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Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
Com758 Rhetorical Theory
COM225 Historical-Critical Research in Communication

Note Pages: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
Short Guide to MLA Form
How to Find a Speech
Writing the Rhetorical Critical Essay
Parts of the Paper
Sources in Rhetorical Criticism
Aristotle Outline
Tropes and Figures
Burke, Definition of Man

Kenneth Burke Roadmap

Discourse Fields
Impeachment Controversy
School Shootings Discourses
Presidential Rhetoric

Primary Texts: Rhetorical Criticism
John Jay Chapman, "Coatesville Address"
John F. Kennedy, Berlin Wall Address
John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address
Martin Luther King, "I Have a Dream"
Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural
Richard Nixon, "Checkers" Speech

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1st Inaugural

Rhetorical Documents on the Web:
Thomas: Legislative Information
Cornell Supreme Court Collection

Douglass Project
American Rhetoric
Famous American Trials

History Place Great Speeches Collection
Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project

Rhetoric Sites and Societies
Alliance of Rhetoric Societies
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

Silva Rhetorica ("Forest of Rhetoric")

David Blakesley's Visual Rhetoric Site
Virtual Burke Parlor
Kenneth Burke Society
K. B. Journal
Rhetoric Society of America
American Society for the History of Rhetoric

International Society for the History of Rhetoric

Blackboard 6 for COM225
Blackboard 6 for COM754