Lenovo Thinkpad T400 known issues

Last Update: August 31, 2010 7:03



-need to update to 9.2 for critical updates (including 9.1.3 2009.07.31 for the critical authplay.dll security exploit)

- PDF only print 1st page on some printers. (also affect older Thinkpads, different versions may need a different solution)

Solution: In Acrobat Pro 9.0's Print dialog box, choose "Advanced"

Choose Postscript Options, change "Font and Resource Policy" from "Send by Range" to "Send for Each Page", "Send at Start". The Settings should stick between sessions. Save the settings to a new name, otherwise next time you change the custom, it would be lose. (if it is dimmed, check which printer you selected, some printers don't support PS and won't have that option)

If that doesn't work, choose "Print As Image", that setting is not saved between sessions.

If none of the above works, try to use the PCL queue if you don't need the Postscript features.


add new form fields may not work for some PDF.

Create PDF from Word may default to Arial if font not available depends on template. (it defaults to Times on T61)

auto convert from Word documents to form depends on size and position of objects. Too big/small circle/square may not convert to radio buttons/checkboxes. Most of Word form elements would not convert.

Some asian fonts may not embed correct under some circumstances.

If figures are missing from PDF and you used "create" button in the office add-in ribbon, switch to print to "Adobe PDF" printer driver, it may fix the problem.


When Adobe Update pops up and tell you to update your applications, the keyed applications cannot be update e.g. Premier Pro 4.1.0 (OnLocation, Encore, Media Encoder). Go in preference and deselect everything except Acrobat. (manual install Camera RAW DNG may be possible), there is no reason to download hundreds of MB of patches you don't need.

Dreamweaver - Sites

The two pre-defined configurations started with ftp:// are wrong, delete them and add new FTP/SFTP sites.

Those uses local files like

c:\users\wfut4002009\appdata\roaming\adobe\dreamweavercs4\en_us\configuration\serverconnections\wfu (ftp)\test.html

which may exceed the 260 character filename limits and cause problems.

if user has a lot of deep folders and long filenames, since c:\user\wfut4002009\documents is longer than c:\userdata, may need to move those into the shorter form.

It may ask for whether turn on Contribute, say no when connected

Dreamweaver - SMB/FTP errors

Couple users reported losing files when editing files on mapped drive to \\acfiles\dol and FTP/SFTP over wireless

Dreamweaver may failed in creating .tmp files and delete the original files.

Solution : None at this time

Do a process monitor

use filters like contains dw + exclud. reg + path inc z:\ (actually the UNC, not map drive letter, it is using LANManager Redirect)

to see whether there is any error. Dreamweaver writes to root and current folder before saves for some reasons.

Also, do a wireshark trace on SMB and FTP. There are reports that 5100 card drops SMB and http packets.

Potential solution: Some people reported it can be fixed with KB934160 Client Side Caching CSC registry change (probably only for SMB, not FTP) or clean up /var on server. Also, try change permission to full access instead of change may help saving Office files like Excel.

Dreamweaver CS4

Starter Pages templates missing

CourseBuilder, Learning Site, Lorem Ipsum addons are not installed.

There is no font color change in properties panel anymore, you have to do it in CSS. It has evolved to more a website/CSS tool than an HTML editor.

Photoshop CS4

Some of the plugins/presets are no longer pre-installed in CS4. e.g. Web Photo Gallery (WebContactSheetII). To use them, go to c:\utilities\cs4extras and follow the instructions there.

when application launch, the dialog box about http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404898.html may come up if install CameraRAW update, or switchable graphics change between GMA and ATI during Windows update.

it may crash on close.

things that won't fix it

- uninstall and reinstall
- key or not key
- delete pref on start
- delete setting folder
- take ownership of PS4 settings folder
- run as admin
- xp compatibility mode
- remove multiprocessor support
- turn off openGL
- hot switch to GMA
- turn off version cue save

the last things it did before died

- HKCU ... Explorer\MountPoints2\CPC
- HKCR\Drive\shellex
- \temp\alm.log, amt.log ...
- settings\###Temp### ...
- settings\prefs, keyboard shortcuts, menu customozation.psp ...
- program file\caps\caps.db, backup.db, ADMUI3.fon ...
- \windows\fonts
- \windows\winsxs\vc80 ....
- programdata\FLEXnet\. ...
- program file\LM_libFNP.dll ...

if it is like CS3, it is probably something before

reading photoshop.exe NBT, TCP/IP, rastering GRE, more WinSxS GDI, RT, closing 8bi, common control etc.

Photoshop Elements 7.0 (& 8.0)

potential moderate privilege escalation vulnerability

workaround http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb09-17.html

Premiere Pro CS4

New Project drop down only has DV, no HDV. (May not play m2t correctly also because can't capture or import)

Pending IS's patch.


not update by Adobe Updater. Manually install.

also affected by ATL critical update 2009.07.30, 2009.12.08 need to update to

Flash Player

not update by Adobe Updater. Manually install.

acrobat authplay.dll critical update 2009.07.30, 2009.12.08 need to update to

Shockwave Player

not update by Adobe Updater. Manually install. Do not install Norton Scan. 2010.01.19 2009.11.03 2009.07.23 2009.06.10



VPN over wireless

VPN does not work over wireless (Intel 5100 with MyWifi)

follow http://help.wfu.edu/security/vpn/t400 for a fix

See http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/lenovo/t400/intel-5100-vpn/ if you want details.

VPN 442 error

If network settings changed, e.g. adding WWAN adapter, or just wake up, you may get this error

"connection terminated locally by the client
Failed 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter. "

enable log in VPN Client and check the log.

you may see this in the log

" Sev=Warning/3    CVPND/0xA340000D
The virtual adapter was not recognized by the operating system.

Sev=Warning/2    CM/0xE310000A
The virtual adapter failed to enable

Error with call to IpHlpApi.DLL: CleanUpVASettings: Was able to delete all VA settings after all, error 0

Failed to active IPSec SA: Unable to enable Virtual Adapter (NavigatorQM:936)

Unexpected SW error occurred while processing Quick Mode negotiator:(Navigator:2263) "

uninstall and reinstall VPN client may fix this.

may also need to adjust ARP retry.

wireless drop out

Reports of 5100 dropouts over some routers/AP and http/SMB packets.

see http://forums.lenovo.com/lnv/board/message?board.id=W_ThinkPads&thread.id=2951&page=3

make sure power management and roaming is minimum, turn off IPv6. (may causes -3259 err in iTunes if on)

Current Lenovo driver is Intel released 2009.06.25.

Lenovo released Version 12.04.3000 - 6HWV20WW 2009/10/05, but ...
* [Important] Ended support for the following adapters;
  o Intel WiFi Link 5100 ...
  o Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN ...
  Note: Now supporting only Intel WiFi Link 5350 adapter card. ...

They are supported with newer version 13.00.0000 (6MWV14WW or 6OMV15WW). ... (which does not seem to be available at this time yet)

(13.x finally available 2009.10.23 - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might hang with blue screen when wireless radio was turned on.)

wireless server execution failed error

try net localgroup Administrators Local Service /add

ethernet drop out

SMB shares, keyserver, outlook etc. may lose connection also.

make sure power management is minimum.

disabled Interrupt Moderation, Link Speed Battery Saver, System Idol Power Saver.

May need to change Vista auto tuning from highlyrestricted to disable.

netsh interface tcp show global

SMB file share create/rename problem

offline file (requires SMB1 (opportunistic locking on) or SMB2 to work)

see http://blogs.technet.com/askds/archive/2009/03/12/how-to-properly-disable-offline-files-in-windows-vista.aspx

registry change 1 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949109

registry change 2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/934160

Office 2007


see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/is/vista/office2007/cleartype/

Old commands

Office Lab search command plugin to show new command equivalent.

Not installed this year, conflicts with Old Ref. Mgr. software


use Alt for shortcut to some commands. Some not available like Document properties.


not customizable until Office 2010. Commercial utilities ($$) exists to add customization and add menu bars back.

No MS Bookshelf

use Office Reference, need online, no Quotation, not standalone. (*MSN Encarta closing down in Oct 2009, Encarta Dictionary not in Word 2010 TP)

workaround: install Microsoft Bookshelf 97 Basic from Office 97. * Disk space usage and long folder name are not correct.

Bookshelf 2000 is not compatible, you can run it directly from CD, but the setup program does not work.

Outlook Setup

use control panel mail setup, not start Outlook first. (also PST location change from previous models)

Outlook 2007

lines not wrap printing weekly view (same for T61?)

possible workaround: calendar printing wizard?

HTML messages send from Outlook 2003 may not display correctly in Outlook 2007. "=20" is not interprated as space.

may need to set
Outlook 2007
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Options\Mail\InternetMailTextEncoding (DWORD)
(11.0 for Outlook 2003)
0 - Encode Intelligently.
1 - Quoted-Printable encoding.
2 - Base 64 encoding.
3 - no encoding and leaves 8-bit characters as 8-bit characters.

to other settings

Access 2007 OLE error

double click won't open some image formats, some formats show as package (also affects T61, but different image formats).

Workaround: install MS Photo Editor from Office XP to register OLE servers for BMP and PNG fixed the problem. New database created in Access 2010 TP and Windows 7 does not have this problem.

Word 2007 Equation

use Equation 3.0 if you use .doc format instead of .docx. New Equation will convert to image if save in .doc

How to create button for Insert Object | Equation 3.0


Make sure journals accept the new format before saving in docx





There is a bug in cross referencing an eqution citation if it is on the same paragraph and behind the equation. You have to create the equation label in front of the equation, cross reference it, and then move the label behind the equation.

see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/atg/microsoft/office/word2007/

Word 2007 - open/save file error

double click word documents may not open (especially files just moved), file not found error. Try again, it may open. I think it is related to one of the OLE32.dll.

same goes for double click in Firefox download Word document or Thunderbird mail attachment, first time opening those may failed if Word is not already opened.

When you save a file, you may see access error, need to save to a different filename.

Solution: None at this time.

Word 2007 menu

may show French or Swedish menu instead sometimes.

Word 2007

screen may not refresh, if try to move to different part of documents, only part of display changes, lines won't line up, texts from different places garbled together. PrtSc screen capture does not work when that happens. Switch to another application and switch back usually update the screen. (With Acrobat and Firefox opened, similar problem may occurs)

To paste an object into Word from Powerpoint, need to do paste special, choose enhanced metafile, the default Microsoft office graphics object
print like crap. Even if it is just a text box in PPT, it would be all ragged edged like from a very low resolution image.

footnote/endnote window (where you can change the separator), you can only get to it in draft mode, not page preview mode.

if you get an unknown error and Word cannot start, and you see some message about EndNotes, most likely it corrupted Word's registry entries, see


on how to fix that


(you may have to let Word restarted couple of times and repair itself when it errored out before it would start after that fix)

With EndNote active, the Reference tab | Citations & bibliograph group is disbled.

To turn off, go to Office button | option buttons | Add-Ins section | COM Add-ins drop down | click Go ... button | uncheck Cite While You Write, and turn off Add-Ins (templates) drop down's End Note Cwyw.dotm.

(for T61) If you turn those back on, you will get a security warning, the first time reopen Word, it may crash Word also.

Excel 2007

may need to convert data source to 2007 for mail merge with Word 2007.

you cannot edit macro until enable it from security alert toolbar.

Developer tools are not available until turn on ribbon tab in options.

PowerPoint 2007

linked .swf from PowerPoint 2003 won't play, unexpected error
workaround: see
skip the first part, go straight to the alternate method on using Shockwave Flash object instead

switching from 4:3 to 16:9, distort objects.

copy and past over instead, (or reset image if not dimmed)

default template location changed, now in My Templates


Another one of the dreadful Vista problem (at least no nvlddmkm.sys BSOD for ATI, but it got its own AMD version) - \windows\system32\config\system problem, corrupted Registry etc. there is no automatic startup repair option (need to install recovery console first?), need to have support person use startup disk to try to do a rollback.

Turn on UAC may cause profile not to load.

customize properties of system tray (notification area) for some applets do not work (doesn't work in Windows 7 either). You need to change those in the control panel of each directly. e.g. turning on/off APS and UltraNav may not work.


If you get the Black Screen of Death (KSoD) with just mouse cursor and black background after wakeup from standby. Close the lid again, let it sleep, open it again, it usually comes back.




for other possible solutions and discussions

folder permission

You may get permission error even writing to newly created folder. It may be possible take ownership to fix, it is probably easier just create a new folder, delete the one instead.

language bar

language bar may not start, disappear, none of the setting would stick, etc. etc.

workaround: add ctfmon.exe to run key

it may still crashes if you try to use it.  (msimtf/msctf.dll and/or registry entries may be corrupted also when that happens)

add a shortcut to the user's desktop so he/she just have to manually launch it when it kaboomed again, no need to reboot that way.


you cannot drag a folder from explorer into cmd for path name. (allegedly for security reason, which most likely is BS) The feature is supposed to be back in Windows 7. (so no security problem again?)

no need to use open command prompt here addon, shift right click has an menu option built in for that.


you cannot shift click to open folder in new window, either right click and choose open or turn off navigation pane would restore the function (the what? yeah, the navigation pane disabled a shortcut key, why? one of the many mystery of Vista, there need to be a tell all book about how they came up with these bizzard things)

wakeup on USB disconnect

unplug USB mouse


see http://blogs.technet.com/filecab/pages/file-backup-in-windows-vista-faq.aspx for FAQ on why it does some of the things it does for the "core consumers"

misses skip 71 out of 1004 filetypes, see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/atg/windows/vista/backup/

7-zip (skips 7000 out of 14000 in profile)

WinZIP 12.1 (file in use error)

Roxio Creator (aka RecordNow) – cannot select all, green (junction points) and dim folders, need to drag individually.

TrueImage 2009 category backup does not work until patch comes


Some potential problem with WD Anywhere Backup/Sync (Memeo) ?

copy to external hard drive only skip 5 in use files.

Cobian and NTI Shadow may work.

Long filename

limit is 260. see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365247%28VS.85%29.aspx

there is a way to create 32,000 characters fullpath extended name, not support by explorer.



no DOS mode. Use DOSbox

filemon does not work, use process monitor

HD Tach 3, OCS universal installer, Graphpad Prism 4 require XP compatibility mode.

VS2005 has compatibility issues, need VS2005 SP1 and VS2005 SP1 for Vista.

Full XP virtual machine in Windows 7 only.

Some Palm devices may not work with serial to USB converter.

cosmo player 2.1.1 cannot use OpenGL, only Direct3D


OpenGL BMP mapping to geometry may not be correct

Screen Flashes

turn off Transient Multi-Monitor Manager (TMM) in task scheduler

see http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/115320-transient-multimon-manager-tmm.html

Start menu power button not shutdown

change in Power Manager, Global, events for all power schemes. (also in control panel, power)

or edit explorer.exe res image#7051_1033 (login background is imagres.dll image#5053)

Start menu items

shortcuts cannot be pinned, only application

no cascading menu

Picture Gallery

does not support GIF

see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/ms/vista/photo_gallery_gif_not_supported/

UAC off

may need to turn on for some programs

Customize folder

usually wrong - change from Picture & Music to All Item to show date modified.


Audio/Video codecs are not listed in device manager (same in Windows 7), have to do a Help | About | Technical Information in Windows Media Player to show that.

CHM files

getting navigation error when opening CHM help files.

unblock it, see http://blog.crowe.co.nz/archive/2007/04/13/719.aspx

File Types

There is no more Folder Options, File Types tab to edit each types, and the advanced menu for DDE, only the much simpler control panel , default program applet.

Add/Remove programs

Columns may be missing, right click to turn on

Add programs

no longer available

System Restore

may need to turn off System Restore if low in disk space

Disk Cleanup

If you do default disk cleanup, it may disable your hiberation without uncheck hibernation file cleaner first. Running elevated cmd powercfg -h on or /hibernation and/or power setting advanced sleep/hybrid sleep need to enable it again.


may not have enough memory for programs that run under XP. Increase VM from system managed 2-3GB to fixed 4-5GB


may use up to 23GB space, turn off or delete or change with vssadmin


may not find programs like Adobe Update and slow down operations

cannot find non-western characters like DBCS, Unicode, not escape sequence to get around that.


no GUI, use 3rd party utilities like auslogics or Jkdefrag

Desktop icon rearrange

use one of the desktop icon position save utilities

Desktop icon text color cannot be changed

same as in XP, try one of appearance utilities

Lose Start menu All Programs

Solution: None at this time

Error reporting

usually not find any solution and take time before finish, can be turned it off

Kernel dump

usually not useful and delay reboot, can be turned off

Vista Calendar

may fail to add recurring events from OCS .ics file


sysprep reset to default

It may be slow at times, use process monitor and manage add-on loadtime to diagnose

Windows Firewall

control panel applet does not show exception's ports, use administration tools to check incoming and outbound traffic ports setup

Swap HDD

may BSOD if not sysprep


need to unblock on first use


wake up may BSOD in win32k.sys

Windows Update

may create undeletable folders on drives (exteranl also)

USB Drive scan

it may ask to scan USB drive even no error and clean eject


may get yellow icons for ISATAP adapter #3, 6 errors.

Microsoft said it is "normal" http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/932520 just ignore them

Windows Media Player

sysprep reset to default

one user has reported losing mp3 playback issue (codec problem?)

DVD playback may not work


several incidents of cannot load profiles (reboot/load in as administrator to fix?) becareful when you are in temporary profile, it looks like the same folder structure, but it is not, backup your files ASAP. You have to do an advanced search (ctrl-F and choose from toolbar) to find your real profile.

Windows Media Sharing

does not work between Vista and XP machine.

Display Manager

dialog box window may be too small under some condition

Move Images

may get loss property warning if move images, see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/ms/vista/move_property/


it is no longer accessible from network


Printer support

older HP AIO not supported



Firefox 3.5.x

if you upgrade from 3.0.x to 3.5.x, need to install Real Player 11.1.3 or above, the 11.1.2 plugin installed is not compatible

Windows Media Player plugin not installed. (also not in IE?) <http://port25.technet.com/pages/windows-media-player-firefox-plugin-download.aspx>

Thunderbird/Firefox directory

The default locations



may have problem if full path filename is too long.

To change TB & FF to c:\userdata, edit those programs' profile.ini to



in profile\links, create a new shortcut for c:\userdata for the navigation pane (like the place bar in Windows XP)


one user reported cannot compose in plain text.

one user reported word wrap does not work.

Potential solution: try purging cache files like .mfl, if not, use a clean copy of pref.js, see listing at


Unsent Message folder is named Unsent instead. see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/is/thunderbird/unsent/

Message Search in Vista not available in 2.x, only in 3.0.

Some users may have problems upgrading to 3.0.x, may lose some accounts, send mail problems etc. Make sure you have a good backup before upgrade, in case you need to go back to 2.x. (uninstall and reinstall may not work for all, e.g. may not be able to remove SmartFolder account, may need to restore old 2.x profile) There are also no word wrap in txt mode and folder pane columns, those require addons now.

if auto download, check mail every x minutes failes, turn it on/off, close the application, repeat may fix the problem.

Firefox Microsoft .NET plugin

installed without letting user aware of it, need to install new version to add uninstall "feature"

Thunderbird/Firefox autocomplete, save password

turned off by default

T400 specific

Ethernet driver

do not install the latest 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection driver version from Windows Update (6/13/2009) or new version from Lenovo, or Intel (v14.0) may BSOD with NDIS.sys. Only use


v.14.3/ Build 196866 2009.08.06

(Fix) Fixed an issue that the computer might hang with blue screen.

[Important] Removed Intel PROSet for Windows Device Manager from this package.


preinstalled, not active, turn on follow instructions in


Driver Updates

need to install these

Help Center 2.00n (critical?) 2009/09/08

(New) The installation program has been changed to Inno Setup.
(Fix) Fixed an error where there were string errors in Italian version menu description.
(Fix) Updated external links.
(Fix) Updated internal links.

UltraNav driver> 2009/12/16

UltraNav driver>

UltraNav 2009/06/12

(Fix) Fixed some issues. (very funny)

Presentation Director 4.32 2009/08/07

(New) Added support for ThinkPad USB Port Replicator with Digital Video.

Presentation Director 4.03->4.30a 2009/06/10

(Fix) Fixed an issue where some texts were misaligned or truncated on Traditional Chinese and Danish systems.

(Fix) DVI and DisplayPort monitors are mislabeled as Digital Monitor 1 and Digital Monitor 2 in some locations in the user interface.

(Fix) Extended desktop schemes extend to the right regardless of the position setting when the scheme includes the DVI monitor as the primary display and the DisplayPort monitor as the secondary display.

(New) Output to two digital displays simultaneously.

Hotkey 3.02.0000

[New functions or enhancements] - Restricted Fn functions to the programs with digitally-signed by Lenovo.
[Problem fixes] - Fixed an issue that enabled the Fn+F7 key function (display switching) before logon on Windows 7.

Hotkey Features Integration 3.0->3.01.0003 2009.12.21

* (New) Support Fn-F6 combination for Audio and Integrated Camera setup
* (New) Added support for national languages (Finnish/Dutch/Norwegian/Swedish)
* (New) Added support for national languages (Danish/French/German/Spanish/Italian)

Hotkey 2.11.0001->2.23.0000

(New) Added support for Presentation Display Controller in the FullScreen Magnifier as the alternative of the Presentation Director.

[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where the microphone mute button might not work when a
combojack microphone was unplugged.
- Fixed an issue where the microphone mute LED might start blinking when a
Bluetooth microphone was configured and Windows sound property was opened.
- Fixed an issue where Fn+Fx hot keys might not work.
- Fixed an issue where TPOSDSVC.EXE might issue an application error when no
audio output device was found.

Power Manager Driver 1.52->1.53
(New) Added new functions (Numlock indicator, Microphone mute, New
Dock, Power consumption indicator in AC mode and Always On USB in AC mode).

Power Manager 3.01a->3.05->3.10->3.12 2010.01.08

* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a switchable graphics menu was displayed wrongly.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where Power Manager uninstallation process might stop.
* (New) Added support for Dual Mode Battery.
* (New) Added the new function "Intel Graphics Power Plan" and "Intel Turbo Boost Technology".
* (New) Enhanced the "Always On USB" function to automatically detect USB device.
* (New) Enhanced the "Instant Resume" function to reduce power consumption.
* (New) Change Battery Health criteria.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where "Effect to settings" shows wrong Power usage level.
* (Fix) Powr Manager plan doesn't work after hide battery gauge.
* (Fix) Improved boot time. (again?)

Power Manager 2.43->3.01a


* (Fix) Improved boot time.
* (Fix) Fixed memory usage issue.
* (New) Changed battery gauge background image.
* (New) The installation program has been changed to Inno Setup.


[New functions or enhancements]
- (New) Added support for 3 years warranty battery.
- Added the new function to show power consumption information when using the AC
Note: This function supports ThinkPad T400s and follow-on computers only.
- Improved application launch performance.
- Enhanced the "Always On USB" function to charge some models of iPod and
Note: This function supports ThinkPad T400s and follow-on computers with
specific USB port(s) only.
Note: This function does not warrant all models of iPod and BlackBerry.
- Updated the battery gauge design.
- Added a Power Manager icon in Control Panel.
- Added the new feature, "Disable WiMax radios", in Battery Stretch.

[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue where the CPU usage became high.

Power Manager no longer has wattage display, only in T400s or later model now.

0 is to display "remaining percentage"
1 is to display "time remaining"
2 is to display "wattage"

audio driver (xp) 2009.12.21

audio driver (vista)/ (xp) 2009.10.29

audio driver 2009/08/06

audio driver 2009/05/29
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the built-in microphone never be off when
an external microphone was connected. This might cause reverberation.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where microphone volume level was too low.
* (Fix) Corrected the name of support device from "Conexant High
Definition Audio" to "Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221".
* (New) Enhanced device driver functions.
* (New) Corrected Beam-forming function implementation on SmartAudio II
application. ...


* (Fix) Fixed an issue where BIP service failed after resuming normal operation from sleep state on Windows Vista 32-bit.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the printer profile failed after resuming normal operation from sleep state.
* (New) Optimized the user interface to Microsoft Bluetooth 2.1 stack.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where changes in Synchronization Settings on Control Manager did not take effect.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where DUN (Dial-up Networking) profile failed after server resumed normal operation from standby state.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where audio gateway failed after server resumed normal operation from standby state.

967582 Fix for STOP error: STOP: 0x0000007F when you put a Windows Vista SP1-based that has update 942567 into sleep mode.


retired, 20091013 replaced by Drag2Disc, no more update for Windows 7, EOL in Vista. Should consider need to stop using that technology.

Version 5.21 build 01c
* Fixes a problem where the DLA driver would crash without any error, DLA tab would disappear fom drives, and UDF 1.5 discs could not be read or formatted
* Fixes a problem reading dual layer pressed media
* Fixes a problem where My Computer would never update after ejecting a disc
* All languages are included in one build

(Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer hanged on shut down if the BitLocker function is turned on.

AMT 4.1 MEI v4.0.1.1074

AMT 4.1 ME Firmware v4.1.11.1051

Vista SP2

some drivers like EasyEject may not work with SP2 if you install that yourself

System Update requires a patch to work under SP2

Presentation Director not in system tray (notificatoin area)

Fn F7 and change setting

Presentation Director scheme

if you have too many scheme, some may not work

no dialing sound in modem

install Thinkpad modem driver


takes 120 min to scan just standard load 283,750 (decompress to 1,151,360) files. Change to other times other than Tue 11am.


mirror mode not support, for unsatisfactory reason(s)


use extended mode, Windows Media Player or VLC

Version update

WinDVD creator

not available, use MyDVD

Stereo Mix

Stereo Mix not available with Conexant SmartSound 221 CX20561 codec [also happen to other manufacturers and none seem to willing to disclose the real reason(s) to disable those features.]



and many many more.



Ultrabay Slim (series 2)

old series 1 tray not usable.

different manufacturers' optical drive may be used - Optiarc AD-7910S 1.D1 and HL-DT-ST (HLDS) GSA U20N HX12 (and PCC UJ862A for other configurations)


DVI with dock external monitor may not preserve primary monitor and resolution settings. VGA may be ok.

ATI CCC's DDC option has no effect. TMM comes up first

sometimes TMM may fail also.

only LCD or VGA boot in BIOS. T61 has VGA+LCD, DVI, DVI+LCD, VGA+DVI also.

Video Card may use large amount of Shared Memory, amount not easily adjustable. (try disable switchable and use discreet only, see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/lenovo/t400/switchable_gfx/)

* screen capture from W500 with BIOS 1.x, hence mis recognized as 1680x1050 512MB HD 3650 instead FireGL V5700

Lenovo v8.563.2.1-090401a-079160C driver, between v8.12-9.01 of ATI

avivo converter 9.x may not work, compiling VS2005/2008 OpenGL 3.0 may generate errors.

10.8 8.762 2010/08/25 - support OpenGL ES 2.0
10.7 8.753 2010/07/26 - support VLC 1.1.1 h.264 GPU acceleration, Enhanced Pull-down detection, Eyefinity - HydraVision enhancements
10.6 8.741 2010/06/16 - Flash 10.1 H.264, Video DeBlocking, Mosquito noise reduction, OpenGL 4.0, OpenGL 3.3
10.5 8.732 2010/05/26 - 120Hz, Overdrive for multiple display
10.4 8.723 2010/04/28 - H.264 Level 5.1, 4Kx2K
10.3 8.712 2010/03/24 (Lenovo XP)
10.2 8.702 2010/02/17 (supports DisplayPort audio)
10.1 8.69 2010/01/27
9.12 8.681 2009/12/17 (DirectCompute 10.1 [4700/4800 series only], Open GL 3.2)
9.11 8.671 2009/11/17 requires for support Flash 10.1 GPU acceleration
9.10 8.661 2009/10/22
9.09 8.65 2009/09/09
---> Lenovo Windows 7 8.641
9.08 8.64 2009/08/17 (Open GL 3.1)
9.07 8.632 2009/07/23
9.06 8.62 2009/06/15
9.05 8.612 2009/05/15
9.04 8.60 2009/04/08
9.03 8.591 2009/03/18
9.02 8.582 2009/02/20
9.01 8.573 2009/01/29 (full OpenGL 3.0 extensions)
---> Lenovo Vista 8.563
8.12 8.561 2008/12/10 (Stream computing, NR for progressive video)
8.11 8.552 2008/11/12
8.10 8.541 2008/10/15 (fan speed control)
8.9  8.53  2008/09/17 (OpenGL 3.0 phase 1)
8.8  8.522 2008/08/20
8.7  8.512 2008/07/21


no Sroll/CAPS/Num lock on screen display

Power Manager icon

hard to see in some scheme. Install new version with new color scheme.


OEM HDD SATA I 1.5Gbps only. Full 3.0Gbps for SSD.


T60p has it

No S-Video

R60 has it

Top cover

Super-Elastic PolyCarbonate (SEPC) instead of T60p's Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic or R60's ABS


links not included, use malwarebytes


It may shows false positives on c:\windows\system32\serauth1.dll and serauth2.dll after July database update (clean in May 26). Probably from SPSS 17.0.1 (also in T60p, T61). 17.0.2 installer now uses grcauth1.dll gracauth2.dll (some other programs may identify them as trojan again)

Access Connection

not installed

OCS Calendar desktop client

not installed


requires VPN off campus


green tint (fixed in T400s)

not show in camera wizard

Matrix storage

You may get an \Device\Ide\iaStor0 error in event viewer.

install Intel Matrix Storage Manager may solve it.

Lenovo version is

Intel version is now

Windows Update options

Live Essential not shown (Vista Enterprise)

Intel VT, VT-d

off by default in BIOS

TVT gadget

not installed, ask about install package if needed

Thinkpad theme

not installed, installer available

Lenovo Welcome

not installed

Client Security

not installed

Camera Center

not installed, only launch Roxio Import, see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/lenovo/t400/13mpx_cam/ for settings for Sonix camera. Ricoh ones is different.

Mobile Broadband

not installed, hardware not present.

Turn off wireless before using Verizon's USB 3G modem, otherwise it drops every few minutes.

GPS enabler

not installed, hardware not present

Sonic Drag to Disc

not installed, use Windows Vista internal

USB 2.0

may have problem with some USB 2.0 device think machine is not USB 2.0


some may have honeycomb backplate R400 42T4066 chicony instead of solid backplate 42t3273 chicony/42t3209 alps/42T3143 NMB.

Roxio Creator

may not burn bootable ISO, install 10.1 update


or update Px Engine

4.4.49b,30 -> 4.14.17,42 (the about box is kind of messed up after you do that, missing font character box)

Access help missing


Message Center Plus

Do not install



not installed, uninstall may still show its entries.

Lenovo Wallpaper

some may not be installed


Native driver may not provide optimal performance.

Unibrain driver may BSOD. (does not support DV device also)


may not go to sleep after closing sleep. Only sleep after some times and optical drive makes noise.

WFU specific


The T400 has most of the fonts like the R60|T60p (+vista/office 2007 specific ones). However T61 has 200+ less. Users have to be careful sharing documents between the generations. If unsure, send as PDF and make sure font embedding is enabled (some fonts may not allowed that and if you have too many fonts, it may fail also).

For specific Asian fonts, see http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/is/t400/font-asian/


No Low/critical battery, smartboard, WS FTP Pro expunge/open sounds, reset in audio control panel


14.x and 12.x not install, pending (add 7Z, ISO, IMG, LZMA support)

do not install 14.0 or 12.1 if 11.2 sr1 tell you to, it will revert to evaluation mode if you do.

no context menu for "extract here" etc. only one for 7-zip


site for WFU is wrong

c;Users\wfut4002009\documents\html should be



need to add popup setting (and enable prompt for download also?)


Java may not install first time


may fail to connect to network printer, print spooler/memory error, particular HP 4xxx series.

Potential solution: recreate new print queue on server with new driver.

HP 4250n may not print correctly with PCL5e driver, try PCL6.

PDC error

try unjoint from domain and rejoing


some has missing CA certificate.

XML like .pptx from web server may not work, add MIME types to your .nsconfig.


moving default document folder to another location may cause errors.


some lose NTLM setting, reset

Matlab license

need to install network.lic (classroom or research) to activate.

SPSS license

see help page.

SPSS patch

PASW Statistics 17.0.2 not install

PTI wireless profile

not available anymore


Lenovo SU supplied QFE KB958865 won't install even uninstall pre-request not installed first.

QFE KB 955352 not installed.

969902 Fix for Many services do not start when you enter a computer name that exceeds 15 bytes during the initial setup of Windows Vista or of Windows Server 2008.

970938 Stop error when you try to put a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based or Windows Server 2008-based computer into hibernation: "Stop 0x0000000A".

970030 HD audio controller is consuming power during sleep or hibernation in Windows Vista.


3.12 2010/01/27
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a 0253 error was not displayed even if EFI Variable Block Data was destroyed.
* (New) Added support for SanDisk SSD.
* (New) Updated the copyright year to 2010.

3.11 2009/12/21
* (Fix) Fixed an issue System failure might happen when 2nd HDD adapter is installed.
* (New) Added support for 1600x900 screen resolution on an external monitor.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue Fan is running at full speed.
* (New) Improvement of cooling fan speed control.
* (New) Added support for the 135W AC Adapter.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue Integrated Camera isn't enabled by WMI after first boot.
* (New) Added support for Intel Boot Agent version 1.3.36.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue Intel MEBx mightn't work well.
* (New) Added comment in BIOS Setup Utility that Intel VT-d must be enabled for the Intel TXT.
* (New) Added a setting of Computrace function with SRCMOS utility.
* (New) MRC 2.91 updated.

3.09 (revised) /3.10 2009/11/27
* Fixed an issue where the computer might hang when the battery was low.
T500/W500 also list this * Fixed an issue where the IP address might not be allocated from the HPM (Hardware Password Manager) server with DHCP.

3.10 2009/10/09
* (Fix) Fixed an issue that might cause the computer hanged during Windows operation.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where AMT abort error might happen.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a 0120 error was not displayed even if Stuck Key was pressed.
* (New) Updated the Computrace part in the BIOS.

SU may install 3.0.1-1.03 BIOS not available from web download 2009/05/27. See http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/lenovo/t400/bios_v300-security/ and http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/lenovo/t400/intel-amt-mebx/ for settings

(New) Added full support for ConstantSecure Remote Disable.

(New) Added support for MRC 2.7 [probably means Memory Reference Code]

(New) Removed the [ctrl-p] prompt screen for Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension feature from the boot screen to save system boot time.

(New) Saved about 500ms for system boot.

(Fix) Fixed an issue where the system with BitLocker Drive Encryption feature enabled might reject a correct Personal Identification Number on Windows Vista.


(Ps, Dw, AI, Pr/Ol/En, PSP, Endnote) need to update to K2 client for it to work. (Ps may not work even updated the client?)


may not launch sometimes within Word?

may get error in Word saying

"Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere.
(C:\Users\...\EndNote\EndNote Cwyw.dotm)."

or Server Execution Error

Research Insight

if enable, close Excel without opening a spreadsheet would crash

Context menu

ignore Groove, will be replaced by Sharepoint workspace in Office 2010

ignore Adobe Drive, not useful without VersionCue server.

may be able to turn off with utilities like shmnview (which can also turn off ATI CCC, otherwise File | New accelerator key is wrong)


Java DB cannot be uninstall or update?

Packages updates

not autoupdate, need updates


to use xming, need to check putty's X11 forward and open up firewall



ntresize may damage MBR/ECD, Vista diskmgmt.msc resize limit to ~19GB and may access denied error, request a pre-partitioned load instead.

Using Windows 7 boot or TrueImage 2009 may left 100-200MB empty space in front and cannot boot.

Switchable graphics

Disable "OS Detection for Switchable Graphics"


change "Graphics Device" to "Discreet Graphics" before install, otherwise RHEL 5.3 install may start in text mode.

mirror mode

may limit to 1280x1024 with default driver

* screen capture from W500, hence 15" instead of 14"

ATI driver

may complete lockup  with 5 terminal windows