Black Holes and
Worm Holes

Approximations You Can Download

These are in the form of input files for Mathematica.  We ask only that, if you use these files, you reference the appropriate paper.  The appropriate reference is given as a comment in each of the files.

Tab analytic - The analytic approximation which can be used for massless and small mass scalar fields in static spherically symmetric spacetimes.

Tab DS -  The DeWitt-Schwinger approximation for massive scalar fields in static spherically symmetric spacetimes.

Links to some of my papers on black holes

Hawking radiation correlations in Bose Einstein condensates using quantum field theory in curved space

Hawking radiation of massive modes and undulations

Noise Kernel in Schwarzschild and Other Spacetimes

Asymptotic behavior of the Stress Tensor in Schwarzschild and Other Spacetimes

Stress Tensor from the Trace Anomaly in Reissner-Nordstrom Spacetimes

Cutoff AdS/CFT duality and the quest for braneworld black holes

Stress-Energy Tensor for the Massless Spin 1/2 Field in Static Black Hole Spacetimes

Method to compute the stress-energy tensor for the massless spin 1/2 field in a general static spherically symmetric spacetime

Zero temperature black holes in semiclassical gravity

Do semiclassical zero temperature black holes exist?

Semiclassial charged black holes with a quantized massive scalar field

Size Gap for Zero Temperature Black Holes

Constraints on the Geometries of Black Holes

Semiclassical Effects in Black Hole Interiors

Stress-energy Tensors in  Static Wormhole Spacetimes

Thermal Divergences on the Horizons of 2-D Black Holes

Semiclassical Stability of  an Extreme Black Hole