MST 321 - Modern Algebra I

Group theory is the language of symmetry. The dodecahedron is a regular polyhedron with 12 faces that are each regular pentagons. There are 60 rotational symmetries of the dodecahedron, and the set of such symmetries forms a group which is isomorphic to A5. There should be five "natural" things that this symmetry group permutes, and one can find a collection of five cubes (whose vertices are vertices of the dodecahedron) that any symmetry will rearrange. In this image, the vertices of the dodecahedron are purple dots, and the five cubes are red, yellow, green, blue, and reflective.


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Instructor: Jeremy Rouse.
Instructor e-mail: rouseja at wfu dot edu.
Text: Contemporary Abstract Algebra, Joseph A. Gallian, 8th edition. ISBN 978-81-315-2074-1.
Class Location: Manchester 122, MWF 2:00-2:50 pm.
Office hours: Mondays 5-6 pm and Thursdays 4-5 pm.

Midterm Exam 1: Friday, February 14, in class. Take-home portion due on Monday, February 17.
Midterm Exam 2: Friday, March 27, in class. Take-home portion due on Monday, March 30.
Final Exam: Friday, May 1, 2-5 pm. (This is on the first day of the final exam period. So you won't have a lot of time between the end of class and the final. Please be prepared!)

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