Lenovo Thinkpad T61 14.1" widescreen new version WinDVD's new feature

Lenovo's OEM version of WinDVD, 5.0 DVXV B11.1194, has this new feature

[Important] Because this WinDVD 5 application meets the new Copy protection licence, the DVD playback screen only appears on one screen even though multidisplay environments.


If you try to do mirror/clonedisplay on both LCD and external (analog on machine, analog(VGA) or digital(DVI) using docking station), WinDVD will stop when playing a "copy protected" DVD. It is not in the previous versions like B11.1149, B11.311 etc. Make you wonder what is the exact terms of the license that prohibits showing the video in 2 displays simultaneously, for what purpose is the restriction, weird.


Playback stopped. Copy Protection Signal is detected.



Please close WinDVD and change to non-TV display device."