Kenneth Burke and Mikhail Bakhtin: A Common Chronology

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Burke Timeline

Bakhtin Timeline

b. 5 May 1897   b. 16 Nov 1895  
ss   1913-1918 classics and philology at U of Petrograd
1915 Graduates Peabody High School, Pittsburgh. Living in Weehauken, Is sponsored by Louis Wilkinson and introduced to Theodore Dreiser.    
1916 Spends one semester at Ohio State and does not return.    
1916-1918 publishes in little magazines. Acquires Marxist/progressive literary credentials. 1918 moves to Nevel during revolution. Teaches school, lectures on philosophy, religion, politics. Participates in study circles with Medvedev and Voloshinov.
1919 Marries Lily Batterham and moves to Greenwich Village. Some of his work is suppressed due to Red Scare.   First short essay, "Art and Answerability," published in an anthology, Den'iskusstva (The Day of Art), in Nevel.
ss   1920 Settles in Vitebsk. Continues meeting with Medvedev and Voloshinov. Work on aesthetics and answerability (Author and Hero in Aesthetic Activity, Toward a Philosophy of the Act)
1921 Begins correspondence with William Carlos Williams. Begins writing critical essays for The Dial.    
1922-1923 Begins translating Thomas Mann. "The Correspondence of Flaubert" (CS). Begins full time editorial position at The Dial.    
1924 The White Oxen and Other Stories published. 1924 moves with his wife back to Leningrad
1925 "The Poetic Process"; "Psychology and Form" (CS).    
ss   1927 Volosinov, Freudianism: A Critical Sketch.
ss   1928 Medvedev, Formal Method in Literary Scholarship
ss   1929 Problems of Dostoevsky's Creative Art, 1st ed. Arrested for alleged activity with underground Russian Orthodox Church. Sentence commuted to six years internal exile in Kazakhstan.
Volosinov, Marxism and the Philosophy of Language
ss   1930s Work on novelistic discourse and Rabelais. Writes the essays that will be collected in The Dialogic Imagination.
1931 Counter-Statement.    
1935 Permanence and Change, 1st ed.    
ss   1936 Takes professorship at Mordovia State Teachers College in Saransk.
1937 Attitudes Toward History, 1st ed.    
1941 The Philosophy of Literary Form 1941 Submitted Rabelais and His World as doctoral dissertation to Gorky Institute of World Literature in Moscow. Controversial reception delayed publication. Resigned teaching position during WWII but returned after the war to the now University of Saransk. Said to have used pages of Bildungsroman as cigarette papers during Siege of Leningrad.
1945 A Grammar of Motives    
1950 The Rhetoric of Motives 1950s rediscovered by graduate students, fans of Dostoevsky book, who make pilgrimages to Saransk.
1961 The Rhetoric of Religion: Studies in Logology    
ss   1963 Problems in Dostoevsky's Poetics, 2d ed.
1966 Language as Symbolic Action    
    1970s Late essays (The Problem of Speech Genres)
    d. 7 Mar 1975