XP test

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Standard load componet


Standard issue

Not Tested Yet


Standard load componet


Standard issue

Retired but still around




Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Circuit Maker 6.1a   7.x Microcode Engineering   + +    
Circuit Maker Student Edition 6.2c     Microcode Engineering   + +    
Scientific Workshop 2.3.3 99/10/07 Data Studio Pasco   + +  

need to test with Adaptec 1460/1480

need to test DataStudio

Phy109 (SkyGlobe etc.)            

SatSat crashed

Kepler runs really slow

QuickBASIC 4.5 for DOS   retired Microsoft   run installed version instead of full setup +    
Matlab 6.1 R12.1 p1     Mathworks   + +  

c:\windows\system\driver\etc\host for XP

audio demo in R12 gone?

Nero Burning ROM 02/01/23   Ahead + + +  

image driver not pass XP test

need test nero player limited on CD

Cooledit Pro 1.2 1.2a   Syntrillium   + + +

CD autorun won't run
not install into program files

Cooledit 2000 1.1?     Syntrillium   + + +

Audio Cleanup Plug-In
Studio Plug-In
test DirectX free Plug-In

lose registration on a20m

Sound Forge
5.0e build 248   Sonic Foundry   + +   test 30 day expired otherwise registration process, batch converter, noise reduction.

Sound Forge XP Studio
5.0b build 162 5.0e Sonic Foundry   + +    
ACID 3.0 build 189 -> 3.0e build 239       + +   recommends Direct X 8.0 DV update (XP has version ?.?)
Director 8.5 8.5.1   Macromedia + + +  

ATP (Access ThinkPad WFU edition) OK

test Multiuser server

Fireworks 4   4.0.2? Macromedia   + +    
Flash 5.0  


player 6.0

Macromedia   + +    
Freehand 10     Macromedia   + +    
VideoStudio 6.0     ULead + + +  

Crash if task manager running.

Cannot capture direct feed or SVHS from JVC dual deck, won't write to HD (same problem under 98) DV capture or MPEG-1/2 live capture works fine.

VideoStudio 5.0

DVD plugin

Patch I, Patch II 5.00.0200

6.0 ULead supposed to work + +  

Patch I & II appears hung after 99%, just slow or bad timing loops

need to test P4 patch (included in v6 like DVD plugin?)

Painter Classic 1.0 Wacom Edition     Corel   + +    
Bryce 5.0 5.0.1   Corel   + +   problem with locked XP task bar, still shows
Hollywood FX Bronze?     Pinnaclesys         can't find SN, don't need it in 3.0 anymore?
PuTTY 0.51         no install, single .exe +  

need to test pscp

default SSH1, test backspace issue

Rapid Restore 2.02 build 6015a 01/12/21   IBM / Xpoint   + +  

* see note IBM-RR

ZoneAlarm zl 2.6.357   3.0 Zone Labs   + + + telnet problem

Palm Desktop for SONY Clie

4.0.1     Palm/SONY   + +   setup change registry, not pass XP test.

USB switcher for 710C need for

Picture Gear Lite 4.4     5.x SONY   + +   from Clie, work with PictureFrame PHD-A55 and camcorders?
MS Export, MS driver       SONY   + +    

3D, Bliss screen saver
      Microsoft + + + +  
PowerToys     new version after 1/31 Microsoft + + +    
CE remote control       Microsoft   + +    
Mozilla 0.99     Mozilla   + +    
Ad Aware 5.62 ref update 1.1   Lavasoft   + +    
miktex 2.1         + +   need to test with GhostScript



Standard load componet

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Windows XP 5.1 build 2600.xpclient. 010817-1148 SP1 soon ? (USB2 driver, BT) Microsoft + + + +

* see note MS-XP

Office XP 9.0 SP1. With 610MB media clipart   Microsoft + + +   * see note MS-OXP
Reader 2.x     Microsoft   + +   need to TtS addin, supposedly not affect Excel 2002's TtS
Reader in Word addin (.lit maker) 1.x     Microsoft   + +    
Producer for PowerPoint 2002       Microsoft + + +    


Extension Manager 1.4

    Macromedia   + +    
Navigator/Communicator 4.79     Netscape   + +   need to test calendar from 4.51
Shockwave player 8.5.1 3/20/2002     Macromedia + + +    
Flash player 3/20/2002     Macromedia   + +    
Authorware player 6.0 2001/09/13 Full, will play 5.x, 4.x ...     Macromedia   + +   need to get 6.0 to test, only test with 4.x content?
Acrobat 5.0 5.0.5   Adobe + + +   SVG viewer 2.0, immediate patch after setup - files in use warning but went through
Photoshop 6.0 6.0.1   Adobe   error in patch +  

update to 6.0.1 component move data error, splash still said 6.0.1. See KB: restart and install again (may need to delete Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell folder\psicon.dll )

old SVG Viewer 2.0?

need to test P4 patch

Photoshop Elements 1.x?     Adobe   + +    
Premiere 6.0 6.0.1   Adobe probably not. Splash screen still think it is windows 2000 + +  


Sonic Desktop SmartSound QuickTracks addin seems OK

test Inscriber TitleExpress and Pinnalce Systems TitleDeko addins on CD

Illustrator 10     Adobe   + +   SVG viewer 3.0 beta 3 build 76
EZ CD Creator 5.0 5.02d 5.1b (basic only?) Roxio + + + +

session selector doesn't work in a21m, delete TakeTwo for XP compatibilty

need test standalone UDF reader 1.5 and compatibility with IBM/Veritas RecordNow/DLA




v3.00 Build 200B28a

  Stomp Inc for Record NOW MAX Platinum 4.0 (with span disc backup addon?) IBM/Vertias   + +   need test compatibility with EZCD Creator 4.x/Director CD 2/3.x created discs.
DVD Express v5010405 01/09/28   IBM/Mediametrics (National Semiconductors)   + + only tested Gozilla didn't make DVD-ROM start automatically
WinDVD 2000 ver multichannel support (newer than website?)   WinDVD 3.1 InterVideo/IBM   +     won't play Tarzan, audio keep skipping
Acrobat Reader 5.0.5     Adobe + + +    
Acrobat Reader with search 5.0.5 9/24/2001   Adobe + + +  

SVG Viewer 2.0 Build 55, 03/14/01

need test language addins

QuickTime 5.02     Apple   + +   test pro features
RealOne beta   Gold Real   + +   need to be online to login, 3 skips only
Maple 7 May 28 2001
Build ID 96223
  Waterloo Maple   + +  

test WebEQ browser control (MathML viewer as Java in IE)

Excel add-in not added to Excel 2002.

manually added give error on turning on toobar

SPSS 11.x   11.x SPSS   + +   need to test Data Access Pack, AMOS?
Answer Tree 2.01                
SigmaPlot 2001 7.0 7.101   SPSS Science   + +   patch only after SPSS 11.0 setup
WS-FTP Pro 7.0 7.0.4   IP switch   + +    
tMPGenc 2.0.2         no install, just run + batch mode crash a lot test VAPID? plugin too
Exceed web patch (exceed.exe still   Hummingbird   master setup won't run, need to test patch +  

test copy CD to local, patch setup to and reinstall

still need GDI print workaround?

Visual Studio .NET Professional       Microsoft + + +  

need IIS and FrontPage otherwise incomplete web server.

continue install even close ThinkPad lid.

Visual Studio .NET Framework       Microsoft + +    

install as part of VS .NET Pro only.

need test standalone install

TechNet Index 01/2002   03/2002 Microsoft          
Publisher 2002       + + +    
Bookshelf 97 Basic   2000 Microsoft   + +    
Bookshelf 2000     Microsoft   + +    
Encarta Reference Suite 2001 DVD   2002 Microsfot no. warning at install + +   Africana Third Edition portion has problem with speech API , neeed to download old SAPI 4.x
Screencam recorder

97 NT version. April 21, 1998

v9 of Millenium Edition

  v10 Lotus no. warning about video + X  

also warn about Approach v9.

capture will go, but motion not captured.

tried 16-bit/32-bit on wrong MS Radeon video drivers on A21.

Need to test IBM video M/M1 driver.

WNTipcfg from windows 2000 RSK     Microsoft   + +   replaces 98's winipcfg which won't run





need test new language addins Globe IMEs/MUI (11 CD!)/XP MUI (4 CD!)



Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Firewire Cardbus       Orange Micro   +   +  
Firewire Cardbus       ADS Tech   +   + 4 pin port works, VideoStudio 5 won't recognize the 6 pin port for some reason
Ultrabay 2nd drive adapter

19K4531 with

Travelstar 32G DJSA-232

    IBM   +   +

need to test EZ-GIG v3.41

cannot boot from 2nd HDD without 1st

PC Card adapter - CF Type I SanDisk 128M     Kodak   +   + need to test Nikon / Dane-Elec
PC Card adapter - CF Type II SanDisk 256M     IBM (Microdrive)   +   +  
DiskOnKey 16M memory key Portable USB flash drive   32, 64, 128MB M-Systems   + + +

98 need driver, download from their site

need to test winlogon function (2/26/2002 announcement), Keysafe addin


CyberLink PowerDVD 3.0
(2 or multichannel audio?)

Sonic MyDVD 2.3

PowerDVD 3.0 XP patch (version number unchanged)

DVR-A04 (what's new? press release useless)

PowerDVD 4.0

MyDVD 3.5 (website uselessm not even screenshot)

Pioneer   + + +

need to test Veritas' Prassi Europe's PrimoDVD 2.0.749 other than erase DVD-RW (that works fine)?

test with DMA off like 98SE, can it be on in XP?

DCR IP7BT MovieShaker 3.1     SONY + + +    

DVD 500 ver 3.0

Impression DVD SE 2.1

  DV500 Plus, Impression Pro 2.1/2.2 beta Pinnacle + +



Let XP install driver for card before install software. Otherwise it doesn't work.

Use standard DV project and control, then switch to Pinnacle codec and control, otherwise crash

test PAL capture again, crash before

Freedom optical

Cordless MouseMan Optical
M/N M-RR63

Cordless keyboard
M/N Y-RE20


iTouch 18.1 (Mouseware 9.41?) Mouseware 9.42.1 Logitech + + +    
Intuos2 6x8 4.71     Wacom + + +    
7450C Precisionscan 3.02

update 11/06/01


firmware 11/02/01

setting 11/30/01

  HP   + +   need to check floppy still works, broke in some 98 thinkpads.
3090 Controllerless Conexant (formerly Rockwell) V.92 mini USB Faxmodem Zoom Link CD 289-00052-A (newer than the downloadable 289-00031-A already?)   Zoom No XP driver       only one RJ11 jack, box said two
HR-DVS1U     DVS2U JVC   + + + no driver msg, still works
FR318       Netgear     +   apparently lag in connection?

PocketPC 2002

e570 - IR

ActiveSync 3.5     Toshiba/Microsoft + + +    

PocketPC 2000

3650 - USB or IR?

Clasiopeia E115 - serial (IR need patch again?)

ActiveSync 3.5     Compaq/Casio /Microsoft + + +  


CF BlueTooth 1.20C     Socket comm   + +  

install OK on e570

PocketPC2002/XP compatible?

need to test with PocketPC.

won't sync with XP. Won't bound - want passkey with 3COM USB (try low security?) got 2 unknown services only.

won't dial out from SONY BT modem, can bound though.

can discovery iPAQ 3870, but only got 2 unknow services and one serial

USB Bluetooth 1.1 2002/01/28     3COM + + +   won't sync with e570, connection failed. won't bound with socketcomm CF BT, want passkey.
FlashGO!     need to test 0x0200 firmwave, 1.06 2/18/2002 software Imation + + +    
Phantom           + No   no enough power in ECP? uninstall disabled ECP



Standard issue

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Optra T 522n       Lexmark + + +    
Optra T 614n     retired Lexmark +      

local admin only


Optra Lx     retired Lexmark + + +  

local admin only


Optra R+     retired Lexmark + + +  

local admin only


Scanjet 4c     retired HP no      

recisionscan 3.x & 14x0 SCSI card works for 9x, doesn't work anymore

HP said Deskscan 2.9 may work under XP, doesn't find scanner using 1460D.


wireless 5000 v1.20     Intel   + +   11b/g option?
1ft USB to dual PS/2 adapter 27225       Cable To Go   + +  

no special driver needed. XP autodetect EP1, EP2, composite.

only tested with IBM keyboard, IBM 3 button mouse



Not Tested Yet


Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Norton System Works Professional 2002     Symantec         test Winfax, not Ghost PE, GoBack, Cleansweep
PageMaker 7.0   7.0.1? Adobe          
Streamline 4.0     Adobe          
ATM Deluxe/Lite 4.1     Adobe          
AfterEffects 5   5.5 Adobe          
GoLive 5   6 Adobe          
LiveMotion 1   2? Adobe          
InDesign 1.5   2 Adobe          
Framemaker 6.0     Adobe          
Fontographer       Macromedia          
Homesite 4.x   5.0 Macromedia          
Authorware 5.0   6.0 Macromedia          
Painter 7.0     Procreate / Corel          
KPT Effects/6/5/3       Procreate / Corel         missed 4?
Vector Effects 1.5     Corel          
Poser & Pro Pack 4     Curious Labs
Canoma 1.x   sold to Adobe Metacreation          
Expression 1.x   retired? Metacreation          
Art Dabbler 1.x?   sold to Metacreation? Fractal Design          
Painter 3D 1.x?   sold to ? Metacreation         check fractal.com (Mark Zimmer, Tom Hedges, and John Derry)
Detailer 1.x   sold to Metacreation? then becomes Painter 3D? Fractal Design          
Kai's Super GOO       Scansoft/ Metacreation          
EyeCandy 4000       Alien Skin
Corel Draw 9.x/10.x?     Corel          
Producer Plus 8.5.1   8.5.2 Real          
OmniPage 10   11            
PhotoVista 1.x   retired            
PhotoVista (Reality Studio) 2.x     MGI Soft / LivePicture          
Portfolio 5.x     Extensis          

Media Studio
2.5VE/6   6.5 Ulead          
Debabelizer 4.5.x   Pro 5 Equilibrium          
Genuine Fractals 2.x     LizardTech / Altamira group          
3D Studio Max 3.x, 4.2     Discreet / KTX         need to test P4 patch
Character Studio 2.x, 3.x     Discreet / KTX          
Lightscape 3.2?     Discreet / KTX          
React       Discreet          
SoftImage XSi (3D 3.x) 1.0/1.5   2.0, free too? SoftImage / Avid          
Maya     3.x going to free?           download when ready
Sorenson Video 3.x     Media 100 / Terran Interactive          
Sorenson Broadcast 1.5     Media 100 / Terran Interactive          
Cleaner 5     Media 100 / Terran Interactive          
ProTools LE 5.0.1     Digidesign          
Sonar XL     1.3? Cakewalk          
XMetaL 2.1?     SoftQuad          
Portrait x.x 6.x   IBM bundle         9156-B23
SiteManager 2     Astra          
Digimarc plugin & client?       Digimarc          
LSX suite 2 (premiere plugin 1.2, encoder 3.5, decoder)     Ligos          
Vegas Video
2.x   3.0 Sonic Foundry          
Windows Media encoder 8?     Microsoft          
Boris FX 3.5& 5.x?   6.0            
Boris Graffiti ?   2.0            
Final Effect AP ?   sold to ?            
Videowave 4   5 MGI Soft          
Amorphium 1.x   PRO Play?          
WebTrend Prof       Webtrend          
Street and Trips 2001   2002 Microsoft          
VisualCafe 4.x     Symantec sold to (forgot its name)?          
Camtasia/DubIt       TechSmith         missed SnagIt, VBonline messed up order, do not buy from them again
ApproveIt 4.2?                
AvantGo 4.3?     AvantGo          
AOL 7.0     AOL-Time Warner          
Quicken Deluxe 2000   2002            
ImageBank catalog 5                
analog 5.0.3                
LIST.COM DOS                  
Ghost 5.x                
Visual Studio .NET EA       Microsoft         test Visio, SourceSafe, Project
Office XP Developer       Microsoft          
MSDN Index     03/2002 Microsoft          
XP RSK doc       Microsoft +        
Win32SDK - wintop, windiff       Microsoft          
NT/W2K RSK - browstat, browmon       Microsoft          
NT/W2K (server?) option addon netmon       Microsoft          
Mediaplayer bonus pack       Microsoft +        
PCTeX 4.3?     PCTex         find CD
Canvas 8     Canvas         get CD
UnscanIt                 find diskettes or CD
Visual Fortran 6.x     Compaq / DEC          
Origin       Microcalc         get CD
OpenDX 4.3.x   new compiled version $$$           requires exceed and cgwin.
Lview Pro 2.x?               get reg code
IDL student edition       RSI?         get CD
WebFont 1.2     Bitstream          
Adobe select fonts       Adobe          
TableTris 1.0                
AOCD 1.0               QT16 problem anticipated
FlasKMPEG 0.60                
SmartRipper 2.36                
bbtools 1.6                
DiVX 4.x                


probably won't test
Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
OpenSpace 3D       Virtus         8.5.1 has all the function needed already?
Combustion* 1.x?   2.0? Discreet          
effect* 2     Discreet          
paint* 2     Discreet          
Digimation plugins (fireworks, Bones Pro 2, Rubbermap etc.)     Bones Pro 3            
AutoCAD R14?     2002, Architectural Studio            
Animation Master     Animation Master 2002 v.9
Cool3D       Ulead          
Crystal font 3D?                  
Webrecord Research Pro       Canon          
TableCurve       Jandel          
TableCurve 3D       Jandel          
ISIS Draw                  
Hyperchem       Hypercube          
ChemOffice     2002? CS Chemdraw?          
STN Express                 don't have account anymore
National Geographics 100 years DVD                  
Printshop deluxe CD Ensemble                  
PhotoDeluxe 2.x? Bus/Home Editions?     Adobe          
StarOffice 5.x   6.x beta            
WordPerfect Office 2002?                
Eudora 5.1 free/pro               don't have the $$$ version


some people use, have to get copies if test


Standard load component

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
kyacc                 IS getting new version
AT&T Global Network dialer 4.x     AT&T          
eBook reader 2.x     Adobe          
Postscript driver 5.x     Adobe          
Ghostscript/redmon 6.5x     AFPL (free)         PDF redir script
Shockmachine 2.0.x   no longer free Macromedia          
real player 8.x     real          
Cosmo Player 2.1   retired CA?          
Chime plugin 2.1?     MDL          
ChemDraw NET plugin       CS Chemdraw?          
SVG viewer 3.0x     Adobe          
Metastream/viewpoint player plugin 2.x/3.x     Viewpoint Corp/ MetaCreation          
Screencam player       Lotus          
Indeo codec 5.x     Ligos/Intel          
MediaHawk code & browser       concurrent          
WSH       Microsoft         builtin to XP? iprelease
TechSmitch codec (Camtasia)                  
WinAMP 2.7.x   3.x beta winamp          
WinZIP 8.1     WinZIP          
Camcorder 97       Microsoft          
real producer basic 8.x     real          
real slideshow basic       real          
Java JDK, JRE, plugin 1.4?/2.x     sunsoft          
NAV CE 7.6?     Symantec          
Partition Magic 7.x     PQ          
Drive Image/Deployment center 5.x     PQ          
Screencam player 97?     Lotus only 95, NT version       getting latest SmartSuite CD
PaintShopPro 7.0.2     JASC          
C++ Builder 5.x Pro?   6.0 Borland         test free compiler portion
JBuilder 3.x   6.x Borland          
HoTeMaL ?                
Oracle 8.1.x   9.x? Oracle only 9.x driver compatible        
Crosspad InkManager 1.5.x retired 2.x? IBM/Cross PCG          


don't use them often, someone else will test them

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Netmeeting 3.0.1?                
AOL Instant Messenger ?                
MSN Messenger 7?                
VNC         not "legal" to install on XP according to EULA?        
VPN client       Cisco?          
Beatnik player                  
Encyclopaedia of Islam Client Edition (for CD?)                  
vivoactive plugin                  
PC Doctor                  
TSM/ADSM client                  


who knows where these from :-(

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
RichFX player                 some Demo CD? shuttfly etc.
RIS web helper       ISI         from EndNotes? (procite, reference manager?)




Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
1460 B/D   retired Adaptec          
1480       Adaptec          
Firewire PCI       ADS Tech          
USB 2       Adaptec          
USB 2 PC Card       IBM          
keyboard with trackpoint white and black models     IBM          
Portable Drivebay       IBM          
Natural keyboard       Microsoft          
Intellimouse wheel     retired Microsoft          
Intellimouse optical       Microsoft          
PC Card adapter - SM (64M?)       Olympus          
PC Card adapter - MS       SONY         broken eject button
PC Card adapter - MMC (SD?)                  
PC Card adapter - Microdrive       IBM          
1G Microdrive old or new generation?     IBM          
340M Microdrive old or new generation?     IBM          
USB memory key 8M   22P 5296 32M IBM          
Intel cam                  
Traveller ZoomVideo CB       Winnov          
Intuos       Wacom          
Graphire     Graphire 2 Wacom          
6250Cxi Precisionscan Pro get 10/24/01
retired HP          
5200C Precisionscan get 12/12/01
retired HP         LPT only, USB broke
3400? Precisionscan LT(X) get patch 11/01/01
retired HP          
Impression1680?       Epson          
Sprintscan 4000 PolaColor Insight Pro 4.5.1 Insight Pro 5.0

fireware 1.4 free

SilverFast Ai 5.5 $$$

1270     1280 or better yet the 2pL Colorio PM950C Epson          
EX     retired Epson          
Stylus Color     retired Epson          
8500N     8550N HP          
5L     retired HP          
remote mouse       Mindpath          
gyromouse       gyropoint          
gyromouse wireless                  
iFeel mouse       Logitech need latest touch software and mouseware 9.41+        
SmartUPS 620/700/1000XL/1400 PowerChute     APCC         650 dead, IS won't replace it.
BackUPS       APCC          
BackUPS CS 500 USB       APCC          
BackUPS Pro 500 USB       APCC          
3030     3040/4040 Olympus          
DC 120?     retired Kodak          
DC 260 Digita OS   retired Kodak          
Coolpix 950     retired Nikon          
Coolpix 990 Nikonview 3.x  


Coolpix 5000 Nikonview 4.x     Nikon          
D30       Canon         on loan out
PC 110     PC120BT SONY          
TRV 900       SONY          
TRV 300?       SONY          
G1       Canon          
RT2000 DVDIt PE, SE 2.5   RT2500, DVDIt 3.0? Matrox          
DVMC-DA1     DVMC-DA2 SONY         on loan out
PCBacker SDT-S10000/ME DDS4 Veritas Backup exec 8
Veritas Backup exec Desktop Pro 4.x
  8.6, 4.5 SONY          
SureStore DAT24e DDS3 tape drive       HP          
Supressa CRX100 E/X CD-RW USB       SONY          
CD-RW 8x EIDE       SONY          
CD-RW Que EZ CD Basic 5.0.1S12               lost rebate, do not buy from them
CD-RW Yamaha                  
Infra1800? CD-ROM IR remote     retired Sounblaster          

Modela 3D Printer
      Roland Digital Group          
QuickLink OCR pen       Wizcomtech          
Spaceball Animotion 3DS Max plugin     Spaceware          
InScribe?3D Arm 2.x (3DSMax 1.x only?)               borrow
Firewire 80G       Maxtor          
Firewire 30G       Western Digital          
USB 27G       Buslink          
5.2G DVD-RAM VOB Instantwrite 8.4     IBM          
2.6G DVD-RAM LF-xxx     retired Panasonic/ software architect          
PC-DVD RAM       SoundBlaster / Software Architect?          
Medea? 23/67 SCSI       Medea?          
Amber     with DVD Canopus          
Raptor     RT Canopus          

U.are.U deluxe fingerprint


with Private Space     Digital Persona          
3D SPEX 3D glasses       NuVision          
Pen Power Jr. tablet Chinese Handwriting recognition     Pen Power          
Viper 770 Ultra     retired Diamond MM          
Radeon 8500       ATI          
Lightpen       LTD?          
wireless camera       X10          
USB 7 port hub       Entrega          
USB direct connect (network) cable                  
Promise IDE RAID controller                  
command post       Videonics          
CF modem       Protec          
CF cell modem       socket          
CF ethernet       socket          
Digi 001       Digidesign          
Live Platium     retired SoundBlaster          
Live     retired SoundBlaster          
Monster Sound MX400     retired Diamond MM          
Monster Sound MX300     retired Diamond MM          
monitor calibrator 2nd level     eyeon          


Standard issue

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Optra S 1855n     retired Lexmark +        
Optra SC1275n     retired Lexmark +        
Optra IR adapter       Lexmark          
5700     retired Lexmark +        
Jaz 1G   2G, retired Iomega          
ZIP 250 USB     Iomega Tools/ Iomegaware ? Iomega          
ZIP 100 SCSI   retired Iomega          
ZIP 100 parallel     retired Iomega          
802 wireless       Symbol          


Retired but still around

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
Capshare 920e   retired HP          
Broadway 3.x   6.0 Broadway          
PC-DVD Encore       SoundBlaster          
VideoOh!     retired Adaptec          
MotoDV     retired Radius / Digital Origin / Media 100 / Discreet no        
MPEG2 ZV CB       Margi         faster on PIII already in SW?
Panasonic PCMCIA SCSI       Panasonic          
2050c     retired Lexmark          
2030c     retired Lexmark          
150c Winwriter     retired Lexmark          
4076     retired Lexmark          
Travan 3 LPT     retired Iomega          
SoundBlaster 16 ISA     retired            
SoundBlaster AWE32     retired            
SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold?     retired            


Won't test, don't have HW (or yet)

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
PS2->1 USB Y adapter molded kind                  
PCC BT       IBM         XP driver?
PCC WiFi       Symbol, Cisco, Enterasys          
WiFi AP       Enterasys          
CF WiFi       SMC          
USB WiFi       Linksys          
PCC 11a       Symbol, Cisco          
11a AP       Symbol, Cisco          
Ultrabay CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive

4x 08K9571

April 2001 Rev 0 new generation Combo II 08K9701 IBM         need XP CD to install IMAPI CDROM service
Ultrabay DVD ROM drive


8x Ultralight 22P9102

  new model? IBM         borrow the 8x drive?
USB2 CD-RW    


33L3245 Cardbus USB 2.0 adapter

IBM         need XP USB 2.0 driver, still beta
Gigabit Ethernet       IBM         need hub and cat 5a/7 cables
ServerRAID controller       IBM         need SCA2 drives


Won't test, should just work, no software

Name Version patch level Current Version Company Vendor XP compliant install run use note
portable hub       Cabletron, 3COM          
Workgroup hub 7C04 R     Cabletron          
wireless mic       Azden?          
line mic       IBM, SONY          
headphone       IBM, SONY          
Speakers       SoundBlaster, Monsoon, Benwin          
keyboard big connector, PS2     IBM, Keytronics          
mouse serial, PS2, with wheel, with eraser head     IBM, Microsoft          
Y-adapter       IBM          
surge protector                  
DV deck       SONY          
monitor       IBM, NEC, ViewSonic          
LCD       IBM          
LCD glasses PLM-A35       SONY          


some people use, have to get software if test