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From: C. J. Arthur (cjarthur@pavilion.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 19:10:23 EST

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As a Scottish based journal I think this was a nod to the Scottish
Enlightenment thinkers who stood for common sense against the Humeans. I
vaguely remember Richard Gunn may also have had in mind that it represented
the coming together of our different experiences into a more collective
>May be. I don't know why they called it this way. In Italy, some workerist
>(if I remember well, Negri-tendency, vintage late '80) called a journal
>"Luogo comune", which may be translated as "common sense" and "agorÓ". The
>double meaning is lost in English. I think that this tendency has a
>strongly anti-hegelian perspective, and the title may be interpreted as
>provocative. I am sure, however, that Massimo De Angelis, who wrote several
>times for CS, knows better. The same may be valid for Chris Arthur.
>At 14:01 +0100 20-01-2000, Gerald Levy wrote:
>>A list of the full contents of preceding issues of the recently
>>defunct journal _Common Sense_ is now available at a Turkish website:
>> http://aries.gisam.metu.edu.tr/commonsense/
>>btw, isn't the whole point of philosophy to comprehend the world by
>>surpassing the prejudices of common sense? Furthermore, wasn't Marx also
>>very critical of the scientific merit of common sense (this is implied
>>in, among other places, the "Preface to the French Edition" of Volume 1
>>of _Capital_)? Thus, this seems to be an odd choice for the name of a
>>radical journal. Any thoughts?
>>In solidarity, Jerry
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