Welcome to my site!

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist for Wake Forest University. All the big title means is I am a computer geek for four departments. 


I love my job because it affords me the opportunity to learn some of the latest technology, research it and implement it within the educational field.  Also I have been able to apply the information I have learned to help non-profits and other organizations that can not afford to pay someone for technology knowledge.

This site will be sort of an archive and or information page of some of my eclectic searching of the web and a variety of my different interest.  I will try to update monthly with tech things I have found on the web or things that I have used myself or information on software and sites that my friends and co-workers have used. I also will include a “Wake Info Only” page were faculty and staff at Wake can receive information on problems and concerns about our current laptops.


Hope you enjoy the site, and thank you for visiting!