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General Chemistry :: Periodic Table Game

To restart the game at any time, simply reload the page.

How to Play:

Use the arrow keys to place the element in its rightful place in the Periodic Table of Elements as fast as possible.

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys: To move the element left or right.

UP arrow or Spacebar: To move the element all the way up.

Shift or Control key: To get hint.

About the Levels in this Game:

Level 1: Elements of atomic numbers 1 to 20.
Level 2: Main group elements within 31 to 88.
Level 3: Transition metals, 21-30, 39-48, and 72-80.
Level 4: Lanthanoids and Actinoids.

Notes about Getting Higher Score:

  • These factors will get you more points:
    • the sooner you can place the element correctly
    • elements with larger atomic number
  • These factors will take off points:
    • using hint
    • placing the element in the wrong place

Also Available as an iPhone Game:

Periodic Table Tiles

screenshot of periodic table tiles iphone game