Canon Imagerunner *nix printing

First, create a secondary account number, if the primary is 505xxx, add a 505xxx1 and choice a password (the drive won't accept blank).

Using the built in foomatic drivers and default setup, username and job accounting info are not passed to the printer. (some setup actually pass the username, I haven't heard back from our sysadmin what's different in those queues. Unless banner is enable, you still need accounting.)

Download UFRII/UFRII LT v1.80 driver package (e.g. Europe site, supposedly also available from .au, originally from .jp).

Install .deb (.rpm for redhat)

cndrvcups-common may fail if you don't have libcupsys2, do a sudo apt-get install -f if that happens.

Add the printer(s), use SMB so you can use the queue. (you may have to add deacnet/ or deacnet\ in front of your username, depends on system, click verify to make sure it works) You can use lpd if you have a good reason.

In choosing driver, there is no 3300, if you randomly pick one, it may raw dump your job. C5185 is available.

if you run sudo /usr/bin/cngplp (it may be in some other path)

you can get to device settings and enable job accounting. I couldn't get it to stick under Ubuntu 9.04.

use /usr/bin/cnjatool -p [your print queu's printer name here, no brackets] instead (it may be in /usr/local/bin, /usr/share/bin or other location.) don't run with sudo, you want your userid.

Your print jobs should have userid and dept id now.