Google Apps (Mail, Calendar) Postini Annoyances

only 7.5GB, not 25GB?

only mail, calendar, doc, sites enable - bad - voice, analystics etc. are useful

cannot use multi account login between hosted/public accounts (for several more months?)

slow to a crawl several times, both postini (even more often), and gmail on multiple networks, during login or within app.

some time even basic HTML won't load.

iPad has problem over IMAP (so it is not just POP or blame it on Windows or Firefox either)

conversation cannot be loaded - i know, use a different browser (they actually mean Chrome, Safari from the fan boys, you can see in their microexpressions), clear cache, restart browser, restart OS, try safe mode, disable addons, try again in a few minutes, check google status dashboard (it is always green) etc. etc. right. I wonder if you add all those up, would you get money from 99.9999999... uptime promise.

POP RETR error also some times

* (not google's problem) lightning 1.0b2 have problem CalDAV more than 500 entries, recursion errors. setup see Thunderbird Google Mail and Calendar Set up

* (not google's problem) Thunderbird doesn't download all messages in IMAP (just headers?), cannot backup that way, has to offline sync first (turn off global search of Windows and Thunderbird, very disk intensive if you have 7GB of messages)

* (not google's problem) Thunderbird account setup wizard doesn't understand host address, use first, but have to change in three places afterwards



First, you have to get your email before everything else.

Postini is not your friend. At least if Blatant Spam Blocking is on. It supposed cut 1/2 of the spam, great, only if it didn't drop any that are not spam. That's not the case. I would never found that out if it were not that I keep missing 2 mails a day I know I got from system.

There is no user setting to turn if off. If it is on for blackhole, you never see them, not in quarantine. sysadmin found them for me, they can't see the messages, only from log that they were throw away. If you whitelist the senders, you can get them. But how would you know if you never got them?

It should be either 1. user controllable setting and 2. there is a tab like junk|virus that you can see what got throw away.


If you get pass that, messags got quarantined and you deliver them, they still may not show up in Google Mail. I have two got trashed some where along the way. Never get to google inbox or spam. postini or gmail deleted them, never know.

The deliver selected button is only on top row, not on the bottom row?

Delivery slow

some times can have 1 hour delay, or 8 hours delay before mail arrived (even from different source).

Quarantine, again?

If you are not lucky, some message you delivered would get quarantined again later, their servers not sync? who knows.

it doesn't learn like Thunderbird Bayesian junk control, if i deliver something everyday, it still junk it everyday, have to manually whitelist your whole address book.

OT (off topic)- gmail, mailman

you should get your messages now? no. GMail may think your message is spam ever it got delivered by Postini manually! should it be tagged so it won't, nope?

you can't see the 'spam' folder if you POP, so you have to go back to web interface, move them out of spam.

Done, not yet.

what about messages from mailing list.

if you are on mailing list, you don't get a copy of things you sent (just like Exchange) more on that latter.

if you are on more than one list, you may get 0,1,2+ copy. even though each one would have different subject (usually) since mailman tagged on [mailinglistname-L] in subject for each one. [the workaround is to sign up the mailing list with another account, it is not perfect, since you may get 0,1,2 or more copies of same thing].

sysadmin and storage admin. must love it, save space (like Lotus Notes, just one link to one entry in database. they can delete one entry and everyone lose their, total control) - deduplication, it is a nightmare to for end user to keep track.

Should there be a user controllable switch if you don't want that "feature" - no.

(mailman would do that too if you are cc:, bcc: on)

if it gets there ... not done

even if you get your message final in inbox, the date shown in gmail is wrong, it use the deliver time, not the messag sent time!


back to Postini.

unlike puremessage, we has the simple header

X-PerlMx-Spam: Gauge=XXIIIIIIII ...

which is easy to filter with message rules

it has the useless

X-pstn-levels: (S:73.95356/99.90000 CV:99.9000 FC:95.5390 LC:95.5390 R:95.9108 P:95.9108 M:97.0282 C:98.6951 )  

worse, it may seem very fine grain, scientific, four decimal places. if you look at a lot of them, some numbers are identical, i suspect it only has certain levels, so the apparent accurate is fraud.

to turn them down, (you can just deactivate the whole aggravating thing), it make no sense, it doesn't use numbers anymore - Lenient, Normal, Strict, Aggressive, Very Aggressive, and in category, it is by +1 to + 4 numbers instead.

approve sender after delivered

it gives you the wrong message after you select the ones add to approved sender after delivered message. it said message delivered again (it should be senders added)

login screen

Not sure why, it is one of those (pogoplug etc.) that doesn't let Firefox's form control to save either usernameand or password, why? (google one does.) security? just annoying.



no true folder, if you have a lot of them, the UI (even with Labs tab folder) it is unusable.

people keep talking about it is the "new", "better" way, i think it is just easier for Google to index them, not easier for users. You can tag, view, file in Thunderbird too, but it doesn't limit you to one.


it is unintruitive to move to, you have to label + archive.(why change in name, just have one box called "move to" like everyone expected, even if it duplicate other functions, is that a sin?)


cannot move out of sent to other folder (psuedo folder) , only label, or move to inbox (once you move away from that, it goes straight back to sent) why? easier for the system, not the users. bad programmers. It is crazy.


sometimes won't find messages you know are there


no sort by? why?


no user trainable bayesian filtering (accessible to data even better instead of blackbox)? like in priority inbox or Thunderbird

i got some that got put in spam every day that are good, no way to fix it without user control (supposed to get better - not so far)?

delete automatically after 30 days.


even rename extension to something else doesn't work? still junk .zip. definitely think it is too smart?


why the extra ?


auto delete in 30 days, cannot turn off? computer should not think for you if you don't want it too. UX is to hide complexity, not to take away abilities when users know what they want/what they are doing. don't treat users as idiots, help them (if they want)

detach attachment

feature no available?


no send both HTML+plain text?

no reply after?

mailbox columns

no show size, toggle date sent/received?

"folder" (label) columns

cannot show total number of messages/size in each? (removed in Thunderbird 3.x also, need extra column addon)

basic HTML

no move to in basic HTML mode?

address book

no LDIF import

CVS import limits to 32KB? (no unicode if you use CVS in Thunderbird export)

multi message windows

no tab UI?

attach web page

no attach web page without using addon? (like SeaMonkey send page, not Firefox send link)

conversation mode

delete even sent if you do it? turn it off. (even if you turn it off, if message won't load, it still say conversion ...)

* (nothing to do with google) iOS also has thread mode that requires more clicks too, turn it off


It just doesn't feel right every time i use it. Can't tell what it is, something is wrong, more like a patches applied on a bad design instead of a clean unified experience (very un-Google, everything Melissa Mayer says).

Outlook Live (Outlook WebApp, Office Outlook WebAccess, no your old, ulgy OWA) looks more like desktop app. (see, (article

Keyboard shortcut

n, p only work in conversation view, no b,f for unread vs. msg?


full 508, ADA?

Repeat last action

very handy moving msg. into same folder (label). no?


Replied, Forwarded?

paste image (e.g. screen shots) from clipboard

not in Firefox 3, only in Firefox 4, because?

new global menu

another click to logout now. not sure i want new "feature" added by surprise when you login, you never know when those kicks in when some people reported they got it ... another day, a new entry for profile!

it is like death by a thousand cuts. great promise anywhere access from web, but this, and that ...

delete problem on mac

may have to do in all mail, deleted may come back etc.


some calendar sometimes won't load, tell you to try few minutes load, it could be an hour (or more) before you can load.

IMAP upload

limit to 1 message/second by API?

tried 12,000 messages (430MB), 2 won't upload from Thunderbird, but can't tell which.

Tried 24,000 messages (2.3GB), 1 won't upload!!

offline, Gear

will be removed from Chrome 12? No support for Firefox 4 and IE9?

Return Receipt


Encrypted message

only in Postini addon?

Conflicting accounts for infrastructure migration

goggle/wfu won't tell you which account(s) (Blogger, YouTube, Reader, Picasa etc. etc.) is conflicting (or when it was created). Need to change email, see these steps

after you do that, google alert may send email to wrong account, think the new unlinked (no longer personal is even it does not before and not even associated with the service.

need to logout and login to get new EULA? (some SLA, some consumer?)

cannot use multiple tabs for hosted account and "consumer" account, need to use switch account menu


it is just plain wrong changing the 5 day service disruption to information available to downplay the significance after the fact.



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