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King, NC

2-3 times togo missing ingredients. no oyster in campechana, no avocados/pico de gallo/lettuce burroto california



I think it is the second time I have been to IHOP and they said they are out of soup. Make you wonder they don't make enough or they don't have it in the beginning. It is something you don't see in Chinese restaurants. In some of them, you can actually order basically anything, doesn't even need to be on the menu.

Another thing that bugs me is some of the menu item, you don't get to choose side, it is fixed.

The last time we went, we ordered sunny side up, they gave us scramble egg.

I don't like the mashed potatoe either. It is kind of yellow, almost the same color as the cream corn, way too much butter I guess.

The worse is one time a server were making up tips, way more than what customers wrote down on credit card receipt, we caught it in statement and went back, the manager gave us the money back, they already caught the guy and fired him.

Crocker's Pot (2011/01)


charge $0.35 for water, $0.35 for credit card fee :(

Gatti's pizza (2010/10)


got there around 8pm (close at 9pm), only got a bit spaghetti left, and didn't make any new ones.

Coke has weird taste also.

Mimi's Cafe

Alamance Crossing, NC

Can't remember the food. First thing, they charged us more than we wrote down on credit card, so we have to drive back. The night shift manager can't even give you money back right there even we show him the bank statement. He has to photocopies it and wait next time. He did call back and we did get it credit back. Still a hazzle.

The other thing is weird. The server took drink order after sat down as usually, and then went to next table, but instead of the standard greeting, she gave a whole spill about history of the place, special etc. etc. We didn't get any of those treatment. They was a big bummer, she think we can't understand the English or she knows those people, I don't know. It was not a good thing anyway.

Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse - (2009/11)

1110 Creekshire Way, Winston-Salem

It used to have quail, which was very good, just discontinued.

Mesquite-Grilled Shrimp used to be butterflied, now just skewed curved. The waiter said people complained about butterflied with shell, so they did it, huh?

Sauteed mushroom side now has to come with union.

Not too frill about the changes.

Burger King

Chapel Hill, NC(2009/10)

What can possible go wrong going to BK. There was no servers doing things when we went. A guy in uniform is eating in a booth (I assume off duty) and taking really loud on cell with someone who sounds like his boss. A girl was walking around taking on a cordless (for office use only?), who after like 5 min. went back behind counter to take our order. The credit card machine that you can swipe card yourself looks like has crashed with some crytic computer non-sense message. (it happened also to another BK in Durham, it won't take my card, but it at least has the BK logo on).

King, NC (2013/03)

ordered 10 piece chicken nuggest, found only 8 pieces in the box when got home

King, NC (2009/11)

not that better, ordered #2 breakfast, ended up with two wrap instead :(

Captain D (2009/10)


It is usually pretty good. Last time, it has a sign that said "New - Gumbo", when I asked the cashier, she didn't know anything about it, I pointed to the sign, she asked the guy in kitchen and the drive through girl, they said it just arrived, still frozen, we can't have it. They should not put up the sign then. So we ordered the $5 deal. What worse, when I got home and check the bill, she tagged on couple of $0.20 drink upgrades to our drinks, didn't ask or tell us :( Usually they come around and refill your drinks also, not that day.

Eventually got to try the gumbo another time, too much rice, not enough soup.

Another time, out of gumbo.


Western Blvd, Raleigh - Avoid (2010/05)

The Double Down is missing bacons! How. I should have stand in line again and complain.

Only one lady at cashier (pretty nice), one cooking, two others in the dinning area watching TV ... ...

Hillsborough, Durham (2010/06)

I asked what is the price difference between $5.00 1 piece (1 side, 1 biscuit, 1 med drink), the cashier won't tell me (or too lazy to look up?) and said "about the same". I hate it, you have to ask again before he said $2.98, that's pretty far from "about the same".

And there was a 1" metal tubing in the entrance driveway, so I ended up with a flat, not the best experience, don't think i will ever go back.

Long John Silver

University Pkwy, Winston-Salem (combo KFC store)

Ask for the broiled special saw on TV. No, they don't have it, may be not for few weeks/months. Told me to try corporate store on Hanes Mall Blvd. instead.

Jimmy Seafood



It is annoying that it no longer let you change salad to one of the sides (like Corn on the Cob, Baked Potato etc.)


The board still said 1/2 price oysters on Monday, but the waitress said it is now 1/2 price + $1 now.

Golden Corral


No school discount for to-go, only dine-in.

Red Lobster (2009/09)


I am not sure is it just this particular one or the whole chain, it charge you $0.50 to change from fried shrrimp to scampi, but didn't tell you when you order, only showed up when the bill comes.