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Margaret D. Zulick

Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests

Rhetoric of the Hebrew Bible; history of rhetoric; rhetorical theory and criticism; American public discourse; rhetoric of religion



 Ph.D. in Religious Studies, Northwestern University, Garrett-Northwestern Joint Program in Religious Studies. Concentration in Rhetoric of the Hebrew Bible. Extensive coursework in Northwestern University’s Communication Studies Department.


 M.T.S. in Hebrew Bible, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL.


 M.A. in Biblical Studies, Earlham School of Religion, Richmond, IN.


Student in residence at Pendle Hill, an educational community affiliated with the Society of Friends, Wallingford, PA.

1977 B.M. in Music Education, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ
Positions Held


Associate Professor of Communication, Wake Forest University 


 Assistant Professor of Communication, Wake Forest University


 Lecturer in Communication, Loyola University
Graduate Instructor in Communication, Northwestern University


 Graduate Assistant in Biblical Studies, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

1985–1986 Lecturer in Religion, Earlham College
Teaching Experience
Graduate Curriculum Seminar in Rhetorical Theory: Self and Language in Burke and Bakhtin.
Rhetorical Criticism.
Undergraduate Curriculum Classical Rhetoric.
Seminar in Critical Thinking.
Rhetoric of the Women’s Rights Movement.
Historical-Critical Research in Communication.
Introduction to the Bible.
Public Speaking.
Semantics and Language in Communication.
American Rhetorical Movements to 1900.
American Rhetorical Movements since 1900.
Introduction to Communication and Rhetoric.
Forms of Public Address.
Argumentation Theory.
Prophecy and Protest: Prophetism in the Hebrew Bible and American Public Discourse.

Master's Theses

Ekaterina Haskins Parody as a Rhetorical Strategy. 1993.
Jason Jarvis Silence. 1997.
Eric W. Truett Our Stolen Future vs. Nature's Hormone Factory: Rhetorical Battles and Conflicting Metaphors in Public Controversies over Environmental Risk. 1999.
Rachel Faron Avon Assessing the Probable: David Hume and George Campbell on Miracles. 2000.
Maxwell Dervin Schnurer. The Rhetoric of the Environmental Justice Movement. 2000.
Jaime Lane Wright The Language of Holocaust Denial: A Rhetoric of Purification and Extermination. 2000.
Jeffrey A. Hall The Discursive Genesis of the "Dark Alliance": The Creation of a Conspiracy Theory in the Mass Media. 2001.

Honors Theses

Holly Welch

The Use of Television in Education.
Jennifer Fort Images of Feminism in Advertising.
Rebecca Meisenbach Internet Uses in the Classroom.
Marcia L. Eaddy The Camera as Conversation: From Stratification to Dialogue in Downtown Winston-Salem.
Adrianna Giuliani Translating a "Disaster Time" Chronotope: The Language of Artistic Form in Picasso's Guernica. 2002
 Cynthia Ellen Szejner  Mediated Social Drama: The Robert Glen Coe Case. 2003.
Administrative Service

Coordinator, Honors Program in Communication, 1991-1998.
Department Liaison to Z. Smith Reynolds Library, 1991-1998.
Co-Director, Wake Forest Biennial Argumentation Conference, .
Numerous department subcommittees including five faculty/staff search committees


Library Executive Committee, 1992–1995.
Faculty representative to library search committee for acquisitions librarian.
Assisted with Vietnam Symposium; Committee on Records and Information, 1996–1999.
Chair, Subcommittee on Religion and Higher Education, 1997
Steering Committee, Year of Religion in American Life, 1997.

Academic Discipline

Southern Speech Communication Association Representative, Speech Communication Association Nominating Committee, 1994–1995.

Honors and Awards


American Fellow of the American Association of University Women


Articles and Book Chapters

2005 "Dialectic, Analytic and Rhetoric: Between Norms and Phenomena." Critical Problems in Argumentation: Selected Papers from the 13th Biennial Conference on Argumentation Sponsored by the American Forensics Association and National Communication Association August, 2003. Ed. Charles Arthur Willard. Washington, DC: National Communication Association. 526-536.
2004 "The Ethos of Invention: The Dialogue of Ethics and Aesthetics in Kenneth Burke and Mikhail Bakhtin”, The Ethos of Rhetoric 34-55. Ed. Michael J. Hyde, U of South Carolina P, 2004.
2003 "Prophecy and Providence: The Anxiety over Prophetic Authority”, Journal of Communication and Religion 26/2.
2002 "The Choice of Hokhmah: The Book of Proverbs and the Spread of Sophistic Rhetoric." The Philosophy of Communication. Vol. II. Ed. Takis Poulakis and Konstantine Boudouris. Athens: Ionia Publications.


"The Normative, the Proper, and the Sublime: Notes on the Use of Figure and Emotion in Public Argument." Argumentation 12 (1998): 481-492.


"Generative Rhetoric and Public Argument: A Classical Approach." Argumentation and Advocacy 33: 109–119. [Lead article.]


"Time and the ‘True Light’ in Lucretia Coffin Mott’s ‘Discourse on Woman’." With Michael C. Leff. Rhetoric Society Quarterly 25: 20–31.


"Standpoint, Praxis, and Postmodern Argument: A Feminist Dilemma." Argument and the Postmodern Challenge: Proceedings of the Eighth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation. Ed. Raymie E. McKerrow. Annandale, VA: Speech Communication Association. 124–127.


"The Active Force of Hearing: The Ancient Hebrew Language of Persuasion." Rhetorica 10: 367–380.

"The Agon of Jeremiah: On the Dialogic Invention of Prophetic Ethos." Quarterly Journal of Speech 78: 125–148. [Lead article.]


"Enclaved Publics as Inventional Resources: An Essay in Generative Rhetoric." First author. With E. Anne Laffoon. Argument in Controversy: Proceedings of the Seventh SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation. Ed. Donn W. Parson. Annandale, VA: Speech Communication Association. 249–255.

"Pursuing Controversy: Kristeva’s Split Subject, Bakhtin’s Many-Tongued World." Argumentation and Advocacy 28: 91–102.



Review of Comparative Rhetoric, by George Kennedy. Quarterly Journal of Speech 84 (1998): 521-522


Review of The Prostitute and the Prophet: Hosea’s Marriage in Literary-Theoretical Perspective, by Yvonne Sherwood. Catholic Biblical Quarterly 59: 558–559.


Review of Murder and Difference: Gender, Genre and Scholarship on Sisera’s Death and Death and Dissymmetry: The Politics of Coherence in the Book of Judges, by Mieke Bal. Theology Today 46: 348–350.

Conference Papers

2005 "Dismembering and Remembering Rhetoric: A Brief History." Paper presented to the Rhetoric and New Testament Section, Society of Biblical Literature. Panel of invited papers in honor of George Kennedy. Philadelphia, Nov. 2005.
2004 "Why Visual Rhetoric? Toward an Enthymematics of Images." Paper presented to the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, National Communication Association, Chicago, Nov. 2004.
2003 "The Ethics and Aesthetics of World Building: Rhetorical Invention as Mythopoiesis." Paper presented to the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, National Communication Association, Miami, Nov. 2003.
  "Dialectic, Analytic and Rhetoric: Between Norms and Phenomena." Paper presented to the Thirteenth NCA/AFA Argumentation Conference, Alta, UT, Aug. 2003.
2002 "Theoretical Intersections between Kenneth Burke and Mikhail Bakhtin." Paper presented to the Kenneth Burke Society, National Communication Association, New Orleans, 22 Nov. 2002.
  "Ethics, Aesthetics and Rhetorical Invention: The Fusion of Art and Life." Paper presented to the American Society for the History of Rhetoric, National Communication Association, New Orleans, 21 Nov. 2002.
  "Finding Ethos in Chaos: The Dialogue of Ethics and Aesthetics in Kenneth Burke and Mikhail Bakhtin." Southern Communication Association Preconference on the Ethos of Rhetoric. Winston-Salem, 3-4 Apr. 2002.
2001 "The Choice of Hokhmah: The Book of Proverbs and the Spread of Sophistic Rhetoric." Thirteenth International Coference on Greek Philosophy on the Topic of "The Philosophy of Communication." International Association for Greek Philosophy. Rhodes, 18th-25th Aug.
2000 "The "Pure-Bred" Dog and the Semiosis of Race: The American Kennel Club, the Eugenics Movement, and the Constitution of Purity in the Politics of Identity." By Andrew W. Leslie and Margaret D. Zulick. Conference on Rhetoric, Constitution, Agency, Montreal, 29 Sep.-1 Oct.


"John Quincy Adams and the Formation of an American Public Voice." Speech Communication Association, San Diego, November 1996.

"On Self and Voice in Bakhtin: Implications for the Study of Rhetoric." Second Author Andrew W. Leslie. Speech Communication Association, San Diego, November 1996.

"Avenues of Dissent: Liberty, Equality and Authority in the Emancipatory Writings of Margaret Fell and John Woolman." Fifth Biennial Public Address Conference, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, September 1996.


"Rhetoric before rhêtorikê: In Search of the Greek Rhetorical Handbook Tradition." Speech Communication Association, San Antonio, November 1995.

"The Handbook Tradition." Eastern Communication Association, Pittsburgh, April 1995


"‘We Have Decided to Stay’: Irony as Radical Strategy in the Oratory of Frederick Douglass." Speech Communication Association, New Orleans, November 1994.

"Dialogues with the Authorities: Toward a Bakhtinian Ethic of Reading." Speech Communication Association, New Orleans, November 1994.


"Prophetic Voice in American Public Discourse: Applications of Bakhtin’s Theory of Speech Genres." Speech Communication Association, November 1993

"Heteroglossia and Deep Time: Questions for a Feminist Rhetorical Spirituality." Eastern Communication Association, New Haven, April 1993.


"Quaker Rhetorical Spirituality: The Spirit of Invention and the Forms of Change in an Enclave of Radical Protestantism." Speech Communication Association, Chicago, November 1992.

"‘The Right Hand Part of Madness’: Eros as Rhetorical Intelligence." American Society for the History of Rhetoric, Chicago, November 1992.


"The Classical Ground of Generative Rhetoric: Toward a Theory of Social Invention." Sixth Biennial Wake Forest University Argumentation Conference, Venice, June 1992. Cosponsored by the International Society for the Study of Argumentation.


"Multivocal Composition and Rhetorical Polyphony in Hosea 1–3." Biblical Criticism and Literary Criticism Section, Society of Biblical Literature, Kansas City, November 1991.

"‘Hear, O Israel’: On the Hebrew Concept of Persuasion." Speech Communication Association, Atlanta, November 1991.

"Orality, Literacy and Prophetic Argument." International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Eighth Biennial Conference, Baltimore, September 1991.

"Time and the ‘True Light’ in Lucretia Coffin Mott’s ‘Discourse on Woman’." First Author Michael C. Leff. Western States Communication Association, Phoenix, February 1991.


"Democracy, Empire, and Silenced Women: The topoi of Exclusion in Pericles’ Funeral Oration." Speech Communication Association, Chicago, November 1990. Top Three Debut Papers, American Society for the History of Rhetoric.

"A Rhetoric of One’s Own: Response to Lynn M. Stearney." Temple Conference on Discourse Analysis, Philadelphia, April 1990

"The Split Subject and the Many-Tongued World: Reconsidering the Bakhtin Connection in Kristeva." Eastern Communication Association, Philadelphia,  


"The Rhetorical Function of the Hosea Tradition in Jeremiah 2:2–4:4." Society of Biblical Literature, Midwest Region, January 1989.

Professional Seminars
1999 Seminar on Bakhtin and Rhetoric. Co-organizer. National Communication Association.