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Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 07:00:09 EST

Sorry Jerry, I should be giving these refs. The other capital and class
article is:

Saad-Filho, A. (1993) A Note on Marx's Analysis of the Composition of
Capital. Capital&Class 50 Summer: 127-46.

It may not be freely available on line. 

Many thanks


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One of the _Capital & Class_ articles by Alfredo which Andy mentioned
is "An alternative reading of the transformation of values into prices
of production"
I don't know what the other Alfredo article _C&C_ article is which
Andy referred to.

The _Research in Political Economy_  article by Alfredo (which is not
available online for free) is (I presume) "Capital Accumulation and
the Composition of Capital" (2001; Vol.19; 69-85).

In solidarity, Jerry

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