Lenovo Thinkpad T410 external display under Windows 7

There is no more Presentation Director.

FnF7 or Windows-P will bring up this pop up with 4 choices

For more options, right click any blank space on the desktop, choose either "Screen resolution": or "NVIDIA Control Panel"

For the first one

you can change to the resolution best for the projector or display. It is most optimal if the external display's native resolution is at least 1:1 of the laptop (or higher).

If you choose an extended desktop instead of duplicate (mirror)

you can adjust the two displays independantly

If you choose NVIDIA Control Panel

You can do the same things.

The new version of the control panel is different from older version, there is no drop down box for extended or duplicate, you have to right click in multiple displays section.

You can also choose not to have scaling (so it won't get fuzzy) if you are not using native resolution for the display.

Also noted that you can attach 3 display (LCD, analog VGA, DisplayPort), only 2 can be active. NVIDIA control panel tells you, using Windows 7 Display Manager is less obvious.