Math 117 - Discrete Mathematics - Section A

This picture shows the game the tower of Hanoi. With 11 disks, 2047 moves are required to solve the puzzle. The picture above shows the state after 1834 moves.


Written homework is due on Fridays. The problems that were assigned the previous week are due the following Friday. (So the first assignment is due on 1/24, and consists of problems assigned 1/13-1/17. Problems assigned 1/21-1/24 will be due on 1/31.) There are exceptions to this schedule during the week of the two midterm exams.

A class diary is posted here. Reading assignments and written homework problems are posted here. It also briefly summarizes what happened in class.

Course Info

Instructor: Jeremy Rouse.
Instructor e-mail: rouseja at wfu dot edu.
Text: Discrete Mathematics with Applications, Susanna Epp, 4th Edition, Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 978-0-495-39132-6.
Class Location: Manchester 020, MTWF 2:00-2:50.
Office hours: Tuesdays 4-5 pm, Thursdays 2-3 pm, and by appointment.

Midterm Exam 1: Friday, February 14.
Midterm Exam 2: Friday, March 27.
Final Exam: Friday, May 8 from 2 pm to 5 pm.

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