EAL 301 - 2011 Fall - Paper


Compare manga/anime characters -

Hatsune Miku 初音ミク - Vocaloid
Lynn Minmay リン・ミンメイ/鈴明美/林明美 - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross 超時空要塞マクロス

with American teen idols - e.g.
Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly)
Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)
Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
Demi Lovato (Sonny with a Chance)
Victoria Justice (Victorious)

Young girls yelling "I Love You" in concert, are they targeting the real person, or just the ideas about the superficials characteristic of the performers, what are they loving?  her voice, her roles in TV/movies/concert/album/MVs?

Any different between fake anime characters and real actresses (or actors)?


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