[OPE-L] On London and elsewhere

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 12:40:46 EDT

A couple of comments on Jerry's post.

"Social peace" in the UK is imposed in ways that are very different from  the
US. There is a much greater degree of social consensus here, and specific
historical traditions indicating that open repression is normally not warranted
(but it will be used if needed, eg, against the miners' strike in the
mid-80s).  Besides, the British ruling class (always wishing to play the role of
enlightened "Athens" to the stronger but less sophisticated US "Rome"),  wants to
show the Americans how things should be done. So the different tactics  in
Basra (vs. Baghdad), and the different responses to terror in London (vs  NY).

There are differences with Spain too. There is going to be *no* mass
mobilisation against terror in this country (except as passive silent minutes,  ie,
doing nothing). The ruling class rules ok - there will not be any form of
mobilisation *even* in support of the ruling class and its handling of the
situation. All negotiations to contain terror are concentrated on the "community
leaders". The masses must grit their teeth and obey more than ever. That's their
 historical role in this country, from the point of view of the ruling class,
 especially in exceptional times.

So much for democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.


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