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Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 03:57:40 EST

Thanks Jerry,
It is true that if you follow the posts you refer to you (to the end of that thread) will get an accurate picture of my definitions. It is also true that I take them to follow the Fine/Saad-Filho definitions. The best source is actually Alfredo's 2002 book, the Value of Marx (Routledge). Alfredo has also outlined his position in two capital and class articles which are probably on line - don't hav the refs to hand. Also I think Alfredo has a relevant piece in Paul Z.'s journal.
Ian, I don't usually cross like this and would be happy to elaborate if you wish, though it would take time, so I'd be grateful if you had a quick look at the thread Jerry mentions just to see if it is enough.

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	Ian asked Andy:
	>  [...], could you provide definitions of TCC, OCC, and VCC? I need to
	> understand these concepts properly before responding.
	Andy gave his definitions when we discussed this in early November,
	2002. Look for posts by him in the thread on relation of value to organic
	composition of capital:
	Broadly speaking, as I understand it, he agrees with the definitions given
	by Fine and Saad-Filho in _Marx's Capital_, 4th ed. (Pluto, 2004, Ch. 8).
	If I recall correctly,  Simon in our exchange agreed with Andy  and hence
	Ben and Alfredo on these definitions.
	In solidarity, Jerry

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