Cisco WebEx


add webex email address to Postini whitelist approved sender or check junk often, otherwise you may not get the initial approval email, it may get quarantineed.

password - follow the rules

Java needed

or use atmcns.msi (Firefox or Chrome) or atmcie.msi (IE)

productivity tools (not for Office 2010) ptools.msi

universal toolkit atucfsuite.msi

iGoogle google gadget


- Meeting Center
- Training Center
- Event Center
- Support Center

can we get to the Training Center's features, looks very useful for education?
- attention indicator
- managed and moderator Q&A
- planned polling
- testing, instant grading, instructor scoring
- email management
- breakout session, hands-on labs
- permission-based remote control
- publish event and course materials
- advanced registration management
- pay to attend


regular, quick, advance, one click

meeting type - personal, other teleconference service (differences?)

Only Meeting center pro 25. (max. 500 for high quality?) older SPV (1000 max), MPV(500 max)

only in 15 min. intervals

cannot schedule time passed

let audience enter before sometimes doesn't always work if too close to start time?

audio conference
* WebEx Audio
* other teleconference service
* VOIP only
* none

toll/toll-free, global call-in

cannot disable password, only not send password in invitation

Agenda & Customizable Welcome - allow participants to control presentation or document not enabled by default

Meeting Options - high-quality video not enable by deault (no explanation in help what it does)

closed captioning not enable by default

cannot have single note taker (that can publish) and allow all participants to take notes

different between closed captioning and single note taker minutes?

Attedee Privileges - Annote not on by default

need Personal Conference Number (PCN) accounts for Personal Conference for?

auto generate host access code and attendee access code in schedule

One-Click changes need to be done in MyWebEx, not in Meeting Center (only start once setup once)?

personal meeting room also w fixed URL for ???



iPad scheduling doesn't work. 100224 error.


high quality audio option not in help (looks like it is written for a different version)


640x360 30fps H.264 SVC/AVC 320Kbps auto framerate/resolution/cngstion control.

(old SPV,MPV- CIF 352x288 30fps, 128Kbps, H.264 AVC, manual framerate/resolution/cngstion control)

This is what Cisco website graphics artists implied can look like

this is what I got (not sure it was a VGA, 2Mpx, or 720p webcam, need recapture) for Kirby

no control of size/bitrate etc. ("automatic" in new version), only option is which camera

(Advanced Options is the camera's internal control like focus, zoom, brightness, not for WebEx)

big screen?

and on iPad app's demo video




download from ...


no video?

Make Presenter/Pass Keyboard and Mouse Control/Annotate

pass the ball in iPad


If in sharing application, share the Meeting Center again to see initial setup page

Notes/Public Notes (minutes)/Closed Caption/Transcript

differences? sound the same as single note taker Public Notes

participant cannot take note if single note take, either or

no publish unless single note taker?

no automatic speech to text?

not in iPad?

not on by default, turn on in option in meeting

to send it, it is called Transcript instead. not sure why it Bcc: iphone_test


chat is on top of everything, not a panel


not on by default

even if host passed control, still cannot vote, only participants?


checker pattern overlay


Save to Network .arf - no insert marker, cannot edit.

It does no seem to be CBR, rather fairly large range VBR, ~5 min. recording could be 5.80MB, could be 31.6MB.


Save to local .wrf, can only convert to WMV

use local recorder - difference?


atmgr.exe 220+30 ms latency, ~64,000 B/sec according to resmon


cannot share.



local player

atplay.exe (.wot) for old format


two different version v.3.20 for .wrf (local recorded)

"C:\Program Files\WebEx\Record Playback\AtAuthor.exe" doesn't use theme

"C:\ProgramData\webex\WebEx\1124\atauthor.exe" uses theme

cannot use marker? only segment (created with editor)

cannot open player "C:\ProgramData\webex\WebEx\1124\atauthor.exe -PLAYER" first, and then do open file, doesn't work. You have to double click on .wrf instead.

network player


"C:\ProgramData\webex\WebEx\500\nbrplay.exe" for network .arf

no drag and drop, has to use open file

it is not truely streaming with indexing (you can skip downloading part of it), you cannot jump to any point until it has been download and buffered.

you can open/close different panels


You cannot convert .arf file someone shared with you on the network.

Network Recording Player (C:\ProgramData\webex\WebEx\500\nbrplay.exe, not sure why not in c:\program files) File | Convert Format menu is dimmed.

You can convert the ones you download from Meeting Center

MP4 (H.264 AVC/AAC) would be the smallest.

Not sure why Notes, Q&A (what is that? polling?), File Transfer are dimmed. (didn't have those opened in that recording?)

The Layout cannot be changed.

WMV (v9 + WMA 9.2 Lossless) would be about the same size as original, but slowest to convert

SWF has no option, it generate FLV along with HTML and supporting files need. It is much bigger than original.

original ARF 5:03 32,431 KB (using T410)
MP4 7,479 KB 308 sec
WMV 33,289 KB 433 sec
SWF 172,719 KB 332 sec




it is old, no zoom on timeline, no most recently files, drag to change number spinners/cannot even type numbers in, has to use up/down arrows, type of modern niceties you expect.

can only save as .wrf or convert to .wmv, no mp4

you can choose WMV9 or WMV9 Screen codec

Screen is faster to convert, and twice as small .WMV

4 min 3.41MB .wrf

-> WMV9 screren 8.07MB (~50 sec)

-> WMV9 16.1MB (~70 sec)

cannot edit .arf

"C:\Program Files\WebEx\Record Playback\EditorEx\Editor.exe"

can dub audio or insert recording