WFU 2010 Lenovo Thinkpad T410 known issues

Lasst update: December 17, 2010 13:44

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Office Live Essentials Wave 4 | 2011 (Messenger, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Sync, Campanion)

Windows 7

may get profile error on login, reboot.

userdata pinned to taskbar may open library instead.

potential with some server with explorer built in WebDAV client - no details yet

cleartype anti-alias may generate red fringe on some text, setting like turn it off may not stick.

some print queues may not work and has spooler problem, use direct IP for those.

may get disk signature collision for some external drives and refused to mount, just stay offline, may be able to put back online from disk management by writing new signature.

if language bar disappear, try ctfmon.exe. see

windows drag underneath taskbar may not be able to restore, use stack windows to show them.

does not have transliterated|homophonic russian keyboard, see on installing .kbd

may lose trust relationship to domain, un-join and re-join (if you cannot do it. e.g. not knowing local administrator password, regwizard before 6/21 w/o using password manager to change password, change Network ID instead)

337 fonts, less than previous years, old documents may have issue. See XLS for lists

.GIF should map to Photo Gallery instead of PSP

.F4V should map to VLC instead of AMP

.PNP open with does not list Photoshop

first time to use movie maker 2.6, may requires start, close twice. It also has no import capability. (no icon in start menu also)

some people reported issues with disc burnt with build in burn engine and backup module - no details yet.

no MUI (32 and 64-bit) ISO to download from SA?

pre-registrated local setup account may expired, reset in local user manager

cannot pin userdata to taskbar, and not group with explorer?

no Advanced Search pane like in Vista (includes hidden files etc.), Windows-F just bring up windows that tells you to use the search box with two criteria to add, have to use AQS?

NTLM v1 is disable, only negotiate v2. use regedit or secpol to turn it on for CIFS/Samba servers that don't support that.

IP v6 disable, need to turn it on for HomeGroup.

Using bitlocker to encrypt D: may be fine, you may encounter errors if you try to do that on C: trying to boot, cannot decrypt the profile. Whole disk encryption is a potential solution.

screen saver setting shows GID instead of folder name.

Local PS2 not pre-authorized?

start menu - remember apps/docs may not work, turn it off and on again.
do a search of notepad, paint and launch them, they should sticks.
you still won't be able to pin TB, FF icons off the taskbar, use the ones under internet tools.

You may not be able to edit title/artist/album etc. info in explorer like you can in XP sometimes.

Ignore Actions log from May.

IME CHS IME Pad is not show in default, see instruction here to turn it on.

some folders show a lock in the icon because of security setting (user, group, sharing)



processes: 81 (see tasklist, -v, -m, -svc for details, software installed)

memory : 855MB (28%) used

boot time: 94.6 seconds (mainpath : 72.3 seconds, post : 22.3 seconds) see how to get the data

C: 45.9 GB used / 74 GB free / 120 GB

D: 2.9 GB used / 175 GB free / 178 GB

(not incl. hidden/system)

C: 361,674 files, 57,248 folders

D: 7,041 files, 1,949 folders

Do not capture image to network drive, it does not work consistently for over 20GB, need to go to local drive first and copy over. 26.1GB TrueImage 2010, 21.6GB Ghost.

XP Mode

it may ask you for login, ask your support person.

movie maker would not run and give your remote desktop, terminal server error

not IEEE 1394 firewire device emulation.

Office 2010

Office MUI ISOs available 2010/11 14.4GB total (Disc 1 19 languages, Disc 2 18 languages) [only 5 were available in 2010/10]

Disc 1

Disc 2

The Chs,Cht,Jpn,Kor,Fra,Deu,Esp,Ita language interface packs (LIP) are available for puchase from microsoft, $24.95 each.

It warns you about Macro every time starts. Turn it off in security settings.

It may ask you to re-active.

Acrobat 9 PDF Maker would show up in 9.0.x, 9.1.x, 9.2.x but does not work, crash Word.

9.3.x patch would make it disappear (even though the KB said it fix issue).

Images from Save as PDF seems ok, but no bookmark, just like created from adobe printer driver.

cannot set publisher and infopath default path to save?

sharepoint workplace may fail at startup.

cannot co-authoring using just share folder over CIFS? and webapp now active. (no Word co-authoring?)

Pending: create Exchange account in Outlook, then add POP, and try to delete exchange account has problem in T400, file being copied and cannot be delete. Need to test on Outlook 2010.

ODF addon disabled

Send to BlueTooth addon may crash and need to be disabled

missing Insert old version Equation 3.0 object macro quick access button.

Converting PowerPoint 4:3 to 16:9 layout, distorted pictures and tabs may not line up, need to manually fix.

Multiple in line pictures in Word cannot be selected together with Ctrl. Only floating types.

Prepare|Edit Links to Files is now hidden (default Word 2010 has no prepare menu like in Word 2007), add from custom ribbon to new group.

In Excel, conditional format greater than may not color code correctly the cells.

in shared mode, delete, shift cell is dimmed.

printing graph with custom scale may not work with some Canon PS driver, use PCL driver instead

- text style may be disable because of compatibility mode - ren/remove/del old .dotx/.dotm.

- there may be a problem with EndNote, may be related to templates again.

- Even with MRU set to 25, may only see 4 in recent list in quick access, which has a different setting.


CS4 (and CS5) may default to online help. If you want local help (some may be in app wrapper, other webpags, once you go to webpage mode, may not be able to switch back), some apps (not all) let you turn off online connections. Also check Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Help/en_US/. You can download some (not all) help files in PDF files from online help pages (look at top left or right side) also.


Photoshop CS4 crashes on close, just like T400 (Miro does that in T400 also, T410?) [also happens on Mac?], CS5 does not seem to have that problem on brief test. procmon shows it crash after adobeLM_libFPN.dll

Ps's Web Photo Gallery doesn't work. missing templates. the automate webcontactsheetII 8LI is there already.

copy the folder
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4\Presets\Web Photo Gallery
from old computer(s) over will fix the problem

Need Photoshop 11.0.2 security patch


"point to file" from properties tab create ghost image when point to files.

rapid intake Dreamweaver extensions like eLearning etc. download site down

Dreamweaver CS4 does not have sample sites, files installed are from CS3.

Browse for folder in site definition and browse for file in CSS attach do not work correctly, affect both T400 Vista SP2 and T410 under Windows 7.

see <> for details

They have been fixed in DW CS5.

change .PNG filename in files panel won't update the corresponding HTML files, not like rename another webpage.

even if you export old .ste site files over, they won't work since c:\userdata\html is now d:\userdata\html, need to fix those in xml before import.

Code/Split/'Design settings not save between sessions.

may get translator server model ssi.htm error, see


D:\users\WFUT4102010\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration\WinFileCache-[a random number].dat

may help

may get sharing violation in preview. process monitor shows buffer overflow in DACL. if closing browser(s) doesn't have, try disable cache.


Acrobat open PDF in Firefox instead of FoxIt. (not set in mimetypes.rdf? which file then. Works fine in Thunderbird)

Acrobat may wants you about security settings updates.

prepare content dialog come up opening documents.

turn off in reading preferences, page vs document - only read the currently visible pages - whatever that means.

9.3.3 now available

out of band patch 9.3.4 Aug 19

another critical vulnerability in 9.3.4 2010/09/08

use EMET if you have not install 9.4 2010/10/05

9.4.1 replacing APSA10-05


Need Flash 10.1 player and AIR 2.0.2 updates

Adobe Flash Player -> (2010/08/10)

2010/09/20 -> is out ETA Nov 9 (changed to Nov 4)


Adobe AIR -> -> 2.5 2010/10/05

Shockwavve no ETA yet (2010/08/24) - security fix

Shockwave installer, if it comes up, do not install Norton Scan. (may not be able to close it, use taskmanager to terminate it) or Registry Mechanics or other stuff.



Thunderbird 3.1.7 (3.05, 3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.5,3.1.6) - disable keyconfig add-on
- Saved Files Manager
- Quick Filter Toolbar
- Faster Search Results
- Improvements to Stability, Memory, and Password Handling
- Mail Account Setup Wizard
- New Migration Assistant

- headers may not print correctly with certain font(s) [similar to Firefox courier problem]

try Bitstream Vera Sans Mono from instead

- reply some messages would not quote the entire original message, only part of it, even only part of a sentence. Also, some graphics may not show in message will show only in reply.

- if the old TB2 setting is copied over, the SMTP auth setting would be wrong for TB3, need to turn off.

- it may ask for old master password. if turning it off doesn't work or you don't remember what it was, remove it following these instructions

- copying old mailbox over may not trigger reindexing for all the folders immediately. It may take a long time to get those .mozmsgs folders with .wdseml files, and a gigantic global-messages-db.sqlite (-journal) generated.

- some old mailbox may not show up, create a new folder and swap the files to force it.

- toolbar button setting may not copied over

- LDAP server setting may not carry over

- attaching webpage may fail, try again.

- extra column addon - 0.4->1.0


may not check new version of PDF for 7 hours after access, change frequencey from 3 to 1.

Firefox 3.6.13 (3.6.4-3.6.12) - crash protection for Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight

- do not move the firefox folder, it will give a wrong error message about another copy running.

- the first time restart after 3.6.4, there may be a delay in launching it, and small window may pop up etc.

- form/site data are cleared between session , to use it, need to enable custom setting in privacy setting

- do not use Back button in Sakai, may end up with a site within a site. (Sakai problem, not Firefox)

- printing courier font may not work (courier new is ok)

- send page addons don't work


... Foxit Reader 4.2 adds the digital signature verification function and supports ASLR & DEP to protect the security of PDF files, which forms two more defensive walls to keep the valuable information from maliciously falsifying and revealing. ... - security fix
Foxit Reader fixes the crash issue caused by the new iPhone/iPad jailbreak program efficiently and prevents the malicious attacks to your computer.
What's new in Foxit Reader
· Fixed the crash issue when opening certain PDFs.
· Optimized the reading engine and fixed the issue where the scrolling becomes very slowly when reading large PDFs.
· Users will not be prompted to set default PDF reader when either or both Phantom and Foxit Reader is installed.
· PDF icons are reverted to other Reader’s PDF icons when Phantom/Foxit Reader is uninstalled, if those exist.
· Fixed the issue where the system sets Foxit Reader as the default PDF viewer without user permission when Foxit Reader launches.

What's new in Foxit Reader
Added a advanced set of professional features:
· The New Reader 4.0 now includes Comments tools, Text Viewer & Text Converter, Form Filler, Spell Checker and Advanced Editing Tools; and it is still free. No additional licensing is required for more features with PDFs.
Enhanced Safe Mode Setting:
· Supports Safe Mode settings during installation, streamlining the workflow and offering better protection with PDF File.
Bug Fixes:
· Fixed the crash issue when opening certain PDF documents.

4.0 -

do custom install to avoid the junks they bundled.

Reader's Javascript does not work on some form PDF (like purchasing requisition), no javascript for the calculate field shows in document javascript even it works in Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer. Only version check scripts show.

you may see this error (browsers war all over again? "you have to use IE to view this page")

XDP files (server-side processing, flexible layout forms etc.) may give you this error (potential other XFA - XFDF, FDF etc. also)

Foxit Reader 3.3.1 2010.05.20 strengthens the security of PDFs and protects users from misleading pop-up.

Security Enhancement The New Foxit Reader has implemented a new screening process which protects end users from misleading messages embedded within the parameters of a pop-up dialog box. A pop-up dialog contains an area which is reserved for a message that is generated by the rendered PDF. Due to Foxit's concern that this message may mislead users to take an unadvisable action, Foxit Reader will no longer display the content of the message and removes any parameters within the Pop-up message that can be manipulated by the PDF.

In some forms, Windows 7 TIP may come up when you try to enter things in some fields.

update failed, need to install as admin?

some PDF from webpage may only show (and print) 1 page? may need to remove "frame" to get susequent pages?

sometimes text look split in the middle, zoom in and out fixes it.

.xdp files may not work?


consult Service Deck on instruction on activating license.

14.0.1 patch


follow S.D. instruction on update license.


use 9/1/2009  research or classroom lic files to reactivate.



Datastudio crashes on close, just like Photoshop.

use admin. mode first installing itnerface if it doesn't work


Thomson Reuters

EndNotes X2, need to install after Office 2010 install as admin. Cannot patch to X2.0.4

EndNotes X3 does not work at all, crash Word on startup.


if you move the VPN client shortcut, it will reinstall on next reboot, why?

it may occasionally crashed and hang on disconnecting.

The status bar icon sometimes is pixelated, but sometimes it is the correct resolution.


5-3/8 lb. (Spec. sheet is 5.0 lb. and up)

The palmrest may make rustling sound

Seagate GoFlex eSATA won't work, need powered eSATA/combo USB port.

shift pixel problem - it looks like someone took a katana and slice your text in half, the top and bottom shift by a few pixels - turn off power saving see (and many more threads you can follow in there)

Need to disable internal webcam if you want to use Firewire DV cam as input for Adobe Connect Pro, otherwise it crashes (same for Skype also?)

The video driver would crash once a while (usually involves switching display, WinDVD) No Presentation Director, you can use third party utilities to create keyboard shortcuts (cannot use DisplayPort or set mirror/extended though) or use Windows 7 or Nvidia controls. Also may have problem with Aero in VS2010, Ps. Supposedly if you use Verde or HP's driver (now up to 258.96) instead of lenovo (currently 189.55) nvidia driver, it solves some of the problems. You have to modifiy NVLT.inf/NVBL.inf to get it to install.

external display set to 1024x768 since RGBHV in the multimedia don't have display id signal (except two setups which have digital). 1280x800 (768/720) may appeared squashed in some setup.

1280x720 may not sync correct with some display (same setup with DP-HDMI/VGA works fine with W500's ATI), part of screens top/bottom or left/right may got cropped.

WinDVD may got a green line in the bottom of the video window also

Password manager doesn't work with Firefox 3.6, fix only for T400.

Modem driver, apps - digital line detection, netwaiting conflict with sysprep, not installed.

Battery power manager sometimes goes into max. lifetime or runtime mode.

Routing audio over DisplayPort may not work.

OSD Scroll Lock does not have the new graphics

SMBus service driver won't install

Audio is a TRRS combo jack. If you pick in a mic, you can't heard anything from speaker, need to use split adapter to go to two TRS jacks.

BIOS USB device boot sequence is not alphabetic. Seagate FreeAgent boots before Cruzer before Western Digital MyPassport.

On some monitor like 2405W, even the machine said it is out 1920x1200, the monitor only sees 1600x1200, it works in 1920x1080 though. It work with 2408W though.

No ExpressCard/54.

Need new Tray Adapter III.

Audio out jack analog only, mini-S/PDIF cable won't work.

may occasionally disconnect from new WPA2 Enterprise APs.

if wireless randomly turned off, check power management, if auto off is on, try turn it off. see discussion in and other threads.

VGA vs. DisplayPort


entry in CD-R/DVD-R autorun is wrong, failed to launch application if select

DVD Movie Factory update installer messed up couple of registry keys

C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel DVD MovieFactory 7 Lenovo Edition\DVD MovieFactory\BurnNow.exe, 0
C:\Program Files\Corel\Burn.Now Lenovo Edition\BurnNow.exe, 0


C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel DVD MovieFactory 7 Lenovo Edition\DVD MovieFactory\BurnNow.exe /Drive: %L
C:\Program Files\Corel\Burn.Now Lenovo Edition\BurnNow.exe /Drive: %L

Burn.Now would launch correctly

close disk is not set as default

verify disk may not stick even you choose set as default. It can be extremely slow to verify on some drive/disk/content

cannot burn >4GB file using UDF/ISO 9660 setting. Need to use UDF 2.5.

cannot add mp3 to audio cd disc, cannot add wma, wav to mp3 disc.

Help file missing what a lot of settings meant.

burn button doesn't look like a button. See how to burn DVD-R

do not install windows update synaptic driver, it may disable the ultranav on keyboard. if that happens, in device manager, choose manual driver, and pick USB. Depend on version, some Lenovo driver won't install over it (it should offer that option), and there is no uninstall in add/remove programs or uninstall update. Other may have problem with OS detection, manual install for correct flavor may work.

Driver updates post final image

UltraNav driver 2010/11/25
(Fix) Fixed an issue where the touch pad crashed on the Firefox browser when PinchZoom / Two Finger Scrolling continually.

ATM Management Engine 2010/11/25
* (New) Added VeriSign RSA_SHA256 and Cybertrust Root Certificate hashes.
* (Fix) Connect the client PC using wireless connection by KVM application, it can not keep set some wireless connection mode.

Power Manager 3.31 2010/11/25
(Fix) Fixed an issue where the battery remaining time showed wrong value when two batteries were attached.

intel wireless v13.04.0000 2010/11/19
fix PROSet error

Intel Storage Driver
Fixed an issue where the computer might hang with 0x9F blue screen

Conexant audio driver
* (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein the crackling sound was heard when SmartAudio II was changed to Night Mode.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein SmartAudio II consumes large amount of memory. The Peak Meter in the right pane of the Volume Mixer page meter was removed.

BIOS 1.34/ECP: 1.13
* (New) Added support of "Power On with AC Attach" feature at BIOS Setup Utility -> Config -> Power submenu.

Ethernet driver (Intel PRO/1000 LAN adapter software 20100930 Version Build 224249
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where simultaneous file transmit/receive might fail

The Hotkey Features patch 01 20101014

(Fix) Fixed an unexpected application error of the TPOSDSVC.EXE.

The Hotkey Features patch enables you to fix an issue of an unexpected application error that relates to the Hotkey features.
After applying this patch, one program file, HKVOLKEY.DLL will be copied in
C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Hotkey.
Then the TPOSDSVC.EXE will work without termination by application crashing.

ThinkPad Device Experience (Windows 7 Enhanced Expererience. includes ThinkVantage Tools). 2010/10/09

* (new) support ready-to-install feature.
* (new) Lenovo ThinkVantage Password Manager ready-to-install
* (new) Lenovo Access Help ready-to-install
* (new) Lenovo ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery ready-to-install
* (new) Lenovo ThinkVantage Access Connections ready-to-install
* (new) Lenovo SimpleTap ready-to-install

intel wireless Version 13.03.0000 6MWS20WW 2010/09/30

* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might hang with blue screen.

TV toolbox 6.0.5692.08 2010/10/05

* Fixed the Recovery Media link which didn't say "Create now" for some users.
* Reduced the frequency of message balloons. They will now appear once per week unless there is a critical problem needing attention.
*Added "error codes" on diagnostic test failures to streamline the support process.

(optional) Rescue and Recovery 4.31.007 2010/09/28

no change log

(optional) BIOS settings 2.00 2010/09/24

(Fix) Fixed an issue where SATA Controller Mode Option was not copied.

Access Connection 5.72 2010/09/24

* (New) Added a Location Profile tab in the Fn+F5 On Screen Menu for some old models.
* (Fix) Fixed for Microsoft WER 1761934326.
* (Fix) Fixed for Microsoft WER 1559273222.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the settings of profile distribution file (*.loa) were not saved when exporting profiles from a client computer.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where static IP address and DNS settings were changed when switching to other Access Connections profiles or disconnecting the active profile.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the default Wireless WAN profiles could not be deleted.

Battery Firmware Update v1.02 2010/09/08 & 2010/09/14
... Update: This firmware was updated on September 14, 2010. The update includes a second fix, also for the full charge capacity value and the same symptoms. This second fix applies to all of the supported batteries listed below but fixes a problem which can only manifest itself on ThinkPad Models T410, T410i, T510, T510i, and W510.

nvidia driver / 2010/09/17

* [Important] Removed nView Desktop Manager application from this package. Refer to the Notes section for more information.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the Eizo monitor with the Audio over DisplayPort support had blank screen when attaching it to the computer
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a DisplayPort monitor attached the Docking Station had blank screen when resuming normal operation from sleep state after entering sleep state and then attaching the computer to a Docking Station
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where some LCD screen had blurred icons and fonts during video playback or drawing on the desktop.

(it breaks several DP-HDMI adapters' audio)

Rapid Storage Technology Driver 2010/09/17

Duh, very funny, come up, put some thought in it.

(New) Device Driver Functionality Enhancement.

UltraNav util Version 2.13 (typo in release note, it still said 2.12) 2010/09/17

* (New) Support UAC(User Account Control) dialog on installation as a limited user.

Patch to fix crash issue that is caused by Password Manager Plug-in in Internet Explorer 2010/09/20 v1.20

not sure what's different from the one on 2010/09/10

BIOS 1.32 2010/09/17

nothing pertinent to us

Fingerprint software 2010/09/10

no change log on what's changed from (originally was

Hard Drive Quick Test 6.0.6498.18 (mediacreator_5499.00.exe and hddquicktest_setup_60549818x86.exe) 2010/09/08

no change log

Rescue and Recovery WER patch 2010/09/07

- fix critical WER issues
- performance of the related services will be improved
whatever those mean, completely useless information, can they put down something just a little bit more informative. if they don't feel like it, probably ok if don't bother to write anything.

hotkey 3.11.0001 2010/09/03

# (Fix) Fixed an issue where CapsLock indicator may not work.
# (Fix) Fixed an issue where TPOSDSVC.EXE or LVOSDSVC.EXE may crash.
# (New) Added AutoScroll utility function.

Patch to fix crash issue that is caused by Password Manager Plug-in in Internet Explorer 2010/09/01

Power Manager v3.30 2010.08.31

(Fix) Fixed an issue where the battery gauge was not refreshed after resuming normal operation from standby/sleep or hibernation state with the AC adapter.

Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II 2010/08/24

* (New) Unattended installation options are changed as "Setup.exe /qr /ri".
* (Fix) Fixed an issue of termination unattended update installation in some environment.

Power Manager v3.29 2010.08.20

* nothing relevant for Windows 7

Conexant Audio v4.95.43.52 XP / Vista/w7 2010.08.19

* no change for Windows 7

BIOS Version 1.28 / ECP: 1.11 2010/07/30
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might not be powered on by pressing the power button of the Docking Station while the LCD was closed.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the computer might not resume normal operation from suspend/standby/sleep state when a hard disk password was installed and Intel TXT Feature in BIOS Setup Utility was enabled.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the setting of SATA Controller Mode Option in BIOS Setup Utility could not be changed through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

WinDVD 8 (currently 8.0 DXVA B20.157) (BD version, not sure when the SD version out or suffers the same problems) Update

* Crashes when Play VCD with WinDVD8 when trying to go full screen mode or click Close button in Full screen mode
* WinDVD8 for SD flash when change window size w/o Aero, 2nd window appear when start WinDVD w/B, Windvd for SD icon show on taskbar when press bosskey
* DVD movie screen will become very small and move to upper right corner of windows desktop NV QUadro NVS Quadro NVS 295
* Black overlay when moving video PB from Extended DT to primary with NV Quadro NVS 295
* Black overlay when dragging video playback btw primary and Extended DT on NV QUadro NVS Quadro NVS 450
* Video is lagging during the playback with NV FX3800 under XP 64 bit Note: This issue is fixed by video driver which is downloaded from nvidia web site
* Disable AeroSnap to avoid AeroSnap issues a funny window appears when playing BD movie

Ultranav driver v15.0.24.0

... (New) Added support for installation under the following policy.
(Detect application installations and prompt for elevation : Disabled)
[Local Computer Policy]-[Computer Configuration]-[Windows Settings]- [Security Setting]-[Local Policies]-[Security Options User Account Control] : Disabled ...

ThinkPad BIOS Settings Windows (SRCMOS for Windows) v1.08

... (Fix) Fixed an issue where this problem [sic - program? i make this mistake all the time typing also, dyslexic like me?] might not work when the installed system memory was 4 GB....

Battery Firmware Update v1.00
... This is not an urgent update; the problem will manifest itself over a period of months. Eventually, the battery will erroneously indicate that it can no longer hold any charge, but this effect is slow and accumulating. ... The battery firmware update is applicable to the FRU part numbers shown below. The battery firmware update will change the FRU number electronically stored in the battery (which is reported by Power Manager). This is done as one way to confirm that the battery firmware update has been completed. Obviously, the printed label will still show the "old" FRU number. T410

Affected FRU Number Updated FRU Number 42T4797 -> 42T4852 ...

Battery Firmware Update wrapper v1.00
... fixes an issue where some batteries indicate an incorrect full charge capacity value. Because of this error, the amount of energy available for use is artificially low, decreasing the amount of time the system can be used on battery. The fix is entirely contained in the battery firmware update; there is no need to replace any hardware for this problem. ...

Intel Chipset support v9.1.1.1027

Bluetooth driver (and office addon) -> (and 1400)

* (Fix) Improved the uninstallation program.

* (Fix) Fixed an issue that might cause system hang during shutdown.

NVidia 7 (8898)
* (Fix) Fixed an issue that causes the LCD display's icons and fonts to blur during playback in DC mode.

Communications Util v.1.41

* (New) Enhanced the function to reduce the typing sound during voice chat.

Intel Wireless v13.02.0000 (system update may tell you to downgrade to 13.01 afterwards)

* (New) Added support for Intel Wireless Display. (requires 64-bit, Intel HD, and WiDi software?)

Intel AMT 6.0 SOL v6.0.0.1179 (6iR114WW) - 2010/06/11

* (New) Added language localization in Intel Management and Security Status Icon (IMSS) to support traditional Chinese.

UltraNav v15.0.18.0

* (New) Added "Scrolling Region Filtering" and "Gesture Filtering".

* (New) Enabled Edge Tap Filtering, Scrolling Region and Gesture Filtering by default.

QFE 981112

* Computer cannot enter sleep or hibernation when you do not share media files.

Power Manager 3.25

* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the pop-up message for battery maintenance and battery replacement did not work correctly.
* (New) Enhanced Active Directory for battery maintenance.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where Lenovo non-genuine batteries were shown as Lenovo batteries on battery gauge.

Conexant Audio

hotkey 3.10.0000

* (Fix) Fixed an issue where the presenter view function of Microsoft PowerPoint might be automatically enabled in a wrong setting on Windows 7.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where unnecessary service module was started.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a warning message might appear during installation.

BIOS 1.25

* Fix an issue that a USB device is not recognized by Windows connecting to the Alway On USB enabled port.
* (New) Enable OS boot support from e-SATA strage device. (Harddisk Password in external harddisk is not supported.)
* Fix an issue where an invalid password error is encountered when attempting to use a supervisor password as a current password while a user logons BIOS setup with a supervisor password.

BIOS 1.20-1.07

* (Fix) Fixed an issue where screen garbage might be displayed with 2nd HDD in Ultrabay during resuming from suspend.
* (Fix) Fixed an issue where a incorrect IP address of HPM (Hardware Password Manager) server might be displayed on HPM logon screen.

ThinkVantage Toolbox 6.0.5514.61 2010/07/20 - removed from website 07/22, still available in update within app. reappeared 07/29

* fixed a bug which prevented buttons from working for some users

ThinkVantage Toolbox 6.0.5514.60 (6.0.5514.55)

* no changelog as usually, you only see that after install, boo. may be flagged by google as attack site sometimes.



Burn.Now has a larger overhead than RecordNow. 4.35GB split won't fit anymore.


may get runtime invalid error from some intel utilities

to disable ATM sync
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\Wireless\AT6]  "iAMTe"=dword:00000023 (default is 3)



PTP, IPS catching FakeAV etc. not detected by core? (MSSE, malwarebytes find them ok)

if you move the SEP shortcut, it will reinstall on next reboot, why?

~1h45m, 1.3+ million files (it counts all the files inside .jar, .zip, .cab etc.), longer than we want, oh well.

Windows may think SEP is off sometimes.


1.1.5 - SMB security fix

1.1.4 - dll security fix

1.1.3 - security fix and more bug fixes

1.1.2 - more bug fixes

1.1.1 - bug fixes (e.g. ATI issue with Catalyst 10.7)

1.1.0 - it takes some time to rebuild font cahce, also do a custom install so it won't map the wrong A/V filetypes to it


2007 scholar toobar not compatible with Windows 7. there is no easy way to delete it, you can't right click.  probably have to uninstall or unregister the GID.


7.0 - hardware acceleration etc.

If VT-d is turned on in BIOS, TrueCrypt disk encryption would fail at the test phase.


QuickTime 7.6.9

QuickTime 7.6.8

QuickTime 7.6.7

iTunes 9.2, 9.2.1, 10.0, 10.0.1,

• makes it easier to share your favorite music with your friends on Ping. You can now Like or Post about music right from your iTunes library. You can also easily see the recent activity of a selected artist in your library, or of all artists and friends you follow on Ping using the new Ping Sidebar.
• Addresses an issue where the picture quality of a video changes depending on whether the on-screen controls are visible.
• Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit while interacting with album artwork viewed in a separate window.
• Fixes a problem that affects the performance of some third-party visualizers.
• Addresses an issue where the iTunes library and playlists appear empty.
• Resolves an issue that created an incompatibility with some third-party shared librarie

pinning shortcut doesn't work correct. pin an active window instead.

Sun (Oracle)

Java 6 Update 23

Lucida Sans Oblique (medium or demibold) v1.0 1998/09/20 version has too much spacing.

Lucida Sans Italic v1.67 doesn't seem to have that problem, by Bigelow & Holmes, but it is editable instead of restricted license.


4.2.8, 4.2.9

4.3 in beta


Chime crashes in Firefox 3.6, works in IE.

SGI/Platinum Technology etc.

Cosmoplayer cannot rendering with OpenGL in Firefox 3.6, use Direct3D, same as in T400.


1.1.3 b12.0.0.658 SP -> 1.1.5 b12.0.0879

no changelog, the last entry was 1.0.5 - Improved handling of URL shortening errors in Twitter posts.


LAME for Audacity 3.98.2->3.98.3


Ghostscript 8.64->9.00 (2010/09/17)

Virtual Astronomy

The start in folder of the shortcut to "C:\wfu-utility\Virtual Astronomy\val ver 3_0\VirtualAstronomyLab.exe" is wrong, it will launch the application, but the modules won't run. It need to be changed to "C:\wfu-utility\Virtual Astronomy\val ver 3_0\"


VPython 5.41,Python 2.71/3.13


may no t be able to download audio only flash. (downloadhelper also). download all may default to a different directory than current.


It is a bit iffy, sometimes crashes.


may generate \Device\Harddisk3\DR2 error if use with ReadyBoost

Western Digital

The 3rd gen (round corners and requires driver) My Passport Essential may not unmount. (works fine on older ones like T61 (XP) etc.) and requires reboot.


Firewire 800 expresscard doesn't not work when benchmarking against DroboPro or LaCie.


FusionHDTV driver v3.82.00 may crash on install, still works.


Sync between BlackBerry and Office 2010 not supported yet.

Things didn't make it to load



see Ubuntu VPN