Here you'll find information about the courses I teach in the Economics Department at Wake Forest University. If you're lucky, there might be some other useful stuff, too.

Contact Information:


Phone: 336-758-3497

Twitter: tamcfall

Office: 104 Carswell Hall, Economics Department, WFU, Winston-Salem, NC 27103


Spring 2011:

ECN150- Intro to Economics (Office Hours 3-4pm T TH or by appointment)


Writing Assignment - Example of Excellent Assignment

Midterm Answers

Macro Homework Answers

Last Semester's Macro Final

Consumer Price Index

Economic Growth, according to Acemoglu

China v. India- the great growth experiment of the 21st century

Taxes, spending, and the long run deficit, oh my!

Debt Commission

Rep. Paul Ryan's GOP Budget Plan

Financial Times on the US fiscal situation

Control Health Care and Control the Budget

A peak into the future of fiscal policy

Bernanke and the Fed are Idiots

No. They're Doing Great

Fed Response Disappointing

ECN205- Microeconomic Theory (Office Hours 3-4pm T TH or by appointment)


Test 3 Answers

Homework 4

Other Stuff:

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