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This is intended to be a quick introduction for those familiar in the mathematical and physics background for the various research projects that I have had the joy to encounter in my career as a physicist.

What follows is an ad hoc and sometimes word for word definition from various sources, while I will attempt to clearly document all of my sources, I can not promise this will be done perfectly and this should not be used a a primary source for material and instead should be used a an overview which helps point to relevant material. The links below attempt to summarize various fields in order to follow the work in more detail if it is so desired. .


Metamaterials simply encompass a very broad field of research in which the attempt to engineer properties not easily found in nature is the goal.

General Relativity

General Relativity is the extension of Newtonian gravity combined with special relativity in such a way as to satisfy the Einstein field equations.

Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Field theory provides a theoretical framework for quantizing classical fields using the theory of fields and the formalisms of quantum mechanics. .

Physics Photos

Sometimes we get mired in theory and forget how easy it is to just go do some of the classic experiments and even some of the new ones as well.

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