Fall 2012,all sections.

General Documents:

Safety Concerns

Lab Schedule

Keeping a Lab Notebook

Table of Student t values

Lab Instructions

#1 - Plotting in EXCEL (for Office2010)

#2 - Density of Recyclable Plastics

#3 - Phosphate Content of Plant Foods (to be done 9/12-9/18)

#4 - Calcium in Seashells

#5 - Qualitative Analysis

#6 - Boiling Point Elevation

#7 - Chemical Changes in a Battery During Use

#8 - Introduction to Acids, Bases, pH, and pKa

#9 - CO2 in the Atmosphere

#10 - Calorimetry and Hess's Law

#11 - Spectrophotometric Determination of Dyes in Sports Drinks

#12 - Molecular Orbital Calculations

Enter Results, or Download Data:

Plotting in EXCEL Download Data
Density of Recyclable Plastics No Data to Enter
Mendeleev Jr. No Data to Enter
Gravimetric Analysis of Phosphate in Plant Food Enter Data
Qualitative Analysis No Data to Enter
Freezing Point Depression No Data to Enter
Chemical Changes in a Battery No Data to Enter
pH Measurements No Data to Enter
CO2 in Breath Download Data
Spectrophotometric Measurement of Food Dye in Sports Drinks No Data to Enter
Calorimetry No Data to Enter
Computational Chemistry - MO Calculations No Data to Enter