David G. Brown


Coordinator (part-time),
IAC of the Atlantic Coast Conference Universities

Executive Director (volunteer)
The Asheville Hub

Provost Emeritus, Wake Forest
Former Dean of ICCEL
Former Chancellor UNCA
Professor of Economics

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Phone: 828-274-0828
Email: brown@wfu.edu
Web Page: http://www.wfu.edu/~brown

Mailing Address:
439 Vanderbilt Road
Asheville, N.C. 28803

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Writings & Speeches on Selected Topics

* The Wake Forest Technology Plan
* The Future of Universities
* Faculty Development Strategies
* Academic Planning and Technology
* Assessing Impact of Technology on Learning
* Information Fluency
* Ubiquitous Computing
* Teaching and Learning


Books Written/Edited in 1999-2005
* Always in Touch, Wake Forest 1999.
* Electronically Enhanced Education, Wake Forest 1999
* Interactive Learning, Anker 2000
* Teaching with Technology
, Anker 2000
* Using Technology in Learner-Centered Education:
Proven Strategies for Teaching and Learning
, AB 2002
* Ubiquitous Computing: The Universal Use of
Computers on College Campuses,
Anker 2003.
*Developing Faculty to Use Technology, Anker 2003

*University Presidents as Moral Leaders, Praeger 2005

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