Robin Hawkins

Department of Education



Some of my favorite things:

My littlest baby Heidi

She has so many nicknames it's no wonder she doesn't come to anything but a whistle.

Some of her nicknames are-heidihooty, scoopy do, poohey (my son made that one up), and angel girl.

Heidi's interests are: eating, chewing on my hand, dragging laundry around the house, and tearing up paper.

If your dog would like a penpal he/she can email Heidi at:


He is the patriarch of the clan. He is a total sweetheart but has to have his way at all times with the other dogs. That creates problems because, except for Heidi, he is the smallest. Dixie is the biggest baby we have. Her greatest desire is to come into the house with us. He is the loudest animal on the face of the earth. His screeches can drown out all five dogs. Has been known to fly down from his stand and chase the dogs around the den. They're terrified of him (except for Rex who is afraid of nothing).


You have probably guessed that Heidi is my dog so I love her the most.