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Archival Derrida


Recent Work

"Fantasies of Settlement" in Modern Fiction Studies (Johns Hopkins, 2017)

"The Humanists Strike Back: An Episode from the Cold War on Theory" in Dead Theory (Bloomsbury, 2016)

"Theory at Yale," Oxford Literary Review (2016)

"Extravagant Writing: Of Excess and Frivolity," Sino-American Journal of Comparative Literature (2016)

"Transference Love in an Age of Isms" in Desire in Ashes (London: Bloomsbury, 2015)

"Is Theory a Science?" American Literary History (Oxford UP, 2015).

"Secondary Thinking and Trauma" in Contemporary Approaches to Literary Trauma Theory (Macmillan 2014).

"Performativity as Ex-Scription: Adonis after Derrida" was published in Performatives after Deconstruction, edited by Mauro Senatore (London: Bloomsbury, 2013)

"A Lover's Lobster: Somatic Projection in Proust" was published in Journal of Philosophy (Fall 2012)


"Tools for Reading Poetry" from Literary Theory Toolkit. In Literary Theory: An Anthology, ed. J. Rivkin and M. Ryan (Wiley-Blackwell, 3rd ed.)


January 2018, MLA, Session on Authoritarianism

October 2017, Humanities Institute, WFU

February 2017, "Fantom of the Other," WFU Dept. of English

November 2016 Modernism Studies Association, Special Session, Poetry, Politics, History. "Contemporary Poetry and History"

March 2016 American Comp. Lit. Assoc. Special Session: Big Data. "Communication Outside the Medium of Meaning

November 2015, Modernist Studies Association. Special Sesson: Transvaluation of Value. "Reading Fredric Jameson through Jackson Mac Low"

January 2015, Modern Language Association, Special Session: Antagonism and the Future of Theory, Arranged by Society for Critical Exchange. "Reading Fredric Jameson Today"

February 2014, University of Houston-Victoria. Lecture "Shattered Worlds"

October 2013 NYC: Performa 13 / White Box

October 2013, Southern Comparative Literature Association, "Specters of Benjamin II'

October 2013, WFU, "Hegel and Adorno"

August 2013, Modernism Studies Association, "Critical Theory in an Age of Academic Twitter"

2013, Boston; Lecture on the Real at Modern Language Association

November 2012, WFU; Lecture on Walter Benjamin at Exile and Interpretatuion International Conference

October 2012, Las Vegas; Lecture on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit at MSA Conference

July 2012, Manchester, UK; Lecture on Milton at Renaissance Studies Conference.

January 2012: MLA Special Session on Constraint

October 13, 2011. "Statements" w/ Christina Soriano (dance) and Louis Golstein (piano). At Reynolda House, WFU.

Nov. 4, 2010 Moderator/Participant, Roudtable Discussion, Minor American Poetry Series. Evening Lecture: "The Mortification Thesis." Duke University

Sept. 24, 2010. Lecture: "Walter Benjamin's Bed" at the Uncertain Arrivals Conference, Wake Forest University, Reynolda House.

In June 2010 I presented "Obamanation and the Art of Kara Walker" at the London School of Economics, as part of their European Forum, and read a paper on Albert Ayler and Performance Art at the University of Reading. I presented "Derrida in the Photomat" at the conference, Performatives after Deconstruction, organized by Mauro Senatore, which was held at London Graduate School, Kingston University. Webcasts of some of these events can be accessed on this page.

In January of 2010 I performed with composer Elliott Sharp at White Box, NYC, in conjunction with the show Inmixing: Intermedia and Extradimensional Space.



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