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Graduate students
Undergraduate research students
SURE Research students
Lab Technicians
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Post-doctoral fellows:

Dr. Hanya Chrispeels (1997-1999)

Graduate students:

Anne M. Culp Fleeson (MS, 1996-1998)

DNA Binding Characteristics of a Cys2His2 Zinc Finger Protein of Arabidopsis thaliana

Joanna Mantis (MS, 1997-2000)

The Minimal Promoter Region of the Arabidopsis thaliana Zinc Finger Protein, AtZFP1

Brian Ferguson (MS, 1998-2001)

Factors that Affect Biennial Flowering in Barbarea verna (Brassicaceae)

Kendrah Kidd (MS, 2002-)

Vernalization and DNA methylation

Ronald M. Neil (Ph.D, 2002-)

Signal transduction in Biennial Flower Induction

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Undergraduate research students

Hannah Oettinger (1995-1998)

Leslie Bae (1996-1997)

H. Tesh Ramey (1996-1997)

Joseph Healy (1997-1998)

Marc Sarcia (too much coffee man),
Wake Forest University Research Fellow (1998-2000)

Jessica Woodard (Sepke) (1999-2000)

Rebecca Todd, (a new superhero in town)

Wake Forest University Research Fellow (2000-2001)

Maryn Whittles (2001-2002)

Erin Davis, (EW: I always get my men AND my DNA!)

Samantha Aleksiewicz (Look next to Levy's right elbow)

Jacquelyn Jetton

Jocelyn Farmer

Kris Bennett

Jesse Jarrell

Sara Homsi
Wake Forest University Research Fellow (2003-2004

Misty Hurt


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SURE Research students:

Hannah Oettinger (summer 1996)

Natacha Janvier (summer 1996)

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Lab technicians:

Melinda McElveen (1996-1998)

Crystal Heath (2000-2002)

Jennifer Stephens (2002-2004)

Danielle Anderson (2002-2004)

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Honorary lab members

Deanna Wynn (I'll show this rat who's boss!)


Amanda Marcus (Amanda the Panda, 2003- )

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