Department of Physics

Wake Forest University


Materials Kinetics Fundamentals by Ryan O'Hayre


PHY 658: Kinetics


Instructor: Dr. David Carroll

Class Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Ave. Out of Class Prep Time: 2 hours/class

General Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 9:00 - 12:00,

                                     214 Olin Physical Laboratory,

                                     Reynolda Campus
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Course Description

This course covers the basic models and concepts of Materials Kinetics at the advanced undergraduate / beginning graduate level. Topics covered:

    I.   Chemical Reaction Kinetics

    II.  Transport Kinetics (Diffusion)

    III. Solid-Gas, Solid-Liquid, Solid-Solid Kinetics

    IV. Phase Transformations

    V. Microstructural Evolution

Course Structure

1.5 credit hour in a seminar setting, the course meets once per week and has a heavy reading assignment. Grades will be wholly based on three assignments in which the student must critically analyze publications from current literature that are relevant to the materials presented. Such analysis may involve literature review as well as mathematical and computational modeling.