PHY 711 Classical Mechanics

MWF 11-11:50 AM OPL 103

Instructor: Natalie Holzwarth Phone:758-5510Office:300 OPL

Computational Project

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to study a topic of your choice in greater depth. The general guideline for your choice of project is that it should have something to do with classical mechanics, and there should be some degree of computation associated with the project. The completed project will include a short write-up and a ~20min presentation to the class. You may design your own project or use one of the following list (which will be updated throughout the term).

  • Consider a scattering experiment in which you specify the spherically symetric interaction potential V(r). Write a computer program (using your favorite language) to evaluate the scattering cross section for your system. (Depending on your choice, you may wish to present your results either in the the center-of-mass or lab frames of reference.)
  • Consider the Foucoult Pendulum. Analyze the equations of motion including both the horizontal and vertical motions. You can either solve the equations exactly or use perturbation theory. Compare the effects of the vertical motion to the effects of air friction.
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