Atomic Orbitals CD Update

by Yue-Ling Wong, Ph.D. (

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Atomic Orbitals CD screenshot

Update Date: 2012-10-16


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Why the update?

The problem of the Atomic Orbitals CD version 1.0 is its requirement of 16-bit version of the QuickTime player, which no computer systems support any more. Many of the visuals on the CD simply do not show up without this old version of QuickTime.

This updated version of Atomic Orbitals CD is to enable the CD to be playable on newer computer systems, such as Windows 7.

I decided to update the CD because I received an email from a school teacher telling me that he was still using my CD and found it helpful but the CD stopped working after the school updated the computer systems.

Version available:

Only the Windows version of Atomic Orbitals CD is updated at this time. I will look into the Mac version only if I have received lots of requests.

To install:

Download and unzip the zip file. There should be aocd2.exe and 6 .dxr files. Keep them in the same folder. The name of the folder does not matter.

To run:

  1. Make sure to put your original Atomic Orbitals CD in your CD drive before running the new version.
  2. Double-click the new aocd2.exe to run. Keep the CD in your CD drive until you exit the program.

If you are running WINE on LINUX machines, don't forget to mount the CD drive first. For instrcutions, see