Windows 7 Bitlocker

For multiple volumes setup. (you don't really need the 2GB unallocated space before the system boot. Windows 7 supposedly will resize for you in the wizard, and only need 200MB. Vista needs 1.5GB and requires drive preparation tool)

To turn it on

Ready to unlock

To Manage

If you have user data on D:, you want it to automatic unlock, there is where the problem is, you need to do the system drive also.

you also cannot remove password

To do C:

Not exact sure how you can move Windows Recover Environment. It doesn't actually tell you.

system check is not on by default

you may get this error, you need to insert your USB recovery key to continue (and don't make it boot before hard drive in BIOS)

now you can auto mount D:

You may ran into the boot information errors again

If so, suspend, reboot, resume to fix it.