A Day in the Life of an Experimentalist
(as imagined by Sam)

This is an example of a typical day in an experimental lab. We follow our brave experimentalist, Alvin, on this typical day...

Simon's working at the fume hood. Theodore is washing glassware. Alvin is changing an empty argon tank.

Simon has to take his sample down to the NMR to run a C-13.

Everyone else has left to get lunch. Alvin goes to check his experiment.

"Oh no!"

Alvin quickly jumps under the safety shower.

"Oh my gosh! Are you all right, Alvin?"

"You sit there and calm down. We'll clean this up. Here's your hat."

"Here. Holding Pooh Bear always helps cheer me up." Whew~! That's enough for Alvin.. time to go home.

The End

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Disclaimer: I have been asked by my experimentalist colleagues to state that experimentalists actually do worthwhile and meaningful work.