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WFUCrypt File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Cli_escrow.cLinux: This is the TrueCrypt Cli.c file with the additions that enable key escrow
Cli_restore.cLinux: This is the TrueCrypt Cli.c file with the additions that enable key restore
client.h [code]This file contains the SSL routines used by the various client services
common.h [code]This file contains the definitions for many functions used by the client and server components of this system
common_cmd.h [code]These are the macros that define the commands and values used by the network protocol
common_error.h [code]Here are the error constants and the functions used to manage these values
common_log.h [code]This file contains the logging routines
common_parameters.h [code]This file contains the utility to "get" and "set" the parameters that are used by both the client and the server
libconfig.h [code]Processes the XML configuration file for the Linux client and the Linux server
libwfu.h [code]This file contains many constants used throughout the system
Mount.cWin32: This is the TrueCrypt Mount.c file with the additions that enable key escrow
Mount.h [code]This is the win32 TrueCrypt header file that declares the functions added by WFU
Resource.h [code]
restore.h [code]This file provides the interface for the functions unique to the restore process
server.h [code]Functions unique to the server
server_ldap.h [code]Interface for LDAP authentication
server_parameters.h [code]This file contains the "get" and "set" functions for the parameters unique to the server
WFU.h [code]This is the public interface to the libwfu escrow system
WFUEscrowDlgCode.h [code]These are the declarations of the functions that handle escrow specific service code

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