Physics how to - How to create a DVD-RAM

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Steps Figure

1. Copy files to D:

perform this at phylab01a

e.g. from c:\userdata on your hard drive over network neighborhood


2. Start Formatter

it is on the start menu of phylab01a


3. Format blank DVD-RAM

insert a blank disc into the drive.

Click format. It should take no longer than couple of minutes.

(NOTE 1: You have to format each side of the disc individually. Each side holds approximately 2.6 GB)

(NOTE 2 : DO NOT choose physical format, it can take 4-1/2 hours for that)

4. copy files over from D: (scratch hard disk) to E: (DVD-RAM)

8. Cleanup

Delete everything off D: and empty trash


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Image Credits

Creative Labs PC DVD-RAM

Ching-Wan Yip, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, U.S.A.

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