restaurants reviews - triad to triangle areas - asian

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated : March 13, 2014

I got to work on a more scientific scale. I am not even sure pretty good is better or not bad is better, alright probably is the same as ok, excellent should be better than very good, oh well.

Avoid - Twisted Noodles at Chapel Hill (2009/09)


1800 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC

This must be one of the top 5 worst dinning experience I ever have.

- Beef, duck (stew) noodle soup are ok. The food really does not matter when the service is so terribe.

Just opened a month ago (Aug 2009?) in Chapel Hill, there isone in Durham according to its webpage.

I think the place used to China Chef.

After the bus table girl sat us down and gave us menu and water, she forgot to give us silverware and napkin.

15-20 min before waitress showed up to take order.  I asked what the difference between broth and summer style, and which noodle is +1, egg or just thin or thick rice, it is completely unclear from the menu.  I cannot really understand of what she said, something about regular is the thin noodle, but is it egg or rice, which you don't have to add $1, whatever, just give us the regular.

Ppeople from kitchen came out to give us food instead (good thing they have chopstick and spoon with them), then we heard the girls next table said worst service they ever have, oh boy.  (it took them like 30-45 min before got their bills right, oh mine.)

Duck is not right, supposed to be duck stew, it is just sliced duck (same as roast duck w/o roasted skin I assume) waitress never came to give us napkin and silverware or refill water or sauce.

After we finished, first time she asked whether we need anything, too late.

Have to ask for the check, it took so long, I just dropped the credit card w/o looking at it.  She held it and cleaned another table before go to process it.

While i was thinking not giving any tips, noticed one of the dish price is wrong $9.95 instead of $8.95.

I have to walk over to cashier computer and told her the bill is wrong and point it out on the to go menu's price, usually when that happens, they are very apologetic.

Ar ar, no, she said I have the special noodle so it is $1 more w/o even looking at the order, and then she check the in house menu like it could be the togo menu is wrong, geesh.

I told her i didn't even understand the difference which noodle is $1 more, how could i even order that.  And mine was exactly the same as my wife's noodle, her entry doesn't have $1 more.

Then she said i can fix it in the tip, no sure how to break it to her, I ain't going to give her zippo. So i told her to get it right just void the thing and start over, 10 min she still can't figure out how to fix the price in the computer and has to get another waiter to void the credit card, he punched it wrong and locked up the credit card machine and has to wait for it to time out.  Neither one say one sorry the whole time.  And they did not give me the copy of the wrong receipt and the voided receipts either. There is no manager in sight that can complain to (neither email address in webpage)

Do not even go there.

excellent - 皇宫樓 China Palace Restaurant

5210 Garrett Rd Durham, NC 27707-3450


It is a small place, can be packed some times. Get the authentic chinese menu.

I think lady there taking phone order speaks Cantoneses.

pretty good - 巴蜀川菜 - Gourmet Kingdom

301E. Main Street, Carrboro, NC 27510

chinese - Szechuan

used to be buffet, changed to menu only Sept 16, 2009.

桂花鹽水鴨 Osmanthus fragrans (sweet olive flower) salty water duck fairly good.

巴蜀豆腐 (Bashu Tofu), the english menu is wrong (that's a good thing), it is actually not chilly sauce over cube tofu, but more a extremely fresh fish fillet, shrimp, ham, shitake mushroom, chinese vegetable with fish ball style tofu, very good.

Hot tea is a bit expensive, $2, and the tea bag they used was not very good.

a little chaotic when we hit it the 2nd day of opening. One of the entree's price was wrong on the check, didn't take into account the opening special price (only listed in Chinese up front on a board), the cashier fixed it immediately (unlike that twisted noodle gang), and the 10% off opening discount is not on the check, only during ring up.

The second time we went that after a week was better. We got the chinese menu. Too bad they were out of 米線 (rice noodle)and the pan fried noodle's sauce was too sweet (the lady said they can customize it for us next time). We tried 雲南米線 (yun nan)another time, it was really good. They were out of pork, so they use beef stew( 牛腩) instead, it was excellent. Turned out 雲南米線 does not use 米粉 (thin rice noodle), but thick semi-transparent one (called 濑粉 in Hong Kong). Becareful, it is very spicy though.

(don't park across the street, there is a sign said you will be towed)

岳陽樓 - Happy China

2505 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

Sichuan classic dishes 正宗四川菜 and authentic chinese ones are legit.

I never have 水煮牛肉 "braised beef in spicy sichuan sauce" before, heard about it. chinese blog said it is native, the best there.

Big dish, came in two plastic containers. looks spicy, but with that much liquid, the beef is not very spicy.

麻辣牛肚 "beef tripe with spicy sichuan (麻辣 mala) sauce" is good.

擔擔麵 "dan dan noodles with minced pork" is good too

椒鹽魷魚 "salt and pepper squid" too much breading, you only need a very thin coat (or better yet, none)

揚州炒飯 "Young Chow Fried Rice" - looks legit

excellent - 騰龍閣 - Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

3003 Guess Rd, Durham, NC 27705-2634

chinese - dim sum and 粥 (congee/rice porridge) on weekends. (get there early, it is hard to find parking even they rent the lot in the house next door, may have to park across the street where hair salon/offices are not open)

the ladies there speaks Cantoneses.

alright - Banh's Cuisine

750 9th St Durham, NC 27705

Vietnamese specials on Wed and Sat. Cash only.

pretty good Hu Tien (vietnamese noodle soup) - minced pork, shrimp, roast pork.

their water cup is pretty small, becareful if you have something hot.

alright - Chai's Noodle Bar & Bistro

2816 Erwin Rd Suite 207, Durham, NC 27705

No more beef stew noodle soup in menu, even it is still in webpage ("Chinese Beef stew- Traditional Chinese Beef stew served over rice or egg noodles.") It has been replaced Korean spicy seafood noodle soup Jiampong, $8.00. Couple of shrimp, chunks of octopus, a piece of fish with udon like noodle. It is alright.

The $7.25 tofu noodle soup is fried tofu, not regular tofu, the noodle is vietnamese rice noodle.

unsweet doesn't have much tea's taste, almost like water, and it is expensive, $2.00

Thai ice tea ($2.50) is only so so.

It does have outdoor sitting with umbrella, good for the dogs. The parking in Erwin Terrace are too narrow though.

not bad - 香港 Hong Kong Buffet

1742 N Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC

chinese buffet

has clams and ~6 dim sum.

ok - 湖南 Hunam Chinese Restaurant

790 Martin Luther King Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (used to be Airport Rd)

chinese (supposedly dim sum on sunday)

got beef stew noodle soup, beef ho fun (Shahe fen)

ok - 綠野村 Ming Garden

1826 Martin Luther King #J, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (used to be Airport Rd)

asian - chinese

san shan shanghai (not exactly sure what kind of 上海麵 that is), san shan jan pong noodle (korean), singapore noodle are all alright. dan dan noodle is the better one.

it sometimes has zha jiang noodle 炸醬麵 also.

Great - Thai China

4900 NC Highway 55 (Suite 200)

next to Food Lion (no shades in parking lot for dogs though. and people park crazy in that 54/55 intersection stores, even with empty spaces 2 rows over, they just parrallel park next to regular spaces in driving lane closest to shops.)

$7.42 buffet - yellow curry (w/ potatoe), red curry, bamboo shoots, shitake mushroom, tofu.Tom Yum chicken soup, chicken grass noodle soup.

pretty good - Mr. Wok

4831 NC Highway 55, Durham, NC 27713

asian buffet

Cook on order noodles - Vietnamese Beef, Wonton (no shrimp, just meat, also comes w/ cha siu aka roast/BBQ pork) , Curry

a lot of different flavor ice cream (mango, orange etc.)

buffet is not bad either - crawlfish, beef stew with red and white carrot, cabbage soup beside hot & sour soup.

mexican ochata drink is available also

川泰閣 C&T Wok (Chinese & Thai)

130 Morrisville Square Way

Not in online menu, which only goes to LT11 & LC20.

LC24 $6.44 Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup is pretty good, the noodle is cut into short pieces too much, not fully length.

S01 Tom Yum Chicken Soup $2.95 is alright too.

the special menu said watercress (usually meant 西洋菜), but chinese said 空心菜

alright - PF Chang's China Bistro

6801 Fayetteville Rd, Renaissance Center at Southpoint, Durham


cantonese scallops and dan-dan noodles are pretty good

usually quite busy

nothing to do with the restaurant -SouthPoint mall does not allow animal even in parking lot, just like Disney Market Place, the mall cop lady in golf cart would politely asked you go away.


410 Market Street, Suite 320, Chapel Hill, NC. 27516 (in Southern Village, unlike SouthPoint or Disney, where a lot of dogs walk around, some times may even see one without leash)


very authentic noodle soup.

very good - 光鎮豆腐莊 Vit Goal Tofu restaurant

Korean tofu - B.B.Q.

2107 Allendown Dr, Durham, NC 27713

Tofu is pretty good, but expensive.

I think they may charged you for extra rice (and a lot). One time we ordered two - tripe and clams, the clam one came out wrong, no clams in it, but something else (not sure what), they took it back and gave us the correct one. I have an extra bowl of rice. It is usually $9.99*2, didn't notice until got home and took out tax, they charged out $21.99 instead. Not sure that tiny bowl is $2.01? or they charged us for exchange the wrong thing. It is my fault not charged the bill carefully, but they should have warned you. Oh well.

Dim Sum House

used to Asian Aroma

100 Jerusalem Drive Morrisville, NC 27560

authentic dimsum

very good - 品味Asian Aroma


100 Jerusalem Drive Morrisville, NC 27560

go for the chinese menu - authentic wonton noodle 雲吞麵, chinese vegetable 清炒豆芽 (supposedly shark fin soup 港式碗仔翅 also in one of their ad before? )

very good - 東皇朝 Super Asian Buffet

1207j kildaire farm road, cary, NC

opened 2011/06/16

has (fake) shark fin soup! not quite Cantonese style though.

fish ball soup is fujian? style fish ball 福建? 魚蛋 (have fillings), not Cantonese style the soup is not very tastely.

2011/06/23, still in opening mode - beef tripe just came in Monday or something, even it is on the noodle soup menu, don't have it yet. Beef brisket is quite good, especially the soup.

the soup chef said they are getting a Cantonese chef soon to help, at least i think that's what he said, got heavy accent Mandarin, and only know very little Cantonese.

has phoenix claws (chicken feet)!buffet.

need better organization, the fruits in buffet bar got separated by some cold dishes like chicken, octopus, why?

the waitress need more training also, took the finished dishes but didn't picked up clam shells on table, didn't ask for refill.

$7.69 lunch, $10.99 dinner, $1.59 ice tea.

pretty good - 唐城 China Town

9601 Chapel Hill Rd, Morrisville, NC 27560-6902


cook to order noodle

alright - 燕京 Eastern Lights Hot Pot & Grill

4215 University Dr # 2, Durham, NC 27707-2527 (closed? replaced by Sake Bomb? )

chinese and Korean

very good deal hot pot 火鍋

alright - 燕京 China Express

2223 NC-54, Durham, NC 27713

chinese/korean noodles.

I think the waitress said owners of the two 燕京 are related, they have similar food.

pretty good - 上海人家 Shang Hai House

3808 Guess Road Durham 27705


i think it suppose to have dimsum on weekends also, opened in Jan 2008

alright - 馬來檳城 Penang

431 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

malaysian & thai

海南鷄 hainan chicken is actually more regular chinese style chicken, not greasy enough. (my old neighbor are native from hainan island, got to eat the real deal all the time when I was a kid)

wonton noodle soup is alright, the wonton not quite there.

(ad said also has 檳城沙爹 海鲜河粉)

ok - Japan Express

261 S Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

japanese fast food - has udon

alright - 東興 Orient Garden

noodle soup only in lunch menu, not dinner menu

it can get really really hot in that place.

the dinnerware has a funny green color.

ok - Tsunami

(closed? the sign now says Bangkok 54 Cafe

6118 Farrington Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Age togu and banto boxes pretty good

ok - Sushi-Yoshi

116 Old Durham Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Udon is ok

there is a Japanese style room there with tatemi.

Neo Japan

Japanese fast food, almost look exactly like Japan Express's layout.

赤い花 Akai Hana

206 W Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510


Can't remember anything about it except the deco is ok. Food must not be very exciting


2223 NC Hwy 54 Durham, NC 27713

Can't remember much about the food there either, I think it is just ok.

Kurama Sushi & Noodle Express

105 N Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC


udon is kind of bland there. got a conveyor belt style sushi there

alright - 棗 Jujube

1201 Raleigh Rd # L, Chapel Hill, NC (Glen Lennox Shopping Center)

Another one of the modern asian fusion place. A bit expensive, very good and professional service, nice decor - red/green wall, big B/W 60s photos of people in china. (I am not so sure about the choice though, some people may like to too much to eat under a pictures of young soldiers holding up Mao's Red book), white dinnerware.

Food is alright, suppose to be a blend of chinese and vietnamese.

alright - 紅蓮花? Red Lotus Asian Kitchen

239 S Elliot Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27515


another one of those asian fusion place. non-traditional, more contemporarily deco (large B/W still life prints), all white, funny looking plates, and more expensive.

does have authentic shanghai dishes like 東坡肉,上海炒粗, if you got one of the america waiter, you may have ask one of the chinese waiter/waitress exactly what those are in the special menu.

東方快餐 East Coast Express


sometimes can be slow, got authentic dishes (in Chinese), the lady speaks Cantoneses.

alright - Fortune Palace

2815 Brentwood Rd Raleigh NC 27604


some authentic dishes.

pretty good - Lime and Basil

200 W Franklin St # 130, Chapel Hill, NC 27516


no parking there, need to park across the street and walk across.

beef noodle soup not bad

Chosun OK Korean

2105 E NC Highway 54, Durham, NC 27713


pretty good lunch dishes. I think it now has on table stove for BBQ also

Neo China

4015 University Drive, Durham

Durham (one in Cary also and has dim sum on weekend I think)

new age asian fusion with nice decor.

food is not that authentic, americanized and over priced.

Red Bowl Asian Bistro - Alamance Crossing


one of the dishes is authentic, can't remember which. We went there 30 min. before crossing, the front desk girl sit us in a section that's already half closed, the waitress of that part forgot about us for 15 min before realized she has customer.

Red Bowl Asian Bistro - Cary


nothing special, another Asian Fusion one with nice decor, over priced, occasionally one or two half or miss authentic chinese place.

ok - Japan Express

2048 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary, NC 27518 (Crescent Commons Shopping Center, next to Walmart)

must have the least salty dishes around here.  even hot & sour soup (need to pay $0.50) and curry chicken (lunch special $6.25) are quite plain.  it could be a good thing for some

Thai Palace

Thai, Chapel Hill

soup is pretty good

Grand Asia (Raleigh [Cary]) - alright

1253 Buck Jones Road

inside supermarket


box lunch free soup (not in poster. some kind of clear soup, ok)

cash only

Grand Asia (Charlotte [Stallings]) - alright


4400 Potters Road

inside supermarket


box lunch free soup (hot and sour or eggdrop)

3 entrees (but not the beef tripes, which is in a different section)

take credit card

LiMing Global Market


3400 Westgate Dr, Durham, NC 27707 (used to be Circuit City)

inside supermarket


$5.49 three items with rice

cash only

no receipt

Li Ming Global Market 黎明

3703 High Point Rd Greensboro NC 27407 (corner of Holden)

opened 3/2013


$5.99 3 dishes+rice

$1.50 soup

no 豆腐花 tofu padding like other store

cash only

pretty good - A&C

inside supermarket


authentic, menu is in chinese

sometimes has 九層塔炒蜆 special, you can ask them to skip that herb if you want.

noodle soup not bad either.

It is being remodeled (2010/5), looks much nicer than before.

alright - Grand Asia Buffet 唐王朝

7371 Six Forks Road

chinese buffet, with a lot of sushi rolls. The chinese sweet soups (绿豆湯 not sweet enough, 紅棗銀耳湯 is slightly sour instead of sweet)

are not that good though.

Hibachi China Buffet

111 Shannon Oaks Circle, Cary, NC 27511-7612 (waitress said opened only 3 months? on 12/2010)

asian noodle (udon, ho fun, mei fun,venmiclle) soup
- fish ball
- beef stew
- curry
- duck
(no Vietnamese beef though)

$ 7.69 for lunch
$ 9.99 for dinner
$10.99 sat. & sun (adds Duck Egg n Pork Congee)

the food is almost identical to China Buffet in Durham on Mayfair St.

35 Chinese

1135 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary


chef changed in 2009? It used to more Taiwan style.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

10251 Little Brier Creek Lane Brier Creek Raleigh, NC 27617

over priced asian fusion

good - Pho 9n9

2945 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703


very good noodle soup

Lotus Leaf Cafe

969 N Harrison Ave


nice cafe style decord

alright noodle soup

so so - 翠樓 Jade Palace Restaurant

103 E Main St., Carrboro, NC


I think only one of the tofu dishes is authentic

Thai Lanna

5410 Nc Highway 55, Durham


food is alright, another one of those basically no service, the server dropped the food and disappeared one.


Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill

1270 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh

you pile food in a bowl and gave the chef to cook on huge hot plate, which is not new anymore, you can get it in some chinese restaurants (like Hong Kong King (Winston-Salem), or even Wake Forest University's cafeteria (Fresh Market))

Imperial Garden

7713-15 Leadmine Road, Raleigh, NC
Greystone Village Shopping Center

menu said it has szechuan mustard green with bean thread noodle, winter melon soup, singapore noodles, cantonese fish kew ??

Hong Kong

602 Jones Ferry Rd # R, Carrboro, NC‎

to go?

China Buffet 頤和園

(2013/03/29 5pm)

4310 Big Tree Way Greensboro, NC 27409

$11.59 friday dinner, $1.79 drink

hibachi + noodle soup line very long. another younger cook finally came out to help the older hibachi chef, who already has 7 soup bowl lined up. the new guy keep forgetting which one is hot, a little bit hot, no hot and have ask the elder again. the guy whose food is #7 in queue suddenly repeat to the new cook what he wants in his in Mandarin, not sure why, the cook went ahead and cook the chinese guy's food first instead. so unfair.

China Buffet 頤和園


3720 Mayfair St, Durham



they added chinese noodle soup couple months ago.

roast duck/wonton/prawn/curry/fish ball/chicken
w/ udon/ho fun/mee fun, regular/hot soup base

not bad

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham (15/501)

Chinese Buffet, nothing special.

No asian noodle soup, sushi's rice barely hold together


上海 Shanghai

3433 Hillsborough Rd Durham, NC 27705

supposed have authentic menu, The server didn't offer it when I was there last time. Otherwise just american chinese food.


319 Fayetteville St.#101 Raleigh , NC 27601

April 2011

It is really slow,30+ min for 2 Bento boxes. one box's shrimp tempura wasn't even ready, took another 15+ min to get that (they did give 50% off to apologize).

hard to image for a restaurant that charge $13 Skirt Steak Yakiniku, the modern white/black utensils (white plates with real flower garnish, brand name steak knife), huge asian photo decor won't help.

Lucky Bamboo

1039 South Main Street, Graham , NC‎ 27253 (exit 147 on I40)

typical buffet.

they do have raw oyster for dinner.

few of the places that actually matches the name, there are a lot of bamboos in there, little pots that you can buy for $8/$11. Bamboo in all the seating dividers.

The plates are funny though, they said Luck Bamboo, instead of Lucky, oops.

The tea pot and tea cups are really cute, but too small.

The menu is funny also, the photo in it is not the restaurant's buffet, not even the same layout. It is actually not that uncommon, oh well.

pretty good - 富記Full Kee (High Point)

3793 Samet Drive #140, High Point. (go in from Sutton Way, you can't actually see it too easily if you drive on Samet Dr.)


It is not the same as the two very authentic Full Kee in DC (chinatown and falls church).  Web page said it used to be "Blue Diamond Chinese Gourmet" in DC.

The waitress said the chef is from Hong Kong. Beef stew in hot pot is real deal. (it doesn't come in hot pot though, just on a plate. And the waiter didn't give us the Chinese menu) Not bad. The second time we went there, they use a metal pot and got the chinese menu sheet (only in one of the two menus though)

Hong Kong Style Seafood Chow Mein is not so good, americanized - slice carrot, mushroom (not shitake), you expect more from a place billed as fine dinning (it is a bit expensive), need to try harder to be more authentic. Pan fried noodle is slight over cooked, a bit too crispy.

Tofu with crab meat is ok. Tofu is in small cubes, not the usually bigger size.

Menu said it only has beef noodle soup (hofun, egg noodle/rice noodle) and marinated beef noodle soup (what's the difference? Vietnamese style?) for lunch, but the waiter said if you ask for them for dinner, they actually would make those for you. 

pretty good - 三寶軒Sampan

985 Peters Creek Pkwy Winston Salem, NC 27103-4551


get the chinese menu, west lake beef soup 西湖牛肉羹, shredded pork soup 榨菜肉絲湯, stuff tofu,salt and pepper shrimp, etc. are quite good.

one of the lady there speaks Cantoneses.

Definitely try winter melon soup 八寶冬瓜湯 when it is in season, pretty good.

really good - Mizu 水

3374 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Opened on 2009.10.25. Excellent lunch Nabeyaki Udon. Noodle soup that comes with shrimp tempura, porched egg, shitaki mushroom, scallop, crab stick. It is pretty tasty while the soup base not too heavy. Miso soup with silk tofu that comes with it is good too. Sushi roll with crab meat and avocado roll has a thin rice roll on the outside instead of the really thick one other restaurants usually ended up making, really fresh. The presentations are very nice also for the dishes, ingredients nicely arranged.

Went back again in 2009.11 for the dinner Nabeyaki Udon (more expensive and no miso soup), it is still fresh and good, but I would say go at lunch. Got to try the edamame (枝豆), not bad too (They are in a funny shape bowl also).

Couple of minor issues, not about the food though. It is quite dark in there even at noon time towards the back of the restaurant, I can barely read my Kindle even facing it toward the window. And they have a funny disco style laser lamp that spread green/red dots on the ceiling and walls. It spills onto the table and it wobbles a bit so the dots "shake" ever so slightly continously. Reading in there is not advisable. The western still life paintings are kind of out of place also, when you expect kimono or an umbrella. I am also not crazy about the modern style dinnerware. Fairly square-ish bowls, may look contemporary, not the best to drink soup from (if you don't use spoon and try to get the last drop). I much rather have traditional round ones.

One thing I never understand, it is not just for this restaurant, every one does that - why they never turn on close caption on their TV? There were some interesting (disturbing) breaking news on CNN at that time, with volume off, I can't tell what's going on except the streamer scrolling on the bottom. Is that some kind of cable/satellite TV restriction, CC copyright IP issue?

alright - Ichiban

270 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem


udon and sushi ok, special beef hibachi is pretty good deal also.

also has Vietnamese Pho now. has chicken though, not just beef


615 St George Square Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

upscale Asian Fusion - nice decor, expensive

Hong Kong Beef Ho Fun $11.95 pretty good, replacing carrot with more authentic bean sprout would be better. no sure why, it comes with rice.

Strangely, Hong Kong Chilean Sea Bass $24.95 does not come with rice, why? mistake of server? ginerger-soy sauce would be better if it is not sweat.

Basil Leaf Thai & Sushi Restaurant

690 St George Square Ct, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

fairly good Thai Boat or Pho (Noodle Soup)

lunch special $7.95 (chicken, pork, tofu), $8.95 (Beef), $9.95 (Shrimp), 11.95 (Seafood combo)

bright, nice and quiet place

Sushi Thai


826 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem

Japanese, Thai

service was not that greet, nobody came to refill the water for the whole lunch when we were there, the food is alright. They also over charged us wrong on credit card, have to go back and get my money back. (it also happened to us once in the Mimi's Cafe Alamance Crossing)

good - Cha Da Thai

420-J Jonstown Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104


passable beef noodle soup. duck and curry entree are pretty good, dessert is excellent.

Thai Cafe

May 2011

705 S. Main St., King (Colony Shopping Center)

Yellow curry with beef, Tom Yum soup with shrimp both pretty good.

Prik Paow Cashew Tofu doesn't seem to have cashew?

no beef noodle soup though.

Not traditional Thai resaurant - modern decor and have Grilled Chickem, Flank Steak, Rib Eye Steak etc.

Thai Sawatdee

2281 Cloverdale Avenue, Winston-Salem (inside Harris Teeter)

pretty good beef noodle soup. Curry is alright

Thai Sawatdee

3064 Healy Drive, Winston-Salem

same owner as one in Cloverdale

separate Vietnamese menu. authentic Pho ($ 6.95 small, $7.95 lunch special) - thin sliced beef, beef ball, beef tenderloin

Soups Vietnamese Pho & Grille

219 W 4th St

pretty good beef noodle soup. A bit expensive, $11.95 for combo with 2 or 3 kinds of beef (V1 and V2), $10.95 for one kind of beef (ball/rare/tendor).

Tomo'e Steak House

984 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

quite big, has section for hibachi (chef cooking in front of customer), dining, sushi bar.

$6.50 steak nage udon soup. soup is too thin, not tasty. not many slices of beef either.

Chang Thai

4162 Clemmons Rd Map.2009931 Clemmons, NC 2701

notice lunch udon soup (it kind of big) bill came in $10.0 instead $7.50. have to waiter before he claimed they didn't have the small, well, should you tell customer when ordering.

sneaky restaurant does not worth visiting, doesn't matter food is good or bad.

Massaman Curry has big chunk potato and sweet potato

Kimono #1

Country Club Road, Winston-Salem


nothing special

Kimono #2

North Summit Square, Winston-Salem

Grand Opening April 2011

same as the one on Country Club Road, no noodle soup, just hibachi and sushi

supposedly there is one in Lexington also. The owner previously also owned one in Clemmons and one in Kernersville, but sold to other now.


4613 Yadkinville Rd, Pfafftown, NC 27040

Japanese - hibachi, sushi place

friendly cashier


(now ISE?)

121 Stark Street, Winston-Salem


nothing special


548 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem


nothing special. I think ramen is way over price. I hope I got it rigth, I got it and Ishi confused sometimes.


1555 Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem


nothing special


5086 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston Salem, NC


Can't remember what they have, but I remember is alright when we went there no longer after it opens


2995 Bethesda Pl, Winston Salem, NC


another one of those you are not sure they are chef or clown "Steak & Seafood" place


(moved from University Parkway to 7838 Nort Point Blvd. in 2009) Winston-Salem


nothing special, I think it is overpriced

good - Malay

2840 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem


curry beef rice noodle soup is pretty good. Malaysian lunch are good too.

good - Hong Kong King

1237 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem


buffet, got Mongolian grill, clams (and Lobster on weekends)

When NC tax changed, they refused to lower the tax they charged. No sure which agent I can report them to.

good - Hibachi Grill & Sushi Buffet

333 Summit Square Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27109 (used to be Fire Mountain Buffet, which was not very good. across from WalMart, tugged away at the end of small alley, a bit hard to find.)


buffet, got Hibachi grill (no rice noodle though), sushi counter with chef behind (some uncommon varieties. not sure you can ask for special order), clams, crawfish peel, eat shrimp on ice (no mussel or oyster though), "seafood" soup (not just the usual hot & sour and eggdrop)

Nine Dragon Palace

5083 University Parkway, Winston-Salem


buffet, nothing special but cheap, $5.50 buffet all day.

got tax amount wron gone time, have to tell the cashier.

Asian Cafe

386 East Hanes Mill Road, Winston-Salem (next to Walmart)


$5.39 buffet all day, i think it is now the lowest cost leader.

China Wok

2091 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston Salem, NC


buffet, nothing special

New China

5723 University Pkwy Winston Salem, NC 27105-1378


buffet, nothing special

added Hibachi lately

3/2011 - dropped to $5.99 all day Mon-Thr.

China Buffet

984 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston Salem, NC 27105-1378


buffet, nothing special


1086 Hanes Mall Blvd, Winston Salem, NC


buffet, nothing special

Wen Hwa

134 N.Spruce Street, Winston Salem, NC (same place as Xia used to be)


ok pho $8.95, beef meat ball ok, beef not the thin slice kind. not a good idea put both hot sauce and hoison 海鮮 sauce in same dish.

cantonese beef chow fun $9.95 ok.


(closed) 134 N.Spruce Street, Winston Salem, NC

reopened in Liberty Plaza 2012/12? added sushi?


Another asian fusion place. Singapore noodle is passable. I would rather it be cheaper than has a fancy menu placed inside a bamboo tube.

Asian Bistro

陳家園 (now a different chinese name?)

7736 N Point Blvd # 200, Winston Salem, NC


to go


chinese vegetable shrimp, shrimp with lobster sauce, beef with brocolli (I wish it is real chinese brocolli 芥蘭 instead) are not bad.

Better deal at lunch than dinner, hot & sour soup is included for specials.

Got tax wrong twice though, have to ask cashier to get money back one time.

started to charge $0.25 for water in 2010/11

No. 1 Chinese

2822 University Pkwy, Winston Salem, NC


to go place, it is really cheap for lunch. Just over $6 with drink. The hot and sour soup is slightly different from other places, with celery. Curry chicken doesn't not have potatoe like so many american chinese places.

Peace of China

5387 Shattalon Drive, Winston Salem, NC

Chinese - "Authentic New York Style" whatever that means.

to go place, not even restroom or table. $4.50 lunch special, but no soup.

Even Lo Mein comes with pork fried rice or white rice, why? it is the dish already ...

no noodle soup, singapore chow mei fun.


2510 Somerset Center Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27103

to go place. $4.75 lunch special, no soup, but free tea. friendly chinese girl cashier.

Genghis Grill

3298 Silas Creek Parkway SW, Winston-Salem (same mall as Toys R Us)

lunch $8.99 one bowl, +$2 bottomless bowl (like buffet)

dinner $10.99 one bowl, +$4 bottomless bowl

price is steep, you can Mongolian Stir Fry|BBQ Grill/Hibachi stir-fry in many chinese buffet for the same price.


2255 Cloverdale Avenue, Winston-Salem


to go place, nothing special

Szechuan Palace‎

3040 Healy Dr, Winston Salem, NC‎


Hot and sour soup is different than other places, can't remember how different, it is not better or worse, just different

Oriental Cafe

612 Hanes Mall Blvd, Winston Salem, NC‎


Yaki noodle is alright. No udon soup though

East China

216 Summit Square Boulevard, Winston-Salem


to go place, nothing special, Singapore Noodle is pretty good.

Mr. Lu

3430 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem


to go place, nothing special

Great China

3548 Yadkinville Road, Winston-Salem


mostly to go place, nothing special. No potatoe in Curry chicken.


3491 N Patterson Ave, Winston Salem, NC 27105


mostly to go place, nothing special. $4.75 lunch special, no soup. $10 minimum to use credit card. No potatoe in Curry beef..

Fresh Food Market (aka The Pit)

Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem

ARAMARK run cafeteria

Be careful on chinese days - Grilled beef chinese noodle's sauce (@cook to order pasta station) and bok choy soup, they are supposed to be lightly salty, not sweet, and they are really really sweet.  I have to used up the every square inches of the whole comment card and tell one of the people there the next day, hope it is better next time.

And "Szechwan"

Panda West

614 South Main Street, King


to go place, nothing special. One time I did get beef noodle soup that does not have beef it in, check your to go.

2013/06 - new staff - Hot & Sour Soup tastes funny, avoid that dish


607 S Main St, King


nothing special

US Hibachi

(name changed recently in 2009, used to be Tokyo Express)

161 Retail Cir, King, NC‎ (next to Mountain View Road Food Lion)

Japanese to go

nothing special

Orient Express

opened Sept. 2010 , for sale April 2011

Old 52, King, NC‎ (intersection with Mountain View Road)

Eastern and Western - got hibachi, teriyaki and hot dog, burgers, strange combination.

Osaka beef to go is strange, it comes in a hot dog styrofoam box. The beef, onion, brocolli and carrot seem to be steamed, not stir-fried, no sauce on them. The beef looks like is Phili steak thin slice beef. The orange color special ponza sauce taste like thin salad dressing.

Only dine-in have free onion soup. (shouldn't to-go cost them less? no need to wash dishes etc. i guess the waiters don't get tips, and no drink, dessert revenue either, and cost them the to-go box.)

Golden Wok

Rural Hall, NC

Got there 11:00am, took 15-20 min. to get $4.50 brocolli and beef lunch special, kind of slow, probably because just open.

No soup or egg roll, small hot and sour is another $1.75.

No free water either, $0.80 bottle Deer Park.

Shiki 9 四季

804 River Center Dr Clemmons, NC 27012

uses broccoli and carrot in udon soup, not the best choice, told the Vietnamese cashier they should consider shitake mushroom and seaweed instead.


5273 Us Highway 158 Advance, NC 27006

no udon soup. just hibachi, sushi

Little Tokyo

4045 Premier Dr, High Point, NC


nothing special, if I remember correctly, it is alright

Dasarang Korean Restaurant

4929 W Market St, Ste 2104, Greensboro, NC 27407

used to close on Mondays


You have to know it is there, the big sign in the mall is in Korean only. Most of the menu items have English, but not the last page or the specials on the wall. They do have pictures.

They won't ask you for what to drink (there is a self serving station with cold/hot water, tea, green tea bag, coffee package), or dessert. No rest room in it, you have to go out the side door into the mall's public restroom. there is no credit cards sign on the door (they do accept visa).

Even the TV is showing internet feed (keep re-buffering when a pop up "OOO" comes up) of YTN (in Korean)

you got salt and red paste with E4 beef short rib with vermicelli, but the lady said don't add the salt to E10 spicy tofy soup, didn't quite understand the reason she said why not. the rice is kind of purple, she said it is white and black rice mix.


remodeled, looks like a restaurant now

showing BADA.TV on Dell desktop computer

charge $1.50 for extra bowl of rice

rice with beef soap kind of bland, server tell you to add salt and spicy hot red pepper and eat with kimchi. no a lot of slice of beef and tripe, some thin clear noodles in it.

Khan Mongolian Grill & Hibachi

closed? now zali?

4929 W Market St, # 2108, Greensboro, NC 27407

supposedly have $7.95 lunch buffet (mainly Korean, some chinese and other asian food according to waitress).

only build your own bowl mongolian or Korean BBQ or Dolsot Bobim bal for dinner.


$9.95 Sliced Spicy Pork is huge. comes with kimchi salad, green onion salad, radish salad, lettuce and korean sauce (and clear onion or miso soup)

$9.95 Bul-go-gi Dol Sot special sauce is not particularly interesting, and no kimchi, just soup

sweet tea $1.75



Seoul Garden

5318 W Market St, Greensboro, NC


very good BBQ

Tu Quynh

Vietnamese Restaurant Cafe, inside Super G Mart, 4927 West Market Street, Greensboro

No price listed on the white board up front, only on menu over wall behind counter and in binders

Hue's Beef Noodles Soup ($7.50) (sweet tea $1.00) bun bo hue

spicey soup with interesting beef, different from "regular" Pho.

TV has Vietnamese TVB on.

close on Mondays?

Pho Hien Vuong

Vietnamese Restaurant Cafe, 4109 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407

seems like always packed. pretty good Pho Beef Noodle Soup $8.25 and Vietnamese Style Beef Stew. seafood with mixed vegetable alright, but small in portion for $13.35

Apple China

Chinese Cuisine & Vietnamese Noodles

International Mall, Fanta City, Food Court

4925 West Market Street, Greensboro (the menu misspelled it as Greesboro)

still haven't eat there

the mall said closed 9:30pm, but 7::30pm already closed

it was closed from 2011/06/16-2011/06/30, quite a vacation

reopened 2011/08 - now has $5.95 pick 3 entrees (only 6 or so choices, not like big grocery stores in Triangle that got like 15-20) lunch (if you ask, they will give you soup), no free hot tea, just free hot water.

Nack Won


510 Nicholas Rd, Greensboro, NC


very good Korean buffet, BBQ buffet, sushi


4205 High Point Rd, Greensboro


pretty good beef noodle soup

Don (Ishiyaki & Ramen?)

423 Tate St, Greensboro NC (next to UNCG)


very good bibimbap (be careful, very hot in that stone bowl), they added udon and ramen in 2008/2009, those are less exciting (and expensive)

Credit card receipt still said Sushi Republic (moved up the street?), may be owned by same people?


Ming Kee Hokkaido Express Restaurant - Durham


it was good, oh well

Karma or Kurma, something like that Express - Winston-Salem


so, so food, really dark inside, probably nobody would miss it.


beyound T2T

very good - 富記Full Kee (DC, Columbia Pike and Chinatown)

the one on Columbia Pike much nicer, open until 2am!

very good - Sala Thai Cafe (DC, Fashion Centre Arlington)

got beef noodle soup, sticky rice mango, very rare for food court restaurant in a mall.