Xerox MFP Mac OS X install

by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: January 17, 2014 3:04 PM

First published: Dec 17, 2013

Method 1 - SMB - kind of work

does not work, browsing (client not joint to domain) won't see the server, won't ask for domain username, password either

you cannot do in GUI

launch CUPS

administration | add printer

choose Windows printer via spoolss

enter URI

name it

choose manufacturer and model

choose default options

when you print, enter your credential

depends on configuration, it may not work, try add username & password to URI, add it to keychain, and|or go to print queue, do a hold and resume (CUPS will say it need authentication, cannot connect to printer, in use etc.)


Method 2 - LPD - pending

official instruction ftp site in 404 loop

doesn't work either, active ticket open (both 2003-32 and 2008R2-64 servers)

no driver and no PPD (you can browse to .gz though)

it will just stuck as in use for other server may connect, but won't print

Method 3 - security username/password authentication not enforced - not recommended - IP - temporarily

WorkCentre 7835 - 2.113.0 (1183) 2013/10/13 73.8MB



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