Re: [OPE-L] On recent events in London and elsewhere

From: Andrew Brown (A.Brown@LUBS.LEEDS.AC.UK)
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 13:02:08 EDT

Hello from Leeds.
Leeds -- like rest of UK -- very different culture from Spain and NY in ways I don't have time, nor knowledge, to analyse. Anyway, there's no need for police occupation - there is, on the other hand, a world press occupation of some previously anonymous backstreets.
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Subject: Re: [OPE-L] On recent events in London and elsewhere

	Don't we have a member (or members) in Leeds?  What's it like
	there?  Had the 'terrorists' come from my community in New
	York City, I can tell you that it would be locked-down and
	under police occupation.  But, maybe that's a difference
	between the situation 'there' and 'here'?  To what extent will
	this event further empower Blair and his 'Labour' (!) agenda?
	The popular response in London to the events there are quite
	different -- it seems to me from afar -- to the reaction of
	people in Madrid after the events there.  Why is that?  Shouldn't
	it be obvious to everyone that the events in London are
	connected to the war against Iraq?
	In solidarity, Jerry
	Belfast, Maine

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