EAL 301 - 2011 Fall - Creative Project

Draft Proposal

Confucius in 21th century二十一世纪神力大戰
(like  21世紀殺人網絡 The Matrix)

Time: flash backs between modern day and 500BC (like in Fringe)

500 BC: Confucianism (儒) Taoism (道) Buddhism (釋) are rival spiritual schools.
The Buddhism is the bad guys who want to copyright every teachings, books, ideas they have and make profit out of them.  The religion cult uses its martial art to control colleges, military, and other shady business. (adding today's news of corrupted, sex scandals of the temples - http://hk.news.yahoo.com/article/100816/4/jq93.html , http://hk.news.yahoo.com/event/fc/20101110/hkbudmur.html )
(like the novel Shaolin #8 bronze man by Giddens Ko少林寺第8銅人 - 九把刀)
If Confucius, Zhuangzi (莊子), and Lao Zi (老子) didn’t stop the evil branch, there would be no modern world.

Modern Day: Confucius is a teacher (like X-Men) by day, with 5 students (like in Cyborg 009 サイボーグ 009) scattered around west coast.

- main protagonist – pointed hair teenage guy, cannot get along with others, but has potential save the world (like in Full Metal Panic! フルメタル·パニック!,Kekkaishi 結界師)
- heroine - pretty, smart, long hair student (love interest) (like in Kagome in Inuyasha 犬夜叉, 釋素素 in 天下 Storm Riders 風雲 etc. )
- geekie one (like in Unnatural History, tower prep)
- the rebel (like teenage mutant ninja turtles)
- giant muscle

Opening episode
Teacher (Confucius.  Long white eyebrow, mustache in long robe [like in sword master 劍聖 in Chinese hero 中華英雄]) march in the front gate of evil corporation (control by modern day Budda) in silicon valley, guards/androids try to stop him (like in Ultraviolet), students came out of thin air to remove the obstacles and go to CEO office.  Right whatever is wrong – corporate IP secret etc. (like in johnny mnemonic)

Flip flop back to day time teaching job and deal with modern day issue with school boards, who can be/cannot teach in schools.

Episode 2
Students got brainwashed by video games, even one of the special one got affected, the other 4 has to save him.

Episode 3
government agency knows about Confusius and try to take into custody for its own agenda (like in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 攻殻機動隊, wizard of waverly place)

Episode 4
One of the disciples lose control of his power and taking out greedy VC companies ruthlessly, the gang need to save me from his internal daemon.


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