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Rhetorics of Social Change: Civil Rights, Labor, Peace, Feminism:
A Short Filmography

General, Dominant Public Ethos, Multiple Movements

The Fog of War. Dir. Errol Morris. Dist. Sony Pictures, 2003. DVD Sony Pictures Classic, 2004. Best Documentary Feature, Academy Awards 2003.
This film
is a feature-length interview with Robert McNamara, a military efficiency expert known as one of the principal architects of the Vietnam war. His remarkable capacity for systems intelligence is turned on his own life and decisions with thought-provoking results.

Good Night and Good Luck. Dir. George Clooney. Dist. Warner Independent Pictures, 2005. DVD Warner Entertainment, 2005.
Depicts Edward R. Murrow's act of resistance to McCarthyism in 1954. Includes archival television footage of Joseph McCarthy. Academy Award for Cinematography, 2005.

Civil Rights