Windows 8 & Office 2013 Language Options

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Update: 2013-07-03 9:47 AM

first posted: 2013-06-04

Windows 8

add new language using new control panel language applet

if you don't want to use language bar and IME pad like previous versions (Windows 7),

you have to install KB2607607 Language Pack before you can use the handwriting input with the on screen keyboard.

but sometimes it may not work, won't find Windows display language

Chinese Simplified - 134.00MB (Microsoft Pinyin SimpleFast 2012 15.0.9200.16384 IME. w/ Harbin Institute of Technology. what changed from Office 2010 IME 14.0.4734.1000?)

Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) - 185.00MB (I couldn't get this one to install on one machine, blank during download like Korean on another machine. eventually it download (seems like it try to check 107 windows update for a long time before start, if you look at \windows\softwaredistribution\download, creates a lot of folders) but failed, re-try doesn't help. CHS install fine before, and JPN install fine after)

Japanese - 117.00MB

Korean - 75.50MB (I couldn't get this one to install. other people have problem installing other languages, see and blank screen during download seems to be the indication if it is not going to work.

even remove \windows\softwaredistribution\download, still won't re-download

even rename \windows\softwaredistribution, still won't install. and makes Windows re-download 20 (750+MB) windows updates


when it works

Alternative. Volume licensing users can use the ISO to install 36 of the language pack using lpksetup against the the ISO filename specifically said no Chinese Traditional. Even there is no Chinese Traditional - Taiwan, there is zh-hk, not sure it use the HKSCS encoding and Cantonese translational or not, at least both have same 5 IME, default is different. Hong Kong uses Microsoft Quick, Taiwan uses Microsoft New Phonetics.

once that's done one way or the other, the handwriting icon will not be dimmed anymore.


Office 2013

you have to install proofing tool from, otherwise TC/SC translation will fail. Note that the download page and installer, EULA will be in native language.

if you want screen tip also, installers