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> In my limited studies of VFT I've
> always had the impression that the former [Money and markets] were
sufficient conditions for
> the latter [existence of the value-form] - but maybe I was simply reading
in my own preconceptions
> > here...

Money and Markets, are, you are quite right, sufficient (but not necessary)
conditions of existence of the value form, but only if we take them as
elements of a social system.
The 'political' issue raised by Jurriaan needs VFT to address the question
as to whether money and markets can be regulated under socialism so that the
value-form dominates neither economic allocation nor the social conditioning
of human nature. And this is, of course, a thorny issue for all socialist

> >
> >
> > 5. The central role of fetishism and alienation in the conditioning of
> > human
> > agency by value-form determined social structure suggests that it will
> > difficult to create the silk purse of socialism without rectifying the
> > pig's
> > ear that capitalism has made of human nature.
> >
> > Can I take it that Mike sees these as simultaneous processes?

I'm not sure what are the 'processes' that might be 'simultaneous here?

(Anyway, I am a bit hesitant about putting my hand up to any charge of
'simultaneity' on this list ... !)

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