Spring 2007 CSC 108
Introduction to Programming
Dr. Yue-Ling Wong

Course Information

Lecture: M W F 2:00-2:50P
Lab: W 3:00-3:50P

Classroom: Manchester 241

Dr. Yue-Ling Wong
   Course Web Page:
   Email: ylwong@wfu.edu
   Phone: 758-3922
   Office: Manchester 227
   Office Hours: by appointment

Lab TA:
  Adam Humenansky (humeja2@wfu.edu)

Check the Timetable often for the lecture and lab materials, due dates, and quiz dates!


Examples of labs and Programming Assignments (tentative):

Example Lab
A Pong game: use of mouse events and event handling, and use of control structures (if/else)
A modified Pong game later in the semester applying object-oriented programming to add multiple balls
To try out this example: Move the mouse inside To try out this example: Move the mouse inside


Example Lab/Assginment

A plarform game: use of control structures (if/else), keyboard events and event handling.
Problem-solving: How to make the platform scrolling continuously without making the platform infinitely long.

To try out this example: Click once inside, use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the character, and use SPACEBAR for jumping


Example Lab

A real-time rotating 3D stick figure: use of arrays and loops, and basic concepts of 3D transformation


Example Lab/Programming Assignment

3d drive-through fly-through: (1) keyboard event handling, use of loops, multi-dimensional arrays, and 3d perspective concepts; (2) later in the semester, apply OOP to refine the program and add 3d stick figures, such a pterodactyl, in the scene

To try out this example: Click once inside, hold down UP/DOWN arrow keys to move forward/backward, hold down LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to pan left/right, hold down SPACEBAR to fly up (see if you can spot the pterodactyl)


Example Lab: Recursion
Program an animation of the changing rotation angle of an one-branch fractal tree
Program a fractal tree generator

To try out this example: Click inside to regenerate the two-branch fractal tree with a different number of iteration, and random rotation and scale of the branches


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