prettiest and 滅絕師太 teacher's pet if you are the only one wears white dress in the whole 峨嵋


episode 16

script writers couldn't figure out other to do intermacy other than physical contact?

after both grown up - fly up to catch fell from cliff 周芷若 and spiral down in slow motion?

episode 17

serious shortage of romatic moment idea? carry on the back?

episode 19

didn't have time to do VFX of the bag explosion? only shows debris on last scene

episode 20

what did 小昭 overstep? to get boss girl mad and almost got killed.

how can you put the bed sheet and pillows back on top of the secret door, the bed, after you jumped down?

张无忌 hand got issues :) protecting 小昭 in tunnel from rocks, 1st shot he was holding her head, it then cut to holding her shoulder?

how can 小昭 tell it was the monk? they can't see him running away from rock

why swing the torch twice in the armory? get rid of spider web or something? can't really see

the secret tunnel layout makes no sense. if 33rd head tried to trap the enemy, the only exit is beyond the door that need the special martial art, you cannot go back from the bedroom or go downhill. they are now trapped only because of big rocks blocking the way up through the bed (after pushed open another door which can be open with other kungfu? it should not be 3 doors like in the scene.


小昭 was afraid of the skeletons, why she dare to get the envelope out of the corpse clothing?

明教 is from 帕莎? not 波斯? different area or just translation changed?

小昭 back story cut short? not from house at foot of headquarter with fake parents, picked up in desert? didn't pretend to be ugly and limping? chain didn't get longer when try to pull apart? didn't sing and dance Persian song (it only sounds Persian in the intro music, only 45 seconds was shown).

how did 小昭 know that level 6 took ~1/2 時辰 to finish? they are inside a cave (well, magically with some light from a hole in top [for filming?])

levitation during learning 乾坤大挪移心法 is bit wild.

why sweat? came off hands after finished? palms not very steady either.

no explanation the 19 sentences in level 7 are mistakes, won't work.

what paper is 小昭 holding when they succeeded in opening the door? the letter? not inside envelope? if it is the sheet skin, it was folded up again when put on tomb.

there is no mentioned 小昭 looks foreign (eye color, nose) after they escaped?

episode 22

first time indoor 光明顶大战?

张无忌 saved 周芷若, 1st shot he grabs her by the waist, it then cut to the flying frame, he is holding her by the shoulder?


broke the 180-degree editing rule? during the climax scene, 周芷若 was on left most of the time, suddenly there is one cut (not during 360 panning) she is on right, then switched back to left and push the sword forward to 张无忌 on right of screen.


script error?

宋遠橋 said 告辞 (goodbye) to 張無忌? doesn't sound right being the uncle, not sure i have ever heard people in senior status use that to junior


episode 23

the what? 殷梨亭 have inn people bought 杨不悔 clothings (right size and color/style) after injured and she gave hers away got to be a first 撩妹 殷六叔.


episode 25

Wudang 武當 security is terrible ;) Zhang Wuji 張無忌 can just walked th

rough the buildings with tens of people practicing martial arts along the paths and not one questioned him what the stranger was doing there?


episode 26

expanded story line again? 殷梨亭 to 杨不悔 "how much i love you" 撩妹 殷六叔 #2


episode 27

OMG the evil monk didn't just say "我办事 你放心"


episode 29

finally something more original and sweet, not those cliché save/catch the falling girls scenes 赵敏 (陈钰琪) tried to hold hands with 张无忌, just shadows for the moment in the wet street at night (until next episode got to restaurant & did it for real)


script error again? 光明右使 范遙 pretended to be 色目武士 (mute monk except in this edition, who talks) to get into 汝阳王府? uses color contact lens like 小昭 and 黛綺絲 actresses?


episode 30

(and 第23集)

kind of unusual, explicitly setting up 赵敏 陈钰琪 to be much prettier than 周芷若 (祝绪丹), 杨不悔 (孙安可) {& 小昭 (许雅婷), part 张无忌 said she is beautiful out of 光明顶 not in this edition}?


episode 32

周芷若 祝绪丹 made the same mistake again, got bullied again by evil sister #1 丁敏君 and others - only one of the whole 峨嵋 wears white, bad idea


episode 34

张无忌 keeps saying just think 小昭 (even 趙敏 calls her 小白兔 in this edition) as his little sister, right, one of the most likable character (closet is 雙兒 depends on reader), nobody will remotely believe that lie


episode 38

are the 2 explicit attempted sexual assaults of 周芷若 by 丐帮 宋青书 really necessary.
every one know they are the bad guys.
worse than 画蛇添足, completely unnecessary.


the dialogs in the 强暴 scene are just as bad, who wrote those lines in the script 走火入魔 writers? 宋青书 before try to 強姦 周芷若: 他(张无忌)把赵敏那个妖女已经迷奸了 我不会让那个大魔头玷污个你的


episode 40

for all things that can change to make the story better, instead of the disappointing modifications,the writers could not follow the novel 人設 & remove the ridiculous personal orchestra follows 黄衫女子 赵樱子,but no


episode 46

周芷若 post 黑化 mental conflict and 反反复复 emotional rollercoaster almost too much for audience to take in, very close to be more interesting than 赵敏 撒糖 not very successful crafted new plot


周顛 go'n got fired keep verbal sexual harass boss love interests 第25集 刺激 赵敏 不如你嫁给我们教主 做小妾好不好 第46集 干擾 黑化 周芷若 你这衣服也不好看 长得也不好看 身材也不好 worse than 第45集 成昆 (小淫贼) 就连汝阳王的郡主也被迷惑 失身于他


黑化 周芷若 屠獅大會實力揮鞭,A爆了,可誰知路透中的她卻是凌亂掌門 https://kknews.cc/entertainment/l9k35l9.html … but where is the video? "被導演「指使」揮鞭轉圈的周掌門時,卻是忍不住笑了!因為這同一個人的形象反差,實在是太大了!甚至這種反差,反差到了可愛的地步! "


episode 48

doing the iconic line 周芷若 祝绪丹:倘若我问心有愧呢? in flash back instead of telling it linear, does it really help anything? keeps the suspend when audience is expecting it next, but no show as surprise?


audience are really not buying 第48集 writers' invention of new stretched 洗白 of nobody feel sorry/care loser 宋青书下线, (still has 守宮砂, is that part going to get cut too?) 周芷若 (祝绪丹) 泪别 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4360346523154402 …


episode 49

that's probably the most idiot thing to say (thought 赵敏 is died, lose 3 of 4 love interests already) shouldn't u try to 和周芷若再续前缘 instead? "它 (butterfly, not the dead fake husband ash) 好喜欢你"& got the look


episode 50

(大结局) not very exciting does anyone care 给赵敏画眉 and not be emperor? or everyone just want to know whether 周芷若 一件事 is "不能拜堂成亲 ... 过得十年八年,你心里就只会想着我,就只不舍得我,这就够了"


aftermath 黑心莲花 烂尾洗白?even 编剧 关展博 dragged into 赵敏 周芷若 红玫瑰与白玫瑰 as "周芷若亲妈粉” https://www.guancha.cn/politics/2019_04_18_498233.shtml …

IRL 陈钰琪 vs 祝绪丹 https://c.m.163.com/nc/qa/3g-expand/huawei-b200-article.html?docid=ECSFO69B0522VBMB …

-下跪 https://www.52fuqing.com/newsshow-5941159.html …

綠茶 小昭 https://kknews.cc/culture/zg3xmkg.html …



duplicate dialogs

episode 1

repeated same dialogs - if 宋遠橋 determined it was hurt by 大力金剛指, why surprise when saw the gold later on?

(did it take that many years to eventually found out who else know that technique later in the story)

episode 2

偷 抢 屠龙刀

男才女貌 碧人

episode 4

even simple as

both ice & volcano

next year today, will be anniversary of your death

dialog lines have to be re-used?

episode 33

the cut is way too fast, you can hardly see how 殷离 got hit by 金花婆婆 golden flowers

episode 41

范遙 said to 趙敏 similar lines about being teacher for 10 years at least 3 times in 5 minutes


episode 48 & 49

another WTH editing continuity script error end of 第48集 said sorry late (thought girlfriend just "died") going to lead you guys 直捣黄龙 where the hack is the leader in 第49集? nowhere to be seen in opening scene


production design

武当山 明教 光明顶 secret cave not as cool as 2009 龍游石窟

episode 50

第50集 (大结局) 宝刀屠龙 果然利害 好锋利 (or set designer/VFX director too lazy to make it real) hasn't even cut through龙椅, already broke into 2 piecess


make up

lots of little braids? 周芷若 semi-nun, still got a lot, even some guys

from various posts coments - (don't really bother me)

some people really got issue with 殷素素 bright red lipstick even on island, and sometimes her "inverted eyebrow" 八字眉? others dislike "korean style horizontal eyebrow"? 韩式一字眉

some critics don't like dresses that are more like 玄幻, 仙侠剧


张翠山's 配音 voice is less than satisfactory


杨逍 自带筷子 is too funny, original?

sceneries are nice

elaborate customs

not much yikey terrible VFXes